Bully breaks guy's phone so he frames the bully and the bully has to pay for damages | r/ProRevenge u/TheMaleMaryPoppins 1d Join 1 Break my phone pay damage Hello wonderful people reddit have lot time myself today (my friend/employer is taking kids out walk) and decided post my own personal story revenge here after my friend suggested she also insisted on helping with my username so thanks always kid people picked on at school girls would spread rumours about and boys would harass non stop. See,

Bully Breaks Guy's Phone, Guy Frames Bully

That's how it's done.
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Carl Sagan flat earth video

Carl Sagan Debunks Flat Earthers With A Piece Of Cardboard

Good game flat earthers.
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Dumb people bragging about how smart they think they are | Suggested MentalFeed 1d O is IQ is IQ? START! EN.MENTALFEED.COM is IQ? Answer these 10 simple questions honestly and try 55 23 Comments 1 Share O Like Comment Share Top Fan close but about 30 points below know my IQ is.

Ridiculous Folks Who Think They're Brilliant

Who even still takes those online IQ tests?
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Dumb people who brag about how smart they think they are | Skewed and Inaccurate test' is GEARED entirely towards right- brain activity and, so, is skewed and inaccurate. Having taken hundreds IQ tests my life (not mention holding multiple Post-Graduate technical degrees with GPAS 3.5 or better first which achieved at age 21 am well-aware my IQ which is significantly above average so-called 'test' put is generally considered be mentally challenged' range. Maybe better re-think test.

Laughable People Who Think They're Brilliant

Make way for the large-brained.
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lego submarine made with magnets

Man Builds LEGO Submarine Using Magnets

This should be a hamster submarine.
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Lazy people that accomplished their jobs the easiest ways possible | Downvotesdarksouls 4h 1 Award My brother gave my oldest nephew 10 dollars week if he did all his chores with out needing be told or complaining. One day he gets home early work and sees neighbor kid tossing bag trash. He asks him he is doing and kid says he gets 5 bucks week take care few chores. My nephew outsourced his chores. Reply 1 37.7k

Lazy Workers That Used Shortcuts In Their Jobs

Laziness can inspire acts of brilliance.
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A quick Quora post on the implications of saying someone is really smart | Why are so many gifted students and adults underachievers? Riley Anderson, lives My Head Answered Feb 8 Misguided praise so smart seems like an innocent compliment, right s not. As gifted child told constantly becomes part identity s makes special s people like about intelligence are only valued if are smart. Now little, school is easy. Especially don't have try at all, and get every question right on every test s because

Quick Quora Post On The Word "Smart"

Failure doesn't count if you don't try.
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Teachers describe the smartest and most creative ways that students cheated | babydragon0 1y S 1 Award My teacher shared with us story about since she allowed eating during her tests, one person pulled out giant bag M&Ms and ate specific color corresponding B/C/D two student duo and they only got caught another student ratted them out. Edit: grammar 18.5k 3

Smartest/Most Creative Ways Students Cheated

Bonus points for thinking outside the box.
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ridiculous people who think they're smart and brag about it | use long words make sound more photosynthesis Photosynthesis is plant converts energy sun into energy its body word can not be used sentence 16:04

Ridiculous People Who Think They're Geniuses

Cool, man.
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Dumb people bragging about how smart they think they are | well, i am cursed with too knowledge for one person to contain

Absurd People Who Think They're Total Geniuses

Move over, intellectual titans coming through.
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5 year old tricks adults into doing her homework | did someone do made think they were really smart? Rachel Sweeney, Digital Media Strategy, words are my own. Updated Dec 18 already knew my niece smart, but something she did at weekend pushed her into extreme intelligence 5 year old.

Five Year Old Is Too Smart for Her Own Good

At this age we were still eating dirt.
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Ridiculous bragging people who believe that they're geniuses | might be an alpha nerd, but am an omega nerd. My knowledge is encyclopedic, my vocabulary loquacious. If hasn't scared off already s pretty good sign p Wed, Feb 7, 2018, 10:18 PM 's an encyclopedia

Absurd People Who Think They're Brilliant

Oh boy.
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Teachers describe the moments that they realized kids were gifted | CountPeter 4h used put math joke/puzzle corner white board. Essentially 3 Golden Triangle numbers arranged triangle, and puzzle which gave letter as result middle short an Illuminati joke had this up quite few classes, with nobody being able guess on earth Until last class day student who suffered particularly invasive Autism just came took maybe 3 seconds at most, and then laughed saying "Why have drawn illuminati symbol on boa

Moments Teachers Realized Kids Were Gifted

Pretty fascinating stuff.
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Guy parks in a reserved handicapped spot, gets harassed by neighborhood, has to sell home | r/NuclearRevenge u/canadian1418• ly Join Park our disabled spot, enjoy selling home Sorry making this long, but context is pretty important. So my little sister (who is sweetest girl world) is 12 years old but can't walk or communicate. Her mental age is around 6 months. She obviously can not attend regular school, but since live big city, there is wonderful school kids like her. Even though don't own car

Man Parks In Reserved Handicapped Spot, Ends Up Having To Sell Home

Should've just done the right thing.
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Shady leasing agent learns about how lease works from tenant | r/ProRevenge u/yellowfin35 2y JOIN taught leasing agent about her lease hard way. Since are talking about apartments recently living Atlanta ~10 years ago and won 1-year lease at charity auction. My rent 600 month (prepaid market rent 1,500 good deal security deposit only $150 (more on later).

Shady Leasing Agent Learns About Lease From Tenant

They learned the hard way.
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Story about solving a school project with as low effort as possible | Posted by u/saltyhotwing 23 hours ago just has roll? Got Back seventh grade had an assignment where had make cars out limited materials only items were allowed use were: 6 inches wire Unlimited printer paper Unlimited glue

Wholesome School Project Solution Is Lazy Genius

It's not stupid if it works.
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