A funny Tumblr thread about how people can retain random, helpful bits of knowledge.

Tumblr Post: Random Knowledge Can Be Super Clutch

All for it.
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impressive cool smart awesome Video win - 106927361

Guy Puts Wheels On Pallet, Travels Around City Via Tram Lines

Yeah, what a genius move.
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A collection of the most annoying things that people say to sound smart.

Most Annoying Things People Say To Sound Intelligent

Enough is enough.
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cringeworthy people who believe they're smart

Bragging Brain Lords Who Believe They're Geniuses

And they're here to clog up the comments section.
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impressive cool chicken birds smart awesome win - 106802945

Man Makes Popcorn Blaster To Feed His Poultry

Um, this is awesome.
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Tumblr user crunches numbers to find cheapest wings deal.

Tumblr Users Crunch Numbers To Find Cheapest Wings Deal

This is what the internet's for, man.
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impressive Music song smart elton john Video win - 106519809

Elton John Challenged To Come Up With Song On Spot, Uses Oven Manual

Pure and radiant talent right there.
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Crafty tenant ends up taking pro revenge on nasty, crazy landlord.

Crazy Landlord Gets Outwitted By Crafty Tenant

They just wanted that deposit back.
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wheel of fortune tv show awesome win

Woman Solves Wheel Of Fortune Bonus In Moment Of Total Glory

That's how you get it done.
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chess master Levy Rozman awesome video

Chess International Master Levy Rozman Destroys Blatant Cheater

Don't play games with the master.
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people bragging online who think they're geniuses | Gordon lobsters dead Lobster Yes chef, sorry chef about miss joke, but eh s science so who cares. Lobsters do not possess vocal capabilities formulate words, let alone speak. Once factor fact lobster fact, deceased idea aforementioned lobster formulating sentence "Yes chef, sorry chef" is completely, and utterly preposterous.

Cringey Braggarts Who Think They're Brilliant

Oh, really?
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Tumblr user runs calculation on how to obtain the cheapest wings deal |  sean @seanposting theres gotta be better way convey this information WINGS 27.25 24 Chicken Wings 4 Chicken Wings 4.55 27.80 25 Chicken Wings 5 Chicken Wings 6 Chicken Wings 5.70 28.95 26 Chicken Wings 27 Chicken Wings 6.80 30.10 7 Chicken Wings 8 Chicken Wings 9 Chicken Wings 7.95 28 Chicken Wings 29 Chicken Wings 30 Chicken Wings 35 Chicken Wings 40 Chicken Wings 45 Chicken Wings 31.20 9.10 32.35 10.20 33.50 10 Chicken Wi

Tumblr User Does Math To Calculate Cheapest Wings Deal

Will always support math being used for cheaper wings.
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funny and dumb posts from tumblr | tilthat TIL 1946 trapped moth caused malfunction early computer which resulted term 'bug be coined all software errors. via 1dietcokeinacan Follow an icon pbrim Follow And know about because Admiral Grace Hopper, one early programmers, wrote about her diary and even taped fried corpse moth page. 9,098 notes | Better Graphics Tougher Edgier Nintendo owldude: bryko: AN ACTUAL SLIDE NINTENDO'S 2003 E3 PRESS CONFERENCE early 2000s is treasure

Funny, Strange and Goofy Tumblr Gems

Tumblr keeps a-tumblin'.
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People who think they're way smarter than they are | imagine having an iq lower than 130 dude shut up youre bad with words

Self-Titled Geniuses Who Sprayed the Internet with Cringeworthy Bragging

It's hard to talk to someone who think's they're on another plane of existence.
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Smart Quora user answers a ridiculous question about how bacteria can travel when you spit | spit urinal and there's string saliva, do bacteria have time go inside mouth? Anoop Sinha, Taught microbiology medical undergrads 10 years

Brainiac Answers Ridiculous Question About Bacteria

Maybe a dumb question, but definitely a wonderful response.
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People tell stories of times their laziness made them work more efficiently | post by SirSithsalot remember having peel 20kg charred eggplant at restaurant worked asked chef if there an easier way do His reply yep, get someone else do

People Who Worked Smarter, Not Harder

Sometimes getting the laziest person involved is the smartest thing to do.
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