funny detailed answer to snail question

Absurd Snail Question Prompts Fabulously Detailed Answer

Not bad.
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Tumblr thread about knowing smart things from dumb sources

Tumblr Thread: Impressive Knowledge From Dumb Sources

We all know something smart for a stupid reason.
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funny history memes

History Memes For The Amateur and Immature Historians

Ah yes, knowledge.
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Engineering students successfully truck-proof a vulnerable mailbox.

Truck Vandalizes Mailbox, Engineering Students Craft Superhero Mailbox

Get that mailbox a cape.
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funny cool low budget fixes and stupid engineering solutions

Low Budget Fixes And Feats Of Domestic Engineering

If it works it's not stupi... is that a chainsaw sword?
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interesting and fun facts

Ridiculous and Intriguing Facts To Forget About Almost Instantly

They're fun while they last.
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A nasty tenant sets up illegal parking spot business, pro revenge ensues.

Tenant Gets Property Owner's Car Towed, Property Owner Hatches Pro Revenge

She underestimated who she was messing with.
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Story about grandpa who did mail loophole by putting mailboxes 6 feet in air

Grandpa's Mailbox Loophole Takes Mail Into The Third Dimension

That's right, three whole dimensions.
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inventions people use for other than their intended purpose.

Inventions That Are Hardly Ever Used For Their Intended Purpose

Hey, still useful.
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cringeworthy bragging people who think they're smart

Cringeworthy Mind Tyrants Who Think They're Geniuses

Why do people have to be like this.
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Tumblr thread explains statistics

Tumblr Thread on Statistics Is a Necessary Dumbness Test

What is 100% really?
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The absolute dumbest things that smart people have ended up doing.

The Dumbest Things That Smart People Have Done

Everyone has their mindless moments.
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A physics professor calmly deconstructs the flat earthers | Let's say don't believe world is round can one prove world is round Pedro Teles, PhD Physics, University Porto (2007) Updated Wed Buy ticket Paris. Say arrive at Charles de Gaulle airport. Take RER B Gare du Nord. At Gare du Nord, switch RER metro and take line 4, direction Mairie de Montrouge. Get off at station Réaumur- Sébastopol now be on Boulevard Sébastopol, take left (or right, depending on where exit Rue Réaumur and walk about 2

Understanding Physics Professor Dismantles Flat Earthers

Checkmate flat earthers.
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funny history memes and jokes

History Memes That Are At Least Historically Funny

May the past flow.
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Son with a heroic level of willpower ends up outsmarting parent's sticker system.

Son With Heroic Willpower Outsmarts Parents' Sticker System

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dumb people who think they're geniuses

Insufferable Narcissists Who Believe They're Geniuses

Dude, just chill.
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