Absurd bragging people who think they're geniuses | 6 hours ago (edited) im actually using reverse psychology get reinforce beliefs hold will lead eventual destruction, and there is nothing can do about

Laughable Individuals Who Think They're Brilliant

Way to clutter up the internet.
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People who aren't smart but brag about being intelligent online | Laugh away know divide by zero haven't figured out mathematical/physical ramifications my discovery all way, yet, but needless say feel great responsibility research its effects on reality before publishing my work. Like said, laugh away, but outpaced Einstein and Steven Hawking by discovering math they couldn't envision *and withholding my ideas until ok with understanding will happen public expect release this new, outrageously

Ridiculous Individuals Who Believe They're Geniuses

Oh boy, widen the doorway for big brain man.
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funny stupid puns and wordplay | Beans After Dark @goodbeanalt british people be like im bri ish javeigh young-white (mango propaga javeighyw is cause they drank t

A Battering of Absurdly Dumb Puns

Are these even good?
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Revenge on a IRS Phone Scam Call Flooder Watch later Anti IRS Scam Call Flood

Programmer Writes Script That Spam Calls Phone Scammers

We're talking 28 calls a second.
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People who think they're brilliant talking about how smart they think hey are on the internet | Tweet 1d Important question use heart emoji do use? This is like modern Sorting Hat. O 93 41 Replying professional editor don't use emoji because l can leverage power English language. Little colored blobs do not enhance strength my prose.

Ridiculous Braggarts Who Think They're Brilliant

Alright, we get it, chill out.
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Guy screws over his construction business partner, and pays for it big time | Construction revenge ten years making and why will never have another business partner. Hello O r/ProRevenge back with another long one. This one has been going on decade, and am personally, very proud turned out. TL:DR at bottom little over ten years ago young carpenter met guy who l'll call "chad" because fuck chad.

Chad Screws Over Construction Business Partner, Revenge Follows

Chad was playing with fire.
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Stupid solutions that worked | reddit posted by Backbeatking 7.8k points 6 days ago They just sent an order rover on Mars hit itself with shovel worked. Percussive maintenance.

"It's Not Stupid if it Works" Moments

The simplest solutions can be the best.
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Funny jokes and memes that are technically accurate | Lamps video games are using real electricity | shower head Every naked person see, turns on

Clever and Literal Jokes that are Technically Correct

It's correct enough.
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People share their wildest shower thoughts | u/Great_Bacca 23h 3 1 Award "My brother--law works at CDC" is new "My uncle works at Nintendo".

Shower Thoughts Spawned From Hyperactive Minds

The shower's a great place to let the wisdom breathe.
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People who think they are very smart | do mean typical and rest class lets be honest now am far above everyone including have luck are group with and give less work? such dumb action but could be expected will go ther group will appreciate Typ een chatbericht GIF

Absurd Individuals Who Believe They're Utter Geniuses

Coming to ruin a comments section near you.
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Funny, interesting and silly quotes from kids | been having hard day last two years anonymous, 4 years old @LiveFromSnackTime

Ridiculous and Sometimes Insightful Things Said by Kids

We feel the same way.
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Moments of failure, facepalm, entitlement, bragging, trashiness, cringe and stupidity | Pennsylvania woman drove into oncoming traffic test her faith police say By Taylor Romine, CNN | Statue Liberty National Monument Historical landmark Manhattan Why'd they put on an island happens if island floats away just lose national monument am shocked they didn't think this through they constructed | Yellowstone National Park National park unaware park outside. Very misleading advertisement

A Buffet of Facepalming Cringification

People can be the worst sometimes.
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Clever jokes, dumb jokes and puns that are technically accurate | tweet by Andrew Collin @AndrewTCollin diss track is just two grown men sitting separate rooms, writing poems about each other.

Clever Jokes and Dumb Moments that are Technically Accurate

They're not wrong.
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People who think they're brilliant and brag about it | REDACTED If someone tries give advice first make sure their television isn't bigger than their bookcase. If is then simply ignore them. 9:43 AM 22 Feb 20 Twitter Web App

Self-Titled Geniuses Who Smeared the Web with their Bragging

Everyone thinks they're brilliant.
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Carl Sagan explanation video earth is round

Carl Sagan Explains Why Earth Is Round

Thanks for the info, Carl Sagan.
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Interesting thoughts from various people that use Tumblr | blxxdfae dont think american filmmakers realise huge london is, because sure have london eye and houses parliament but say 'london has fallen so nandos catford is flames tesco peckham has descended into chaos? wtf furiouslyfeminist have states bigger than entire country Source: cherrygOre viralthings woman planning marry showed this pebble looks like guitar pick and with an entirely straight face said rock music sheepkind marry her

Nuggets Of Gold From Tumblr's Busy Brains

Good old Tumblr never fails to keep it entertaining.
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