Fool makes ridiculous claim about sunscreen, gets burnt in the comments | this is my smug definitely not going get sunburned today look. flash forward 3 hours later and had chills being so burned. wear SPF, kids | SPF causes cancer! Try beach umbrella 00 Like Reply 6 1 Yesterday at 1:21pm Well 's just empirically not true. Like Reply 61 Yesterday at 1:44pm unrelated Like Reply 61- Yesterday at 2:29pm Do some research own before accuse people not speaking truth please. Just trying inform. Thanks.

Man Makes Ridiculous Sunscreen Complaint, Gets Burnt

The research was done.
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Bill Burr comedian roasts blind audience member during stand up

Bill Burr Unknowingly Roasts Blind Man, Hilarity Ensues

Bill's just ruthless.
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The meals people would serve to upset Gordon Ramsay | Catctus 6h really decent pasta but noodles are way undercooked, every bite would be lament could be

Worst Possible Meals People Would Serve Gordon Ramsay

Hopefully Gordon Ramsay never sees this.
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Bill Nye Neil deGrasse Tyson science video | bill nye roasts tyson about consciousness

Bill Nye Pokes Fun At Neil deGrasse Tyson's Reply

Never underestimate Bill.
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Will Arnett roasting Jason Bateman

Will Arnett Roasts Jason Bateman Relentlessly on Conan

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Gordon Ramsay critiques TikTok food recipe cooking

Gordon Ramsay Critiques Fans' Tik Tok Recipes

He's a master of the fire roasts.
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stand up comedian roasting his dad

Comic Invites Dad To His First Set, Proceeds To Roast Him

This just needs to be longer.
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stand up comedian vs heckler mom HECKLER SHOULD'VE STAYED Steve Hofstetter

Heckler Mom Gets Offended, Comedian Handles Her

Handled with finesse.
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Simon Pegg makes fun of Benedict Cumberbatch

Simon Pegg Ruthlessly Roasts Benedict Cumberbatch

Zero punches pulled in the crafting of this roast.
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Funny joke insults and comebacks | graystripe: once 4th grade this guy got 2% on his math quiz so everyone called him milk rest year

Confidence-Shattering Comebacks and Insults

People may not be good at math or reading, but man they can burn folks real good.
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A ridiculous job listing for a celebrity influencer assistant gets roasted | Personal Assistant Influencer Confidential Los Angeles, CA Posted: July 29, 2020 Q more jobs like this Part Time Job Professional Personal Assistant Large Celebrity well known celebritylinfluencer with 10+ million followers is seeking well organized/available/diligent personal assistant join her team. This is part time "Personal Assistant" position but will eventually transition full time if properly qualified ideal can

Celebrity Influencer's Job Listing For Assistant Gets Roasted

The delusions are strong with this one.
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yeti lawn chair review

Man Reviews Yeti Lawn Chair, Roasts Ensue

Dude churns out gold.
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Facebook group roasts coriander with a collection of spicy memes | CORANDER Hate Coriander 26 July at 01:05·O Have good weekend and stay away Devil's 'Erb, fam! Team IHC x feels eat bit Coriander weren't expecting | RANDER Hate Coriander 30 July at 03:27 O ROS True story Coriander is just soap disguised as herb Spider Man presentation

Facebook Group Roasts Coriander With Fiery Memes

Friendships could be lost over coriander.
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British cop measuring the road ends up getting roasted to oblivion | Cheshire West @Go_CheshireWest Further along road another potential problem has been reported. Darren inspects and explains as is under 50mm no action needs be taken at this time #cwaclive

British Cop Measuring Road Gets Roasted To Oblivion

You're not doing it right, my dude.
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Funny haircuts getting roasted with "say no more fam" meme | Barber want? Him need defeat Frieza Barber: Say no more STARECAT.COM man with bleached hair spiked up like a Dragon Ball character Super Saiyan | Barber want bro? Guy ever eat panini? Barber: Say no more fam

Questionable Hair Decisions Getting Roasted

"Say no more"
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Comedian roasts celebrity famous audience member

Comedian Roasts Audience Member, Doesn't Know It's A Celeb

Oh man, this is great.
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