funny insults people said about themselves

25 Decimating Burns That People Hit Themselves With

One could call it humility, sort of.
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funny rare and unique insults

Rare Insults That Decimated People Creatively

Haven't heard that one before.
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humor tik tok sports nfl roast ridiculous new york jets funny Video - 2728710

TikToker Absolutely Destroys The New York Jets With Scathing Analysis

Kid roasted the Jets offense to oblivion.
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A collection of tweets about how Irish people are totally ruthless when it comes to fashion.

Irish People Are Ruthless Fashion Critics (21 Tweets)

They're heartless.
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Jake Paul announces his retirement after boxing victory against Tyrone Woodley, and Twitter reacts.

Jake Paul Gets Hit By Real Fighter, Retires From Boxing, Twitter Reacts

Jake Paul wasn't about the fighting life, after all.
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Tim Tebow already gets released by the Jaguars, so Twitter lets him have it.

Tim Tebow Gets Released By Jaguars, Twitter Goes In On Him

Can't wait to see which team Tebow washes up on next.
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People describe their favorite insults.

Spicy Rare Insults That Brought The Extra Heat

These are top shelf.
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Best man decides to roast the bridezilla during a scathing wedding toast.

Best Man Roasts Bridezilla With Wedding Toast, Drama Ensues

Probably best to keep that temper in check.
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humor bruce willis roast comedy funny Video - 106921217

Edward Norton Brilliantly Roasts Bruce Willis

So dang ruthless.
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A collection of times that managers got righteously roasted for their ridiculous behavior.

Mean Bosses And Maniacal Managers That Got Called Out

Tyrannical managers are the absolute worst.
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Zack Snyder cringe Awkward roast comedy ridiculous funny - 106556417

Comedian Unknowingly Roasts Zack Snyder In The Audience

Oh man, that's unfortunate.
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A collection of hilarious roasts from Wendy's on Twitter. | Outback Steakhouse OUTBACK Replying Wendys @Outb 18m STEAKHOUSE Roast us like Prime Rib! O 17 Wendy's O @Wendys 14m no rules. just microwaves NationalRoastDay

Hilarious Roasts From Wendy's On Roast Day

McDonald's never stood a chance.
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A collection of insults that didn't use swear words | True-Fire-Senzhi 5h INSOLENT LUMP BUTTER!

People's Best Clean Insults

Bless your heart.
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Jimmy Kimmel roasts Jay Leno for ruining Conan O'Brien's career

Jimmy Kimmel Rips Leno For Ruining Conan

Jimmy Kimmel really went in on him.
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Fool makes ridiculous claim about sunscreen, gets burnt in the comments | this is my smug definitely not going get sunburned today look. flash forward 3 hours later and had chills being so burned. wear SPF, kids | SPF causes cancer! Try beach umbrella 00 Like Reply 6 1 Yesterday at 1:21pm Well 's just empirically not true. Like Reply 61 Yesterday at 1:44pm unrelated Like Reply 61- Yesterday at 2:29pm Do some research own before accuse people not speaking truth please. Just trying inform. Thanks.

Man Makes Ridiculous Sunscreen Complaint, Gets Burnt

The research was done.
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Bill Burr comedian roasts blind audience member during stand up

Bill Burr Unknowingly Roasts Blind Man, Hilarity Ensues

Bill's just ruthless.
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