entitled people and their ridiculous demands | $300 FEB 12, 11:04 AM talking someone on another one just like this 210$ okay buy theirs then LOL | Bathroom shower tile. Top notch stuff here grout lines have disappeared. Tile can be yours will sell same price bought Must remove and clean up any mess Tiles are practically good. FLE $2,000 TAMPA, FL Tile shower can remove

Entitled People and Their Patently Absurd Demands

It never ends.
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Ex boyfriend says he'll own anything ex girlfriend doesn't take, she takes everything

Ex Sets Ridiculous Ultimatum, Ends Up With Empty Apartment

A more level head would have at least made it out with some toilet paper.
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FAIL stealing cringe ridiculous Video thief - 106330625

Porch Pirate Gets Caught Red-Handed, Attempts To Flee, Gets Stuck In Snow

This ain't it, man.
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A humorous Tumblr post about the different kinds of language prevalent throughout Lord of the Rings. | Legolas pretty quickly gets habit venting about his travelling companions Elvish, so long as Gandalf Aragorn aren't earshot they'll never know right? Then about week into their journey like Legolas Elvish approximately 20th time* ugh hobbits, so annoying Frodo also Elvish, deadpan* yeah worst Legolas:

Tumblr Users Overanalyze Elvish Dialects In Lord Of The Rings

What a beautiful post.
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woman calls out lazy brother-in-law

Woman Calls Out Lazy Brother-In-Law For 10 Minutes Straight

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Entitled people and their demands

Entitled People and Their Obnoxious Demands

Such realistic goals.
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12 reddit based text images | thumbnail "Your home your decision. I can't see how they get to demand anything when it is your house. DO NOT offer to pay for a hotel. I'm not even sure at this point l'd offer to let them stay at my house even with my dog. The entitlement of people amazes me. There are ONLY way 3 reasons l'd say to board your dog: if someone has an allergy "

Family Requests Thanksgiving Host Board His Dog In Kennel, Host Refuses And Even Offers To Pay For Hotel

Not today, not ever
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Couple tells a blatant lie to cut in line at a baseball game, and it hilariously backfires.

Couple Lies To Cut In Line At Baseball Game, Hilariously Backfires

Some solid karma right there.
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A funny Tumblr post about guy being able to see superheroes' threat level | writing-prompt-s regular office worker born with ability see dangerous person is with number scale 1-10 above their heads toddler would be 1, while skilled soldier with firearm may score 7. Today notice reserved new guy at office measures 10. wakeupontheprongssideofthebed decide 's best find out can about this person. Cautiously approach his desk. He's handsome man, tall, but with disarming smile could such friendly guy

Tumblr Thread: Mystified Man's Able To Identify Superheroes

Clark Kent has some explaining to do.
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safety failures

Safety Failures That OSHA Would Like To Find And Destroy

There's a problem waiting to happen.
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Entitled neighbors don't like snow shoveling, get fined

Entitled Neighbors Don't Like The Way Dad Snow Blows Their Walkway For Free, Get Fined

Really guys?
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entitled parent doesn't believe blind woman, tries to take guide dog

Karen Doesn't Believe Woman Is Blind, Tries Taking Guide Dog

Can people chill?
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stupid gas thieves accidentally steal kerosene and ruin car

Incompetent Gas Thieves Seal Their Own Fate

Some problems sort themselves out.
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funny jokes and tweets

Funny Tweets To Viciously Unleash Upon Boredom

Take that, boredom!
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entitled sister-in-law steals baby name but parents use it anyway

Entitled Sister-In-Law Steals Baby Name, Freaks Out When Couple Doesn't Care

That's refreshing.
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An entitled choosing beggar doesn't understand how lowballing works | Hi l'm interested chairs if available Hello, yes they are am here all day all week, available anytime pickup if interested. Ok. Is whole set with bench and table also

Entitled Lowballer Doesn't Understand Lowballing

They were their own worst enemy.
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