Company messes with a delivery driver's tips, and then a pro revenge ensues.

Company Messes With Delivery Driver's Tips, Pro Revenge Ensues

It's amazing what greedy people will do.
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Ridiculously overpriced products | patchyj 1.5k points 4 days ago couple years ago, Mark's and Spencer Food high end supermarket UK, tried selling "Cauliflower Steak" which thick slice cauliflower 2.50 covered plastic could literally buy whole cauliflower same row bit further down 40p. They were crucified hilarious

Absurdly Overpriced Stuff People Have Seen

Someone will buy it, too.
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funny clever puns

Puns Ranging From Untreatable to Highly Repeatable

It's always a mixed bag with puns.
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stories of very dumb things people said.

Dumb Things People Witnessed That Leave Little Hope For Humanity

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Frustrating times people said dumb things and didn't understand basic stuff

Frustrating Times People Didn't Understand Basic Stuff

People have a lot to learn.
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Annoying stranger lies about buying rug | didn't agree on $30. Also said can't find matching one anywhere, but then said can buy one 25. If 's case l'd suggest buy one. Wouldn't want overpay with mine s GREAT deal. admitting its over priced then Ok can ask pay 70 even said yourself 's overpriced

Absurd Lying Stranger Won't Pay for Rug, Thinks They've Won

It's childish.
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Guy causes thousands dollars worth of damage with a few bucks worth of ice | r/tifu posted by false_name1229 TIFU by causing $3k damage with $4 ice Preface drive BMW and am all too aware their fabulously terrible repair costs know 's absurd and can be remidied by replacing my car with Toyota experienced absurdity. And owned Toyota am where am and love my car blindly.

Guy Causes $3K Of Damage With $4 Worth Of Ice

Better fill the trunk up with rice.
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funny tumblr posts and memes

Random Tumblr Gems of Varying Opacity

Yes, bring on the observations.
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A collection of rare insults that left their mark on their recipients.

Rare And Extra Spicy Insults That Hit Different

Ah, some good old rare insults.
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Entitled work Karen demands everyone else wake up early because it's convenient for her | r/MaliciousCompliance Posted by u/ZoiSarah 1 day ago Everyone MUST join work call regardless working hours? Sure! oc M company worked is global, offices all over globe wasn't often, but expected if were needed on call outside business hours make arrangements join; typically crazy one- off scenario where they needed find an urgent timeslot single call sounds awful but really infrequent and most folks were ve

Work Karen Makes Everyone Get Up for 4 AM Meeting

Time zones can be a pain.
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Employee deals with bad manager in glorious fashion | r/MaliciousCompliance u/Ars-Torok 128d Join 1 1 1 1 3 4 are salaried right? Just stay up this meeting. XL Before begin dear readers brief bit backstory have found every company has Todd will know who Todd is, because he is who call don't know who call unthinkable happens and everything is on fire and there is no hope salvation, Todd steps fix Todd spends his entire time just fixing unfixable. He has been with company since dawn time, knows tr

Employee Maliciously Complies To Director's Demands

Steve got played.
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Landowner doesn't understand where property lines are, and it ends up getting resolved British style | r/tifu u/pocketfullofuranium TIFU by not knowing where my property lines are M bought new house January mostly because outdoor space fell love with England, gardens can be quite small and sunshine limited so generally only get sun morning or afternoon depending on which way house faces. So this house, with its glorious, huge garden wraps around gem find house has needed some work and

Landowner Doesn't Understand Property Lines, Gets Resolved British Style

Better late than never.
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A collection of frustrating images responsible for irritating people | 5 five 5 bananas children's book illustration wrong fail accident you had one job

Mildly Infuriating Images Responsible For Deep Irritation

Grinding one's teeth has never been easier.
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entitled people with ridiculous demands

Entitled Folks and Their Wild Boldness

Sometimes people can be true mysteries.
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Couple doesn't want the neighbors' kids to play in their backyard, and then a whole drama breaks out.

Couple Doesn't Want Neighbors' Kids To Play In Their Yard, Drama Ensues

Some neighbors have zero chill.
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A collection of tweets about people's most ridiculous neighbors on NextDoor.

People's Most Nightmarish, Entitled, And Bizarre Neighbors

NextDoor is a troubling goldmine.
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