A funny Tumblr post about the funny information gaps that people can end up having.

Tumblr Post: People's Bizarre Information Gaps

We all fall through the cracks on one thing or another.
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Thieving neighbors keep stealing from garden, and then they get called out with plant puns.

Neighbors Steal From Garden, Plant Puns Wall Of Shame Ensues

Maybe they just shouldn't steal.
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A customer believes that her computer never needs to be charged, and then tech support intervenes to clear up the matter.

Customer Believes Computer Never Needs To Be Charged, Tech Support Intervenes

That would be pretty cool.
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Entitled people and their demands

Entitled People and Their Uproarious Demands

What humble rays of sunshine.
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A choosing beggar expects a family to move out of their house for the week.

Choosy Beggar Expects Family To Move Out Of House For The Week

Absolutely absurd.
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A collection of very entertaining dad jokes.

Delightful Dad Jokes That Delivered Top Shelf Dad Humor

Dad jokes just never get old.
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trashy moments

Trashtacular Moments of Startling Garbage-osity

The world is full of surprises.
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A shady customer cons a front-end developer, and then a glorious pro revenge ensues.

Customer Cons Front-End Developer, Tech Revenge Ensues

Don't mess with the tech gurus.
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funny fails and mistake

Chaotic Moments of Failure That Had People Rethinking Their Decisions

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Best man decides to roast the bridezilla during a scathing wedding toast.

Best Man Roasts Bridezilla With Wedding Toast, Drama Ensues

Probably best to keep that temper in check.
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entitled people and their demands

Entitled People Who Made People's Lives Definitively Worse

Why are people like this?
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boyfriend tantrum annoying lol ridiculous vegan food - 16197125

Boyfriend Throws Tantrum Over Vegan Cake At Vegan's Birthday

If you go to the birthday party of your vegan girlfriend, and her friend, a professional vegan baker, is bringing a cake, you don't exactly have a lot of leg to stand on when you don't like the cake. Also, it's fine to not like the cake. But even if you had regular birthday cake that sucked, you probably wouldn't act out about it like this dude did. Also, how does this guy not like Oreos? For some more food drama, here's the dude who organized a beef wellington dinner just to have some of the g…
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manager work lol ridiculous funny stupid - 16180741

Employee Quits, Delusional Manager Schedules Them For Shift, Threatens Write Up

Is there a better way to tell a former boss “you have no power here” than just laughing in their stupid face? Imagine thinking you have direct control over a person who's no longer an employee. They gave a meaningless threat just to watch their illusion of control crumble apart in their hands. For another absurd ex-manager, here's the ex-manager who tried to get an ex-employee to serve a Karen.
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disney screaming editing ridiculous lion king funny stupid - 107810049

The Lion King But With Human Screams

Remember that really emotion scene from The Lion King? The one where Simba roars on the top of pride rock, and all the other lions roar back? Well a while ago someone dubbed regular people screams over the lion roars. If only the makers of the original film decided to go this route, it'd be an even bigger classic.
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Guy calls tech support over a password problem, and then the fail only escalates from there.

Guy Calls Tech Support Over Password Problem, The Fail Escalates

You've got to be kidding me.
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Entitled people and their demands

Entitled Folks and Their Absurd Boldness

It never ends.
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