students revenge petty revenge psycho roommate reddit thread Reddit roommates college - 19762181

‘I cut her power’: College student gets fiery revenge on roommate by cutting the cord to her lamp, gets roasted in the comments

Some forms of petty revenge are so savage that even the Internet will call you out on it. I
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manager revenge petty revenge driver Horrible Bosses truck reddit thread Reddit - 19750661

'The look on my manager's face [...] was priceless': Driver complains about the state of his truck, manager ignores him, cue petty revenge

This will serve as a friendly reminder to managers everywhere that if your employee repeatedly requests for something to be fixed, you better listen to them!
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marriage mother revenge petty revenge couples divorce reddit thread Reddit - 19736837

‘I became the embodiment of rage’: Dude’s ex-MIL mocks him during divorce proceedings, he makes them cough up $15K

There’s always an easy way and a hard way, and this guy’s ex-wife and former in-laws decided to go with the latter. What does that mean exactly? Well, it means that it was time for the Redditor to commit some well-deserved petty revenge. He shared his story via this thread on Reddit’s r/pettyrevenge subreddit. Essentially, after getting forced out of their shared apartment, this dude was trying to handle divorce proceedings with some semblance of reasons in a group text with his now ex-wife and…
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customer service workplace-stories malicious compliance revenge customers workplace story - 19746309

'I uno reversed a malicious compliance': Front desk worker makes a Karen count out all the coins she's trying to pay with

It's not often that we see a scenario where someone successfully manages to maliciously comply with a malicious compliance… Enter stage right, this clever customer service representative. Reddit user u/pinkfloss9 shared this story about an experience they had at work on Reddit's r/ MaliciousCompliance subreddit. In the post, they tell the tale of an angry Karen who came into the office where he worked at the front desk. She came in guns blazing, and when it came time for her to pay, she whipped…
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airport revenge petty revenge entitled reddit thread Reddit karen entitled people - 19700485

'Don't flip out on people for things they can't control': Entitled airline passenger harasses employee about the weather, employee makes sure their luggage gets soaked

Here's a newsflash to Karens everywhere: airline employees can't control the weather.
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Neighbors kept parking in our lot. I froze them out.

'I call the tow company — they can't do anything': Party-goers infuriated by icy surprise after loud late-night party

One neighbor got so fed up with parking issues that he took a strategic approach that no one would ever forget. This person wrote that the story took place around 20 years ago, at a time when he lived in an apartment building with parking space for 16 cars. However, the OP, u/BrightRick, noticed that all of the sudden random strangers were taking up all this parking. The OP tried to get these cars moved through all the usual channels. They talked with police, who said there was nothing to be do…
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work-story workplace-stories hr revenge work petty revenge human resources workplace - 19466245

HR Makes Salaried Employees Fill Out Time Cards, Costs Them Big

There's an age-old saying that can—although said in many different ways—be summarized as: If you're going to break the rules, don't break two rules at the same time. It's a simple, logical rationalization that boils down to mitigating risks. When you break multiple rules simultaneously, you just multiply your chances of being caught. In addition to that, when you get caught for one… you're probably going to get caught for both—and pay the price for both. There's also the added risk of more peop…
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bride drama wedding drama bridesmaids malicious compliance Crazy Brides revenge wedding stories relationship-drama wedding bridezilla weddings - 19688453

'Take them off and keep them off or leave." All bridesmaids leave after bride demands bridesmaid remove her glasses for entire wedding

People who desire absolute control over a situation love ultimatums. The problem with ultimatums is that the person you're setting the ultimatum with might call you on your bluff, leaving the illusion of any control you had over them shattered—along with the entire relationship. Weddings can be stressful times and leave the couple at the frayed ends of sanity as they try to manifest the perfect day. This can bring the absolute worst out in people, bringing down the facade of their personality a…
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Landlord is jealous of my income, raises my rent $500. I screw him years later for $20k.

'The greatest revenge I could have ever imagined': Jealous landlord gets his own words thrown back in his face years after overcharging tenant

As a renter, you're at the mercy of your landlord. One new renter found out the hard way that you have to be careful who you trust with your personal information… His terrible landlord found out that he and his wife were trying to be frugal while saving up for a home in the 1990s. But when the landlord discovered this guy's high salary, he suddenly decided to charge the OP and his wife a massive increase in rent, boosting their monthly payments by $500! As the OP, u/RockyMoose, writes to r/ProR…
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pro revenge workplace-stories tech support toxic-workplace technical difficulties revenge it IT guy workplace Horrible Bosses Tech business - 19661317

'Ends up paying him double': Greedy business owner tries to scam IT guy, IT guy scams him right back

It's often said that you shouldn't meddle with things you don't understand and, by extension, you shouldn't mess with the people who handle the things that you don't understand either. If you've managed to get a contractor in to handle something you can't or aren't willing to do or understand, and they deliver on that product, you'd do your best to pay them the agreed price. After all, we've already established you don't understand that thing, so why are you so certain you've got the upper hand…
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employees workplace employment work-story workplace-stories employee hr malicious compliance revenge petty revenge human resources story - 19629573

Worker gets one over on vindictive HR by following workplace guidelines

It's no secret that the human resource department isn't as benevolent or employee-focused as we might have once been led to believe. At the end of the day, that seems pretty obvious, and we find it hard to believe that the wool could ever be pulled over our eyes. After all, it's in the name . It's an entire department of the company that exists solely to manage and mitigate one of its most costly resources… humans—aka you . Still, HR managers manage to either be the sweetest, most hospitable pe…
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customer service server waiter revenge customers waiting talesfromyourserver workplace story family service-industry-stories service industry - 19657989

'Would you shut up already!': Guy gets roasted by his own mother after making a scene over his steak

This guy wanted a well-done steak but ended up getting roasted himself. There's nothing that can make a man feel small like his own mother. Even the toughest of gangsters know not to cross their mamma. When mom lays down the line and says, "Enough is enough," then you had better quit. This Dad was determined to act out the Applebee's scene in Talladega Nights before his mother stepped in. The story was posted by their server, u/Papakeely, to Reddit's r/talesfromyourserver subreddit. The family…
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pro revenge landlord Legal Woes tenants revenge tenant landlords - 19660293

'I countersued': Vindictive landlord tries to charge tenant over their deposit, loses big

If there's one thing that makes landlords drool, it's finding a way to keep your deposit, not that they'll actually use that money to fix anything before the next tenant moves in… Hell, the next tenant will be lucky if even their move-in cleaning fee actually gets used to clean the place up before they arrive. (It wouldn't be the first time a cleaning fee ended up in a landlord's pocket.) When things get ugly in a landlord-tenant relationship, it's always going to be the deposit that gets held…
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handicapped revenge petty revenge entitled reddit thread Reddit parking entitled people - 19636485

'The sense of entitlement puts me in a rage': Jerk uses accessible parking spot without a pass, guy gets petty revenge by surrounding his car with shopping carts

This guy may not have had an accessibility issue at first... that is, until he angered this father.
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landlord revenge bad-landlord landlords petty revenge rent renting - 19613189

'They tried to nickel and dime me': Tennant ditches out on lease because of dodgy landlord and their cheap tactics

One of the best parts about renting is when you wind up trapped in a terrible house with a useless slug-like landlord, contractually obligated to continue paying a real-life Jabba the Hutt a (significant) portion of your paycheck. At the same time, they do little to ensure they're delivering you a marketable and inhabitable product. In most places, there's only an escape from this entrapment with arduous process or extreme circumstances. Since the landlord often holds a hefty security deposit o…
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karens revenge petty revenge food delivery karens in the wild reddit thread Reddit karen - 19608581

'You lied to me and you should deal with the consequences': Nightmare Male Karen thinks he got petty revenge by making enemies with a restaurant

Talk about main character syndrome!
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