pro revenge ask reddit malicious compliance teaching revenge stories Reddit karen - 16408837

Teen Piano Teacher Outsmarts Idiot Karen Who Accused Them of Overcharging

Are you smarter than an 8th grader?
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pro revenge drama pretty revenge revenge family feud family theft - 16397317

Scumbag Family Members Steal Woman's Savings, Deny It, Beaten By Evidence

Imagine your own mother and sister stealing from you.
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customer service pro revenge revenge customers petty revenge customer fast food - 16378373

Pizza Place Advertises Wrong Number, Refuses to Fix, Family Takes Fake Orders

This is a deliciously clever revenge
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fired principal revenge teachers teacher - 15958789

Targeted Teacher Gets Manipulative Principal Fired From Her Position

A modern take on David vs. Goliath.
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Senior manager gets their employee fired, so the employee digs up their troubled past. | r/ProRevenge u/merk35802 Senior manager gets fired turn things around and get her job and salary, plus see her break down and then let her know exactly got my revenge hired by company as an assistant manager job well qualified owner is rarely on-site as he owns several businesses company is run by GM, who hired but who works mostly second shift and who therefore would have little

Senior Manager Gets Employee Fired, Employee Digs Up Manager's Dirty Past

Things came full circle after all.
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pro revenge hoa neighbors lawyer revenge nuclear revenge towing petty revenge lawsuit Reddit neighbor - 16371973

Busy Body "HOA Karen" Tows Guy's Big Benz, Not Actually on HOA Board, Gets Sued Silly

"Diane was not listed as a board member. Interesting."
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customer service pro revenge shipping revenge petty revenge - 16370181

Shipping Company Denies Responsibility After Smashing Dying Mother's MacBook, Son-In-Law Takes Them to Court

Shipping companies and couriers…. One thing is for certain. No matter where you are in the world you have probably had an issue with one at some point and chances are they were absolutely useless at resolving the issue that THEY caused with your item.
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kids birthday pro revenge revenge petty revenge parenting parents - 16362757

Mean Girl Kicks Girl Out of Her Birthday Party, Stellar Mother Irate, Takes Back Presents

An important part of being a kid is learning that your actions have consequences. When you behave or treat someone poorly, poor things will happen to you. These lessons classically condition us to behave well and treat others with the respect they are warranted. Hopefully, they will also teach us to respect ourselves and the way that others treat us too. This was an important lesson that this girl hopefully learned when u/WovenAesthetic 's mother took back their gift. Although, maybe that's opt…
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revenge petty revenge - 16355589

Flower Shop Reneges on Promised Funeral Arangements, Daughter's Boyfriend's Revenge Saves the Day

When OhThatAngela 's friend's mother died they began making funeral arrangements. They ordered flowers from the store recommended by the funeral home and ordered $1,400 worth of flowers from them. Things went sideways when a big snowstorm hit. The funeral home said that all weekend deliveries would be pushed to Sunday. Except they didn't deliver Sunday, so the delivery was going to have to be on Monday instead. Which meant no delivery in time for the funeral. I have to say, this part is underst…
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pro revenge neighbors revenge bad neighbors prorevenge Reddit neighbor - 16354309

Dude Turns Terrible Neighbor's Own Games Against Them, Takes Them On in All-Out Warfare

Colonies of feral cats are the ultimate weapons.
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pro revenge hoa malicious compliance revenge petty revenge - 16330757

Insolent-Idiot Neighbor Tries to Mess With the HOA, Loses His Parking Spot Permanently

We can't believe we're cheering for an HOA.
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neighbors drama revenge bad neighbors petty revenge neighbor - 16319493

Heartless New Neighbor Ignites Driveway Feud, Loses and Ends Up With Tiny Driveway

Mike... You are the world's biggest a-hole.
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customer service aita barista revenge failbook social media - 16319237

Barista Posts TikTok Degrading Guy's Mother, She Gets Fired When He Shows Her Manager After She Refuses to Take it Down

When social media has repercussions.
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revenge workplace Horrible Bosses great resignation work reform big quit - 16012805

Car Salesman Quits on the Spot When the Owner's Son Tells Him "Do You Know My Last Name"

Talk about a power trip.
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woman tows neighbors vehicle when they park on her private property

Neighbor Brings Furious Wrath Upon Themselves By Repeatedly Parking In Woman's Driveway

Woman Tows Unhinged Neighbor's Car After They Insist On Parking In Her Driveway
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pro revenge scammer revenge car accident thief - 16295429

Scammer Tries to Shakedown Guy After Car Accident, Guy Gets Revenge, Scammer Has to Pay

A cautionary tale about handling car accidents "off the record".
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