besties get revenge on cheating boyfriend by ruining his pool party

Woman and Her Bestie Have the Time of Their Lives Getting Revenge on Cheating Boyfriend by Emptying His Pool Bucket-by-Bucket

Plus, it was the night before his big pool party.
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karen gets put in her place by random old man bystander

'You ain't do nothing to that lady': Old man comes to the rescue of guy being harassed by unhinged Karen, she leaves idiotic apology letter days later

The guy even ended up making a song and music video about the experience.
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No OT but you won't swap me to day shift? Ok, boss.

'Ok, boss': Supervisor mandates no overtime but also mandates checking emails at home, guy charges it as overtime

Which is it? No overtime… or checking emails at home? You can't have both. Too many employers these days expect their employees to be always available —without receiving compensation for it. Anyone who has worked retail, or in a waged position, has had an employer who has made it as difficult as possible to claim overtime. The store closes at 6:30 pm, and you're only contracted for those hours. So in an inexplicably non-existent amount of time, you have to manage to round up all the customers,…
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You want 70, um ok, 1,2,3,..... | My sister buys these fish to feed to my BIL's pet fish. She goes into the pet store and says she would like 70 of the little guys. So, the net goes in and right into the bag. Well my sister looks and goes, "that's not 70".

Woman unhappy with uncounted fish, demands employee count them out, gets less fish

1 Fish 2 Fish "Less fish for you" Fish
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AITA for disconnecting the Internet and not paying my daughters phone bill?

Mom Finds Daughter's Rude TikToks About Her, Gets Revenge By Cutting Off Internet

Never make a TikTok about your Mom when you rely on her for everything
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I got a job with one of those marketing firms, a New Age Capitalism company that insisted we all do yoga and breathing exercises while they rang a little bell and gave us affirmations about how many contracts we were all going to sell and how much money we'd all make. The job was 100% commission,

''They screwed me [...] I screwed them': Company refuses to payout huge sales commission, salesman starts own business and puts them under

All is fair in love and war, and —if you're not willing to play by the rules — don't expect anyone else to either. This salesman was confronted with the dawning, horrible truth that he was going to be cheated out of his hard-earned commission when the company he had just begun working for started making excuses about why they weren't able to pay him out. The company had foolishly set a commission structure with an aggressive exponential curve; when the salesmen joined and blew all previous sale…
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How I got my landlord arrested for auto theft I used to live in a rental townhome. The place was great. It was run by a big company but they paid an onsite super to run the office,

'They did it on purpose': Guy has landlord arrested after they maliciously tow his vehicle

Landlords are— well… lords . Their power over their tenant is totalitarian — they set the rate a tenant has to pay to access housing and, on a whim, can send the tenant scrambling for a new place.
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Manager mistook me for an employee

Retail Manager Accosts Off-Duty Security Guard and Demands He Get Back to Work

There really are very few jobs that are as soul-draining, and where you are treated as poorly, as retail. Even if that list is short, one job that might just manage to qualify is that of a retail security guard. It's even more thankless, and more looked down upon than retail itself; sure, you don't have to complete the same repetitive tasks as the retail workers do, but that repetitiveness is usually replaced with nothing. Nothing, that is, except the increased abuse from both clientele and ret…
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'We already switched seats" After a while the couple said "Oh you have the middle seat", i was confused because the wife was sitting at the aisle. And i said that was not the agreement and i want my seat back.

Entitled Couple Tricks Guy Into Trading for Worse Plane Seat, He Ends up With a Better Seat

If you needed proof that karma can act in instantaneous ways— this is it. There's nothing worse on this earth than someone who is willing to nefariously take advantage of other people's inclination toward goodwill in order to further themselves. These grifters have no conscience, stop at nothing, and are a parasite to society. Luckily, they also sometimes also are served the just desserts that their actions have wrought. When this traveler happened across a couple on his flight, they kindly req…
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Cut in front of me in the dinner queue? I hope you like ants... u/horatio_winklebottom 1 day ago A few years ago while travelling in India, I decided to try a ten day silent meditation retreat.

Monk Exacts Ant-Fueled Revenge on Queue Jumper

You can feel the zen of this meditation retreat washing over you. Let's face it: no one likes a queue jumper, and watching someone blatantly flaunt breaking this most rudimentary cornerstone of society is enough to boil the blood of even the calmest among us. There's just no excuse for such blatantly antisocial behavior, and you're pretty much going to deserve whatever is coming to you. It's like those entitled persons who, rather than waiting in the correct lane in rush hour traffic instead, d…
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funny stories ex girlfriend revenge ex reddit story petty revenge relationships girlfriend Reddit dating - 18283781

'I logged back into her account...': Dude devises ridiculously petty revenge, involves trolling ex's Netflix account

It's all Netflix and no chill over here. In a hilarious act of petty revenge, this dude decided to troll his ex's Netflix account in order to mildly inconvenience her life and exact a little revenge on her for cheating on him all those years ago. That might just be the most surprising thing about this post, it's not as if they broke up yesterday; the user writes that she dumped him “A few years back,” which means he has been holding onto this desire to get even for some time. We've probably all…
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Charging me for something extra that never existed? Fine, I'll pretend like it did | I was using a storage company to keep my stuff over the summer, and they already fudged up the first part of the delivery so I wasn't having high hopes for the time when I was supposed to get my stuff back.

Storage Facility Obstinately Charges Guy for Non-existent Box, so Guy Demands It Back

When facing an irrational opponent, it's impossible to beat them with rational thought —You need to meet them on the groundless battlefields of baseless reasoning. Anyone who has met an obstinately incorrect opponent has probably learned this lesson — there is no winning, so you must lose together. That's exactly what this Reddit user, u/pappagall0, faced when they became lodged in debate with a storage company over the existence of a mysterious eighth box that the storage company insisted on c…
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"My work demoted me to a blogger for a micromanaging sociopath, so I use an Al program [to] do all my writing for me."

'I use AI to do my job': Guy gets demoted, demotes his workplace and uses AI to complete his work

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you —at least in some situations. It doesn't take one long to come up with multiple instances where following this ethos to the letter would create some incredibly unfortunate situations. Well, when this guy was demoted and forced to work for a “micromanaging sociopath,” he decided to demote his workplace and automated his job with an AI; the work was still being done —but he didn't have to do it. Honestly, this still sounds like a win-win situation…
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Cut in front of me in the dinner queue? I hope you like ants…

Man Cuts the Line at Silent Retreat, Vengeful Person Attracts Swarm of Ants to Make Him Break Vow of Silence

With this act of petty revenge, true balance was restored.
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FAIL revenge proposal petty revenge petty wedding cheating reddit thread Reddit brothers - 18262277

Brother Proposes at Guy's Wedding, Guy Ruins Brother's Whole Relationship

Mess with the bull… Get the horns. There is little love lost between these two brothers —and absolutely NO chill. From a complicated childhood to an entirely hateful adulthood, these brothers have been at each other's throats. That's why when Reddit user u/Neither-Glove-4355 discovered that his brother “Todd” was planning to propose during his wedding, he made all attempts to put it to an end. When he brought it to their coddling parents' attention, he was met with inaction, resistance, and exc…
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Don't want to pay me for my work? Alright, I'll undo it!

'We won't give you anything more than $5': Delivery service tries to cheat driver out of agreed upon rate, cue malicious compliance

When will these companies ever learn?
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