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Property Owner Takes Shady Apartment Manager Down

When it became apparent that the property manager was taking advantage of his building's tenants and doing a generally poor job, this owner realized he needed to take them down. This thread was posted to Reddit 's r/ nuclearrevenge subreddit by Redditor u/Ranthrow607. This subreddit is a bit like the big brother or the r/ProRevenge and r/pettyrevenge subreddits. Only the most brutally devastating of revenge stories can be posted to this smaller sub. We've frequently addressed the issue of preda…
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Nuclear Revenge: Vengeful Scorned Woman Gets Revenge on Her Cheating-Thieving Ex, Resets All His Debt

This woman went to check the joint account she held with her boyfriend after catching him cheating the night before to her horror he had cleaned out the entire thing. To add insult to injury, essentially all of the money in the account was hers which made him not only a cheater but a thief too. This thread was posted to Reddit's r/ ProRevenge subreddit by user u/Revolutionary_Ant209 who shared the story of her absolutely brutal revenge . See, the thing was, her ex held a lot of debt. Debt recov…
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Greatest Hits: Boss Yells At Intern For Taking Personal Call, Sparks Mass Resignation

This boss laid into an intern when she took a call from her mother telling her that she needed to hurry to the vet to see her dying cat.
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Malicious Compliance: Receptionist Refuses to Help Patient in Person, So They Opt to Phone Her Instead

When this patient walked up to the receptionist to try and make an appointment they were told that appointments could be made over the phone only, so they whipped out their phone and called the doctor's office right in front of the receptionist. Bureaucracies are an inertant force and dealing with them can be like dredging sludge off the ocean floor. Their entire existence serves to slow penetration and discourage inquiries from advancing any further than they need to. In favor of the reception…
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DoorDash Employee Loses His Job After a Customer Claims She Didn’t Receive Her Chipotle

Hope that $10 burrito was worth it…
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Arrogant Boss Tries to Trick Worker Into Extending Notice Period, So He Walks Out Almost Naked

When this arrogant boss tried to trick this teen into extending their notice period and demanded they return their work uniform, the teen had put up with enough and walked out of the store in their boxers.
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Sergeant Major Ruins VIP Event With Stupid Demands

This military audio engineer was told by an outranking Sergeant Major that their help wasn't necessary for setting up a VIP ceremony. They did as they were told and "f-ed off" which led to the ceremony being a disaster.
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Employees Team Up to Get Abusive Boss Fired

When this terrible boss pushed their employees one step too far, they reached a breaking point. They put their heads together and decided that it was time to take him down. So, to the tune of a workplace version of "Goodbye Earl," they started putting a plan into motion.
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Predatory Landlord Screws Themselves With Their Own Lease

An error in the lease that they were strictly enforcing caused this landlord to lose out at their own game in this trending Reddit thread.
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Double Revenge: Worker Complains About Terrible Coworker to Mom, Mom Tells Them to Harden Up, They Orchestrate Them Working Together

Two birds with one stone.
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Under-Appreciated Machinist Walks Off the Job, Takes Vital Blueprints With Him, Leaves Company Nonfunctioning

A lesson in appreciating vital staff.
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Dingus Haggles For Discount On Motorcycle That's Less Than the Value of Included Replacement Parts, Has Immediate Regret

Selling something on Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, or any other free equivalent platform is incredibly easy… but dealing with people is incredibly hard.
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Teacher Quits on the Spot When Their Boss Tells Them "You Can Quit at Any Time"

This story of malicious compliance was posted to the r/maliciouscompliance subreddit by Redditor u/Public_Pressure_4516, who shared the story of their compliance. “I wish corporate and HR would look into why so many employees are leaving,” commented Proud_Positive_2998. "But we had the same thing where I worked and both hid their heads in the sand." “Sadly, it's become a fact of life that there will always be 'attrition rates',” replied Andravisia. “They just budget for it, rather than making a…
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Arrogant Douchenozzle Uncle Gets Served By The Waiter He Was Rude to

Be kind to your wait staff.
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Idiot "Disabled Spot Parker" Gets Vehicle Obliterated By Fire Truck

“There is nothing better than seeing a fire engine push cars around like nothing.” said SomethingEnglish in the top comment. “Seeing the look on the car owner's face when they are presented with the bill for the damage their cars caused the fire engines is a nice bonus, though.” replied Wells1632.
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Teacher Takes Down Terrible Principal After They Try to Get Teacher Wrongly Fired

This thread was posted to Reddit's r/prorevenge subreddit by a since-deleted user. It was posted to the popular sub with the title “My principal tried to get me fired so I got her fired from the district.” and earned 14.8k upvotes at the time of its posting. Commenters questioned the authenticity of the story
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