student appeals failing grade, gets justice against bad professor

Unfair Teacher Fails Half Of Class, Student Settles The Score

Gotta learn somehow.
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Game dev takes pro revenge on moody lawyer.

Game Dev Takes Pro Revenge On Rude Lawyer

Oh boy, to have seen that lawyer's face.
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Couple demands a refund on an absolutely terrible laser engraving.

Business Gives Couple Demonically Bad Laser Engraving, Couple Wants Refund, Business Gets Taken To Court

That engraving was legit cursed.
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An office lunch thief ends up getting defeated by a crafty pro revenge.

Office Lunch Thief Gets Undermined By Crafty Pro Revenge

That's how it's done.
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A taxi driver insists on being rude, so they end up getting locked out of their car.

Taxi Driver Insists On Being Rude, Righteous Lockout Ensues

Maybe he's still locked out to this day.
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IT manager makes employee's life miserable, so employee's coworker helps them take masterful petty revenge.

Manager Makes Employee's Life Miserable, Gets Auto-Insulted Hundreds Of Times A Day

A beautiful petty revenge.
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An informative Twitter thread shines light on the treasure finding bug in Skyrim video game.

Informative Twitter Thread On Treasure Hack In Skyrim

Thanks, we loved it.
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A customer gets mad over being given extra time, so they just end up getting less.

Customer Gets Mad Over Extra Time, So They End Up Getting Less

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A slumlord won't let a company out of a five year lease, so the building proceeds to get condemned.

Slumlord Won't Let Company Out Of 5 Year Lease, Gets Just Deserts

Always nice to see a shady slumlord get their rightful comeuppance.
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Karen lies to get out of an eviction, so landlord goes ahead and digs up terms of her old lease to get bigger payout.

Karen Gets Evicted, Lies About Her Eviction, Landlord Uses Old Lease To Win In Court

It's like Karen didn't even try.
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Girl gets moral revenge on her old High School teacher

Girl Gets Revenge On Teacher Who Told Her That She Would Never Succeed in the Best Way Possible

Girl gets moral revenge on her old High School teacher by being successful
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Karen ends up getting stuck in traffic, she road rages, and then a petty revenge ensues.

Karen Gets Caught In Traffic, Temper Tantrums, Petty Revenge Ensues

Karen's face must've been a work of haunting art.
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A Tumblr post about a petty revenge being taken on a raging Karen.

Employee Takes Petty Revenge On Raging Karen

Karen really brought it on herself.
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A boss gets fired unethically so then a pro revenge ensues.

Boss Gets Canned Unethically, Pro Revenge Ensues

That's what I'm talking about.
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A scary biker dude tries to cut in line at the gas station, and ends up getting ego checked hard.

"Scary" Biker Dude Tries To Cut In Line At Gas Station, Gets Reality Checked

Not today, bud.
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A habitual cheater of an ex tries to land their partner with the phone bill, and it ends up completely backfiring.

Habitual Cheater Ex Tries To Land Partner With Phone Bill, Petty Revenge Ensues

Serves them right.
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