person sends hundreds of faxes because they won't respond

Company Says They're Not Getting Documents, Recieves Hundreds

Gotta love horrible bureaucracy.
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An ex-boyfriend takes advantage of the lease, so he proceeds to get reported to the landlord.

Ex-Boyfriend Takes Advantage Of Lease, Proceeds To Get Reported To Landlord

Serves the dude right.
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Employee takes a pro revenge on their boss after getting fired for their boss's malfeasance.

Employee Gets Fired For Manager's Malfeasance, Uses Manager's Vices Against Him

That boss had it coming.
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An employee decides to offset their boss' micromanagement by shoving more on their plate.

Employee Bests Micromanaging Boss With Tactical Petty Revenge

A job well done.
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A nosy neighbor sets up some shady cameras, so a pro revenge ensues.

Nosy Neighbor Sets Up Shady Cameras, Pro Revenge Ensues

Serves that nosy neighbor right.
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Ex-wife demands 75% of a man's pay during a nasty divorce, he quits his job, and a petty revenge ensues.

Ex-Wife Demands 75% of Husband's Pay In Divorce, Nuclear Revenge Ensues

Fair to say he got the last laugh.
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A jerk customer learns the value of not cutting other people in line.

Jerk Cuts In Line, Customer Tinkers With Jerk's Bike For Petty Revenge

Should've played nice from the start.
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A tech savvy employee ends up taking a petty revenge on their cookie-stealing coworker.

Tech Savvy Employee Takes Revenge On Cookie-Stealing Coworker

The real cookie monster.
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Grandpa unleashes a wholesome revenge on some pranksters.

Grandpa Unleashes Wholesome Revenge On Pranksters

Way to go Gramps.
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A neighbor complains about parking, so a petty parking war revenge ensues.

Neighbor Complains About Parking, Parking War Revenge Ensues

Simply glorious.
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A food-stealing coworker ends up being terminated after eating extremely spicy food.

Food-Stealing Coworker Gets Terminated After Eating Extremely Spicy Food

Absolutely serves them right.
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Con man tries to con dad, so dad proceeds to ruin con man's business.

Con Man Tries To Con Dad, Dad Ruins Con Man's Business

Way to go dad.
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Man takes revenge on cheating wife who refused to stay faithful.

Man Falls In Love While In Military, Gets Married, Wife Cheats, Revenge Ensues

Cheaters never win.
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Band won't pay music producer, they get rightful comeuppance.

Band Won't Pay Music Producer, Band Gets Rightful Comeuppance

Best to pay those dues.
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friend hires friend as wedding photographer and is a jerk, gets all wedding photos deleted

Jerk Friend Hires Friend As Photographer, Gives Ultimatum, Loses

Where's the decency?
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Department manager hires a credit stealing friend, and a pro revenge ensues.

Department Manager Hires Credit Stealing Friend, Pro Revenge Ensues

That's how it is done.
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