Neighbors used my property as their own. Paid for new fence. | I recently bought a house and have been having some work done before I move in. It was empty on the market for about 6 or 8 months before I bought it.  One morning I got a call from my contractor, asking me about moving the cars in the driveway, and of course I had no idea what he was talking about. I hadn't moved in yet.

'Good riddance': Trashy neighbors refuse to stop using driveway, get towed, arrested, and fined

When this Redditor purchased a new house that had been sitting vacant for some time, they unwittingly placed themself in uncomfortably close proximity to trashy neighbors who refused to respect their property and space. They had apparently spread out like an amoeba into the empty lot and had been using the property as their own for some time. Despite repeated requests not to park their cars in the driveway that were blocking contractors from accessing the property, the family refused to comply.…
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I was told this belongs here. They got what they asked for lol | I had a trophy-wife-client who had a frozen yoghurt business paid for by her husband. They contacted me and asked me to design and build a new website for her business. I gave them a quote and they asked if they could pay in three instalments. After we all agreed to the terms, I had written approval and I received my 33% deposit, I got cracking.

'Here’s 33% of your website. You’re welcome': Client wants to pay developer 33% of agreed price, gets 33% of a website

In this world, you get what you pay for.
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Crappy Bosses  | "A few weeks go by, and when I come in one day, there are expensive boss cars parked all along the loading dock. My workmate says something big is going down. All the managers have been summoned"

'He's got a pay stub for about 15 paychecks': Manager takes down company that is shorting his workers on overtime

It's startling how many people out there are unaware of the legalities surrounding operating a business, both workers and owners alike. One tends to imagine, idealistically, that in order to run, operate, or manage a business you'd have to have some awareness of what the regulations and laws of employment are. Unfortunately, when you get out into the workforce, it soon becomes brutally clear that the managers and regional managers aren't actually being selected based on their business acumen, s…
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"All of my roommates knew that these sandwich bags in the fridge were my dog food.  One day, I come home, and my last 3 bags are gone. Like I didn’t misplace them. They were there this morning, gone. I had to make an emergency grocery run, and everybody denied eating it."

Weird Roommate Steals and Eats Dog Food, Gets Revenge With Petty Prank

Alright, just going to clear the elephant in the room here right off the bat. Why in the Hugh Heck-ner was this person eating their roommate's dog food? Like, you just see some mashed food shoved into little sandwich baggies, and your first thought to yourself is “Oh, gosh that looks positively succulent . I simply cannot wait to consume each and every one of these.” It's not uncommon these days for pet owners to prep their own food mixes from ‘human food’. We'd often make my dog his favorite a…
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"Corgi puppy runs over to her and the woman SHRIEKS and runs inside. Husband comes out later without puppy, and she cusses him out, screams at him, he tries to apologize, but she keeps screaming."

Karen Calls Animal Control on Corgi, Owner Sends Glitter Bomb, Karen Calls Cops

You don't know fear until you've stared down the feral fury of an untamed beast. That's the kind of fear this Karen experienced facing this truly fearsome corgi puppy. If you asked her, she would tell you that the experience was like encountering an enraged mother grizzly while hiking in the woods with a rack of barbecued ribs in your pack.
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“If you find that “job” take it! Goodbye!” - Okay, I will and take the department with me. |  So I decided to ask the question “How do you plan to retain talent when there are other companies offering 2x the money with half of the workload?” The CEO decided this question was hilarious and read it aloud laughing and responded “if you find that job (with finger quotes as if it wasn't real), you better take it, goodbye!”

CEO Laughs off Worker's Request for Raise and Tells Them To Find Another Job, They Do and Find Their Whole Department New Jobs Too

On this earth, it often seems like things happen for no reason, just a roving mess of random occurrences, happenstance tragedies, and chance meetings that have little to no meaning. Regardless of all the things that are happening out of our control, occasionally, with enough influence and intention, we can become the authors of our destinies and shape the path that lies before us. Ironically, that's exactly what this CEO was doing when they jokingly responded to a frustrated worker's question r…
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Call the police on my kid for watching a movie? No afternoon nap for you! | So I just read a story on here that reminded me of my dad’s personal petty revenge story.  I was around 10-12 when this happened.  Our old next door neighbour was a nosy, lazy SAHM. She liked to complain about almost everything.

Unreasonable Elderly Neighbor Phones Police Over Teen Movie Marathon, Has Her Nap-time Cancelled

There's nothing worse than a noisy neighbor, but there's also nothing worse than a nosy neighbor who has absolutely zero damn tolerance for people just trying to live out a normal, uneventful existence. There's no reason why a few teenagers watching a movie should result in a call to the police… Unless that movie is incessantly loud and extends into unreasonable hours through a shared wall or other close proximity living. That being said…With every passing year, I find myself becoming more and…
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Make my coworkers cry I will help karma turn your life upside down.

'I am not quite finished with him yet': Hotel employee gets massive revenge on entitled guest

This hotel employee concocted the most elaborate revenge plot on an awful, entitled guest!
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How I screwed over a racist, horrible, bigoted business owner and likely resulted in him going out of business faster.| This occurred in a southern state (I won't mention the state...cause, well, you'll see :))

'I'm charging him full rate': Account manager screws over bigoted client and runs them out of business

Some people don't deserve to be in business, unfortunately, these jerks' and bigots' ruthless business practices often make them more successful instead of causing them to fail. That is unless they're incredibly stupid or someone intervenes to put an end to them. Both of those things happened in this story as shared by an account manager, u/redditadmindumb87, to the r/prorevenge subreddit. In their story, they describe a terrible client of theirs who “was a royal PITA." He was racist and bigote…
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AITA for leaving my best friend and his friends stranded in an unfamiliar city?|I have a habit of leaving my keys on a hook next to the door to my bedroom in my camper. Remember this. Come nightfall, I went to take a phone call outside and ended up wandering around the grounds for over an hour. When I got back to the camper, the door was locked, and I was told by my best friend's older friend through the window that there wasn't enough room for me in MY trailer.

'Why would you do this?': Guy strands entitled friends after they lock him out of his own camper

After kindly offering to drive his best friend and co to a “Spartan race” in another state, this guy's services were kindly repaid when they locked him out of his own camper for the night. The reasoning given was somewhere along the lines of there not being enough room (which was told to him through a locked door that they refused to open.) The insanity of this knows no bounds. He was being denied access and the ability to stay in his own camper that he had towed there with his own truck. In wh…
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Pay Your Tattoo Artists. | "It takes several sessions across weeks. She repeatedly has to postpone payment, but he's chill, family friend, Yada Yada. Until it comes to the last session, when it slips that she still doesn't have the money, and more importantly, WON'T have the money. Like, ever."

'Right up her spine this idiot now has a massive veiny appendage': Tattoo artist gets revenge on client when they learn they have no intention of paying

This entitled ignorant idiot had no intention of paying for a massive tattoo that needed to be completed across multiple sessions. Each session, they had some excuse as to why they weren't able to pay, and this carried on until the last session. Just before the start of the last session, they accidentally let slip their intentions to skip without paying the bill, seeing the writing on the wall and their labor already lost… The artist decided to exact some incredibly suited revenge. I feel like…
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gay couple get revenge on homophobic neighbor by becoming their landlord and evicting them

'So I bought their home and I evicted them': Homophobic neighbor who constantly shouts slurs gets served serious karma from their gay neighbor

The gay couple waved a poetic goodbye on their new front porch as the homophobic now-ex-neighbors all of a sudden realized what had just happened to them: Karma.
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MaliciousCompliance | Don't Like it Leave | "The first thing she does is pull out a different set of numbers than we were originally given and agreed to.  All of a sudden there is a dealership fee for selling us a car at this time of year...  Nearly 1k for this nonsense."

'I laughed at her': Used car dealership tries to use shady practices and implement fees, surprised when client walks out

A used car dealership thought that they had out-of-state buyers trapped and used the opportunity to try and renege on terms and instate higher fees; they were shocked when the buyers got up and walked away from the deal. This couple had been searching for a used car after losing their previous one in an accident. They finally found one they wanted at a dealership 90 minutes away from their house. They took extra time and care to ensure they had the time to make this journey. Everything on their…
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PettyRevenge | Reddit | You want to steal my desert? How about a mouth full of ink to go with it?

Manager Turned Food-Thief Gets His Just Desserts When Stolen Snack Holds Inky Surprise

This snack didn't smile back when it was stolen from a worker's lunch. Instead, it unloosed its hidden fury in the form of an inky surprise. The trap was set by frustrated workers who were tired of losing their sweet treats out of their lunch to an unknown snack-stealing menace. The workers banded together and loaded up a whole lot of Hostess Ding-Dongs with an edible, but definitely not invisible, ink. The culprit turned out to be none other than the plant manager who got a great taste of his…
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pettyrevenge | "I placed 5 vehicles in my driveway." | My HOA will learn that I absolutely live by the letter of the law.

HOA Doesn't Want Dude Parking in His Own Driveway, Blocks Street Instead

We'll leave it for you to judge who is in the wrong here, but there ain't no way we're siding with the HOA. Even still, parking cars in front of your neighbor's house and blocking the street in the process is pretty damn entitled behavior… So we're finding it pretty hard to side with the poster either. It's probably the mounting jet lag and utter lack of sleep, but I'm having trouble agreeing with anyone today. Harassing your neighbor with your car collection and making it, so the street is com…
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customer support customer service pro revenge retail revenge customers rude - 17971461

Rude Hotel Guest Loses Job After It's Revealed He Works For the Company

You should probably treat your coworkers with a little respect, even if they work at a different location than they do.
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