25 retail memes and tweets | thumbnail grey background tweet "x Said "sorry for the wait" to customer today and she turned around and said "no you're not". you know what you're right"

Retail Memes To Waste Time On While Waiting In The Drive Thru Line

Retail goodness, and evil
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salesman malicious compliance retail phone sales Horrible Bosses - 16237061

Mobile Phone Salesman Catches Boss and Coworker Stealing and Taking Advantage of People With Intellectual Disabilities

"If you don't like the way we do things here, you can leave." ...OK
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frustrating wtf job annoying retail work Memes funny - 16233989

Retail Memes To Stay On Top Of The Struggle

What can we say about working retail that hasn't already been screamed into the face of someone making 12 dollars an hour. Sometimes it feels like your whole job is just to be a meat-sack for red-faced anger-dads and bob-cutted shoe urchins to scream at because your boss didn't order enough cardigans in “yo momma” size. Seriously, where do these douche-yachts get off. Here are some more retail memes and tweets to portray the struggle.
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customer service malicious compliance retail karen - 16199685

Enraged Karen Demands “Your Name” So She Can Report Customer Service Rep, He Does Exactly What She Asked

Write "YOUR NAME" here.
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funny memes about working retail jobs | ellesse @ellyellyelly_ *item won't scan* customer: guess 's free then ha ha ha my mind: GUesS iTz fr3E tH3N Ha!!hA! haAhH | Retail workers just trying survive Mariah Carey This isn't meme 's cry help "All Want Christmas is played every fifteen minutes

Retail Memes For The Customer-Weary

Retail is war.
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customer service frustrating wtf job annoying retail work - 15875077

Retail Memes That Are At Least Better Than Customers

It's a living.
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stupid manager tells unqualified employee to fix bottle deposit machine

Incompetent Manager Forces Unqualified Employee To Fix Machine, Breaks It More

That's some quality delegation.
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job work interesting morality security retail discussion - 15486725

Security Guard Comes In "Just On Time," Internet Weighs In

This one was a dispute.
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A collection of funny, relatable, and downright painful moments from the world of working retail.

Retail Memes And Tweets That Portray The Struggle

Entitled customers are the worst.
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An employee staying late on their last day leaves in the middle of a customer interaction

Employee on Last Day Leaves In Middle of Transaction

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employee lets kids run Pokémon league, kids get paid eventually

Negligent Employee Gives Pokémon League Duties to Random Kid, Kid Gets Back Pay

What a time to be alive.
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Customer won't leave without their Wii, and then a security guard shows them otherwise. | r/TalesFromRetail Join u/Presspanda 3y not leaving here without Wii Yes are. Long r/ALL 's been over decade sinceI worked retail but reading this sub lately has brought back so many memories and thought would start share worked store selling dvds, cds, games, vinyl and bunch other entertainment related stuff. This story took place day after launch Nintendo Wii. Our store had guaranteed if had pre-ordered

Customer Won't Leave Without Wii, Security Guard Says Otherwise

Peace, my dude.
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Horrible Karen mistakes random person for employee | r/IDontWorkHerelLady Posted by ComedianXMI Karen vs Retail Veteran Someone my friend group keyed on this lovely sub after they had good laugh at some my stories. Over years grown loathe people who treat retail employees like garbage, and go out my way make fool them. So share one story now

Karen Mistakes Nametagged Dude for Employee, He Rolls With It

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funny and relatable memes about work | clock at 9, work 7 hours then realize 's only 9:30 Michael Jackson crying in front of an office computer

Work Memes to Blow Off Some Work Steams

The customer is wrong and dumb.
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Well dressed customer gets abusive customer out of store

Dude Impersonates Store Manager and Boots Horrible Customer

Now that's classy.
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Various tweets and memes that capture the experience of working retail | ABAKER @a_bakee Waiting day emojis are on POS systems at restaurants. So guest is being annoying can put "O on ticket.

Relatable Memes And Tweets About Working Retail

The struggle is real.
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