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Watch This Woman Go On a Crazy Racist Rant In a Clip From Retail Hell Itself

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What Did You Do to Deserve This?

black friday What Did You Do to Deserve This?
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If You're a CEO of a Retail Chain and Want to Do a Reddit AMA, Learn From REI's Mistakes

fail CEO of REI does a reddit AMA and past employees shed light on truth of working there
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Can We Get a Price Check on the Potatocam?

monday thru friday retail potato camera g rated - 8433448704
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Clothing Never Fits You as Well as it Fits the Mannequin

clothes monday thru friday mannequin shopping retail poorly dressed - 8256517120
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What a Bargain

monday thru friday sports price retail - 8271558400
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Conquering the World, One Square Foot of Insulation at a Time

cashier home depot receipt retail - 5259271936

Maximize the Humor in Your Displays

monday thru friday sports retail nike - 8244453632
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This Employee Does What He Wants

monday thru friday retail price tag - 8300933376
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What is this Math Sorcery?

change customers math rage comic retail wizardry wrong - 5352743168
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Have Some Fun With Your Christmas Displays

display monday thru friday christmas retail deer - 8403291392
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For When You Inevitably Lose One in the Laundry

monday thru friday sign poorly dressed retail sale - 8406071552
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Where Should I Put the Dustpan Display?

monday thru friday retail grocery store g rated - 8258649088
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I Don't Want to Serve You, Customers

customer service hiding retail - 4098093056
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What a Deal

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If We Had, We Wouldn't Be Here...

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