Karen gets called a Karen by everyone after stupid restaurant complaint

Karen Furious For Not Being Seated At Closing Time, Entire Community Rallies Against Her

No sympathy, zero tolerance. Perfection.
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restaurant memes

Restaurant Work Memes To Serve Up To Ungrateful Customers

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A restaurant fails to account for a customer's food allergy, so the customer doesn't pay for the burger.

Restaurant Fails To Account For Customer's Food Allergy, Customer Doesn't Pay For Burger

Bit of a liability.
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entitled restaurant wife impersonates husband to fire employee after not getting free food

Wife Thinks Husband Is Restaurant Manager, Demands Free Meals, Fires Employee

That's not how that works.
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picky eater orders burger to hibachi restaurant

Picky Eater Orders Fast Food To Hibachi Restaurant, Internet Weighs In

It's always something.
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A restaurant messes up a woman's meal twice, so she sends it back both times, then her friends guilt trip her.

Restaurant Messes Up Woman's Meal Twice, She Sends It Back, Gets Guilt Tripped

She wasn't left with any other choice.
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An entitled customer shows up when the restaurant's already closed, and then proceeds to leave a bad review.

Entitled Customer Shows Up When Restaurant's Closed, Leaves Nasty Review

Hopefully they're done leaving dumb reviews.
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guy demands spicy food and doesn't get it

Dude Sends Non-Spicy Food Back 4 Times, Asks Internet If He's In The Wrong

We demand the spicy.
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Boss punishes waitress for being ill, so she proceeds to walk out on the job.

Boss Punishes Waitress For Being Ill, She Walks Out On Job, Coworkers Get Upset

Seems completely reasonable.
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mother in law eats expensive meal and makes parents pay for it, so kids stop paying her rent

Mother-In-Law Racks Up Insane Dinner Bill, Gets Cut Off Financially

It's always the in-laws.
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Server snaps on table that fails to tip properly for a massive bill.

Server Snaps On Customers That Fail To Tip Properly For Massive Bill

They all but ordered that reality check off the menu.
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Servers that have waited on celebs describe their experiences.

Servers That Have Waited On Celebs Share Their Experiences

Of course Jason Segel and Paul Rudd are cool.
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owner response to customer's lying poor review

Entitled Customer Leaves Lying Review, Owner Stands Up For Staff, Bans Him

There's a boss.
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Karen leaves bad review gets response

Restaurant Owner Exposes Karen's Lies With Their Own Story

Oh, Karen.
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guy gets in fight because girlfriend wants to call restaurant over extra curry

Girlfriend Pushes Moral Prerogative Of Calling Restaurant Over Extra Curry, Guy Flips Out

Morality is a process.
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A Karen customer orders an extra sauced pizza, pitches fit, and then ends up getting a pizza soup.

Karen Customer Orders Extra Sauced Pizza, Pitches Fit, Gets Pizza Soup

Dinner is served, Karen.
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