twitter thread about helping a manager who's involved in an affair with a married woman

Twitter Thread: The Saga Of Covering For The Adulterous Manager

Was that in the job description?
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A restaurant fails to be accommodating when presented with customer's food allergies.

Customer Has Severe Food Allergies, Restaurant Fails To Be Accommodating, Customer Leaves 1-Star Review

The restaurant definitely could've handled this one better.
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A chef modifies a dish to account for a customer's food allergy, and goes onto learn the dish was served to incorrect customer.

Chef Modifies Dish To Account For Food Allergy, Customer Gets Mad Over Confusion

This one really might fall on the server.
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text exchange about wholesome dirt restaurant story

Wholesome Girls Become Proprietors of Dirt Restaurant

"Ah yes, I'll have the sand-wich"
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funny story of special wing sauce for people who want hotter sauce

Restaurant Owner Has Special Wing Sauce Just For The Complainers

Ask and receive.
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A malicious compliance story about an entitled customer who demanded salt-free burger.

Entitled Customer Demands Salt-Free Burger, Gets What He Asked For

There was no winning with this dude.
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Waiters and waitresses describe overheards they had while working, that they felt they shouldn't have heard | reddit posted by jacobr1020 eating at restaurant one day and boyfriend proposed his girlfriend very sweet, not attention-seeking at all, and seemed very genuine. She started crying and said yes. He grinned and said April Fool She PISSED!

Waiters/Waitresses/Baristas Share Their Unexpected Overheards

Sometimes you hear something you feel like you shouldn't have.
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Some petty nagging between coworkers ends up evolving into a genuine friendship.

Petty Nagging Between Coworkers Evolves Into Friendship

They were just joshing each other.
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A server says that their restaurant with a fully stocked bar doesn't have cocktails, so the customer finds a clever workaround.

Server Says Restaurant With Full Bar Doesn't Have Cocktails, Customer Finds Workaround

Well played, indeed.
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food served in strange objects and ridiculous ways

Absurd Times Restaurants Served Food In Absolutely Anything

Want a burger served in a bedpan?
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A collection of responses from pro chefs that reveal their favorite ingredients to cook with.

Pro Chefs Reveal Their Favorite Ingredients

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Bar owner addresses an angry and lying customer's review with facts | Pensacola, Florida Never again went Token based on friend's recommendation because love arcade games. Wow were so disappointed employees were beyond rude service horrible. Everything behind bar looked so dirty glasses looked like they had not been cleaned weeks. My husband attempted play several machines, but they were broken. No one who worked there seemed care at all. Is there job act

Bar Owner Handles Lying Customer's Review With Facts

Customer got 86'ed.
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Customer decides to not tip their waitress because they learned their waitress won the lottery.

Customer Doesn't Tip Waitress Because Waitress Won The Lottery

Plain old completely not cool.
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angry customer gets scolded by owner of restaurant after leaving bad review

Disrespectful Customer Gets Toasted By Owner's Response

Good ol' customers.
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gordon ramsay cringe restaurant ridiculous food Video - 106868993

Belly Dancing Owner Stuns Gordon Ramsay

The man with all the words is left speechless.
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Rude customers get called out for being rude to a hard working employee.

Rude Customers Get Called Out For Being Entitled And Impatient

Kevin and Chad asked for it.
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