'Karen' Accuses Hibachi Chef Of Being Racist When He Said 'Kobe' After Landing A Good Throw| thumbnail text - kobe, you have to bring a black man into this?

'Karen' Accuses Hibachi Chef Of Being Racist After He Said 'Kobe' While Landing A Good Toss

Karen's are unstoppable
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funny service industry memes

Service Industry Memes To Get The Most Out Of Working For Ungrateful People

Is it really living?
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manager makes mistakes, dishwasher quits and restaurant has to close because dishes pile up

Manager Pushes Their Mistake Onto Dishwasher, Staff Quits, Restaurant Has To Close

A tale as old as employment.
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A spicy customer demands that a restaurant cut their burrito in half, and the restaurant does just that.

Customer Asks Restaurant To Cut Burrito In Half, Restaurant Maliciously Complies

Serves that dude right.
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Waitress Shares Viral Stories of Insane Serving Experiences While Working in a Restaurant

Waitress Shares Viral Stories of the Most Insane Serving Experiences While Working in a Restaurant

From having to stop customers from doing drugs at the table, to threatening to fight a teenager who stole her tip—it gets real on this TikTok account.
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funny signs from pizza places

Funny Pizza Place Signs That Were Sufficiently Saucy And Cheesy

It's dinner and a show.
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twitter restaurant roast funny tweets dining - 15947013

Writer Roasts Michelin Star Restaurant On Twitter, Delusional Chef Responds With Ridiculous Argument About Horses

What an avant garde a-hole.
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customer demands his meal weighed and gets less meat

Customer Demands Kilo of Meat To Be Weighed, Gets Less Meat

He flew too close to the sun.
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customer service waiter customers restaurant lol service story entitled funny karen service industry - 16178181

Entitled Karen Won't Listen To Staff About Rain, Gets Reckoning

The thing about working in the service industry is that customers seem to think they simply know better than you. It doesn't matter if the sky is getting dark or everyone else leaves the patio like rats scuttling from a sinking ship. There's a type of person who just can't be bothered by someone who they think is “below them.” And just such a thing happened here, to the satisfaction of this employee. For another run-in with Karen, here's the useless ex-manager who tried to get an ex employee to…
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A restaurant owner decides to call out a woman's series of nasty, dishonest reviews.

Restaurant Owner Calls Out Woman's Dishonest Reviews

Bianca got served up some sweet justice.
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wife upset husband went to restaurant with a friend on his birthday

Wife Ditches Husband's Birthday, Gets Upset That He Still Had A Nice Birthday

Oh boy.
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A rude customer gives a waiter a hard time, and then the waiter returns the favor.

Smug Customer Gives Waiter Hard Time, Waiter Returns The Favor

Beautiful work, really.
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restaurant work memes

Restaurant Industry Memes To Help Deal With The Heat

'Tis the seasoning.
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Family pitches a whole fit about the pizza being too saucy, and then they get served a humbling lesson.

Family Complains About Pizza Sauce, Get Served Humble Pie

Beautifully carried out.
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restaurant manager fires employees for hair so the whole staff walks out

Tyrant Manager Fires Employees Over Hair, Whole Staff Quits

That's some solidarity.
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whoops FAIL server tray garbage oops restaurant lol mistake funny - 107619329

Server Gracefully And Effortlessly Tips Entire Tray Of Food Into Garbage

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