funny unfair singling out | MEN WORKING EXCEPT JOHN GUY DOES NOTHING | small smart car on top of a pile of snow in an otherwise clear parking lot

Funny Times People and Things Got Singled Out Unfairly

Sometimes the universe just has it out for something.
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A Tumblr post about how relationships evolve over time

Tumblr Post: A Different Take On How Relationships Evolve Over Time

Love ain't all sunshine and rainbows.
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A collection of times that expectations didn't line up with reality.

Times Expectations Didn't Line Up With Reality

Better luck next time.
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A collection of basic skills that people are completely terrible at.

Basic Skills People Are Completely Terrible At

We all have our weak spots.
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A collection of the most common mistakes that people make during relationships.

Most Common Mistakes People Make In Relationships

Wise to avoid these.
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A collection of funny insights from various programmers. | Omonbude Emmanuel @BUDESCODE replace programmers with Robots, clients will have accurately describe they want safe.

Programmer Humor For The World's Tech Wizards

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A collection of weird sightings from people on subways | scary goat man with horns and red glowing eyes sitting on a subway | pigeon riding the subway

Strange And Cursed Moments On The Subway

That pigeon was enjoying the ride.
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funny and relatable work memes | My favorite part Star Wars Darth Vader lost his cool during staff meeting and started choking co-worker.

Work Memes for the Hustle as Well as the Bustle

Jobs can be a mixed bag.
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People who sang on Kidz Bop share their experiences. | MengTheBarbarian 1y 3 1 Award used lie on my Tinder profile and say celebrity got matched up and they asked celebrity. l'd make them guess where they know and then l'd reveal Kidz Bop got unmatched lot.

People Who Sang On Kidz Bop Share Their Experiences

All aboard the nostalgia train.
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A quick list of nostalgic memes to bring you back. | Kids these days will never know ultimate thumb destroyer GameofLoans DURACELL 100% DURACELL POWERCHECKTM

Nostalgic Memes From The Olden Golden Days

A little blast from the past.
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A collection of relatable and humorous marriage tweets. | Josh @iwearaonesie Follow wife forgot turn TV off last night [flashback leaving on so dog could finish watching Air Bud No didn't 4:15 PM 25 Jul 2016 6 17 622 V 1,252

Relatable, Hilarious, And Totally Random Marriage Tweets

Marriage ain't for everyone.
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features of poor people's homes that rich people wouldn't understand | ckuiper 20 hours ago 2 e 32 8 2 More Sauce Packet DrawerTM! Got extra ketchup packets, Taco Bell hot sauce packets, soy sauce packets, etc? Toss them Sauce Packet Drawer

Features of Homes that Rich People Wouldn't Understand

That brings back memories.
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small things that annoy people | Rly_grinds_my_beans 30.3k points 1 day ago 6 4 3 3 2 8 2 microwave keeps beeping even after opened door get food out. Like know 's done s why opening don't need keep screaming at thanks

Inconsequential Things People Hate With A Passion

It is intolerable.
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A collection of the funniest toddler breakdowns that parents witnessed. | Fluffyfluffycake 2d 1 Award My boy cried after stuffing his sandwich VHS recorder (early 90s there no movie about sandwiches. Reply 977

Funniest Toddler Breakdowns That Parents Witnessed

Good old sandwich movies.
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A collection of dumb questions that introverts somehow end up getting asked | tweet by AprilLloyd90 Them phone is ringing don't recognise number, and am not expecting call Them So why don't answer and find out StupidQuestionsForlntroverts

Painfully Dumb Questions That Introverts Are Asked

Enough with the dumb questions!
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A collection of funny tweets | tweet by notthenanny Current Status: Helping my kid look her Milky Way bar ate couple hours ago

A Collection Of Slightly Entertaining Tweets

Nothing like some good humored tweets to fuel your afternoon grind.
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