A collection of funny tweets | tweet by notthenanny Current Status: Helping my kid look her Milky Way bar ate couple hours ago

A Collection Of Slightly Entertaining Tweets

Nothing like some good humored tweets to fuel your afternoon grind.
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A collection of times that people humbled themselves by lacking intelligence. | Poempoem678 tried getting out car with my seatbelt on yesterday.

Times People Realized They Weren't Brainiacs

It'll be okay.
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A poetic Tumblr rant calls out society's marriage standards. | claryfairhild Follow so done with way girls twenties are treated so done with people who literally create timetable us. 20- 24 find guy, 24-26 make him propose 27-29 get married so done do not want get 2 .m texts my best friend who is freaking out she is gonna die alone do not want see my 20 years old friend wasting her time on some guys who are not even interested her do not want see us falling every nice guy who does not look creep

Tumblr Rant Calls Out Marriage Standards

Poetic and on point.
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A Twitter thread about various hilarious bits in relationships | livebloggingmydescentintomadness Follow Sophia Benoit @1followernodad Literally nothing on earth is better than repeatedly doing bit partner doesn't like 10:51 PM 26 Jun 20 Twitter iPhone Brona C. Titley @bronactitley 13h Replying 1followernodad Whenever my wife mentions being gay scream GAY at her, as if just learnt first time 14 t7 91 3,947 Rich James @richjamo 20h Replying 1followernodad Whenever my wife comes into room working

Twitter Thread: Hilariously Dumb Bits Between Partners

This thread's gold.
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A collection of tweets that encapsulate adulthood. | Swishergirl @Swishergirl24 Welcome adulthood. Hope enjoy panic attacks.

Tweets About The Emotional Rollercoaster Of Adulthood

Oh, to be young again.
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A quick Tumblr post about the ridiculous things that high schoolers say | WR writtenrain Follow Shit l've Heard High Schoolers Say Why stop at capitalism? Destroy everything. Guys 's been three weeks since l've eaten vegetable At least have memes dull pain existence An AP student: Oh my god thought seven less than six

Quick Tumblr Post On Ridiculous High Schooler Sayings

Those high schoolers say the darnedest things.
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A collection of dumb things people did that made them question their own intelligence | pollypostmormon 2y sitting traffic, and noticed all other lanes were moving while mine hadn't budged an inch craned my neck trying see hold up and finally figured out wasn't lane at all, but had been patiently waiting behind line parked cars.

Times People Questioned Their Own Intelligence

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A Tumblr thread about ask culture vs guess culture | mefitours-blog-blog Ask Culture and Guess Culture "One my wife's distant friends has attempted invite herself stay with us, again writes exasperated owner prime 2 bedroom apartment New York City this Ask MetaFilter question She did this last March, and used excuse starting new job and needing do x, y, and z as well as out town" excuse any remaining dates. This got us off scot-free, but both knew time would come again and 's here need final

Tumblr Thread: Ask Culture Vs. Guess Culture

No means no.
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People's best and worst roommates of all time | MilesDavis_mynigga My roommate eats all my Nutella.

People's Best And Absolute Worst Roommates

Don't steal people's food, come on.
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cracked video about the phenomena of finding porn magazines in the woods | buy a stack of playboys wander the woods and forests of this great country drop them for children to find

The Secret Rite Of Passage Only Known To People Born Before 1990

What a ride.
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Various traditions that are normal to one country, but weird to the rest of the world | JimBobBoBubba 2y Sending kids out play 20° weather. F or C. 990

Traditions That Are Weird To The Rest Of The World

Traditions are strange.
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People describe the things that annoy them the most | AV8ORboi 21h ice lemonade melts and drink tastes slightly diluted

Things That Annoy People The Most

Just don't interrupt people.
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People describe the dumbest things that they've ever done | Hambushed Forgot my own phone number while leaving my client voicemail. This yesterday.

Dumbest Things People Have Ever Done

Sometimes our brains need a lunch break.
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funny work memes | got deep rage burning inside but got act nice because at work cat smiling awkwardly

Work Memes to Hide from the Boss

"No, I am scrolling through emails."
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A collection of humbling times that people doubted their own intelligence | voice_of_craisin 23h Hey, have seen my glasses Her Did check fridge And there they are just like 100 other times can't find my glasses. Why do put them fridge?

Humbling Times People Doubted Their Intelligence

We all have our moments.
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relatable inconveniences that can ruin a day | Ya--Like--Jazz 8.4k points 12 hours ago My dryer not drying my clothes all way before work winter.

Small Things That Can Ruin a Day

Some inconveniences take on a life of their own.
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