A quick and entertaining Tumblr post about the theatrical storytelling perspective.

Quick Tumblr Post On The Theatrical Storytelling Perspective

The world would be an especially dark place without movies.
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People describe times that they ended up seeing the butterfly effect in real life.

Real Life Examples Of Butterfly Effect In Action

Life is quite trippy.
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People describe the dumbest ways that they ended up ruining their electronic devices.

Stupidest Ways People Destroyed Their Electronic Devices

So much regret.
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People describe the inside jokes that they tell to troll their partners.

Inside Jokes People Tell To Troll Their Partners

Ah yes, the good old inside joke.
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People divulge all the guy tips that every dude should have in their back pocket.

Guy Tips Every Dude Should Have In Their Arsenal

Knowledge is power, my dudes.
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Man describes 10 things that he learned from 20 years of marriage.

Man Shares 10 Things He Learned From 20 Years Of Marriage

Marriage can sure teach you a lot.
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People that failed at their dream jobs describe how they made their comebacks.

AskReddit Thread: People's Comebacks After Failing At Their Dream Jobs

All hope isn't necessarily lost.
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An entertaining Twitter thread that includes people revealing the lies they tell to get out of awkward work situations.

Twitter Thread: Lies People Tell To Bail Out Of Awkward Work Situations

Bonus points for the creativity.
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An emotional Tumblr thread about how love can flicker out over time.

Tumblr User Poetically Breaks Down Fear Of Love Flickering Out Over Time

Love's a tricky thing.
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A collection of shameless reasons that people still find themselves single.

Twitter Thread: Shameless Reasons People Are Still Single

Could definitely be received the wrong way.
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legal things people are addicted to

Totally Legal Things People are Addicted To

Guilty as charged.
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People describe the movie plot holes that still bother them to this day.

Movie Plot Holes That Haunt People To This Day

Plot holes are the bane of our existence.
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People describe various adult problems that they definitely weren't ready for.

Adult Problems That People Definitely Weren't Ready For

Adulting can be quite the challenge.
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A powerful Twitter thread about a mom's parenting approach for setting personal boundaries | Erynn Brook @ErynnBrook want tell story about my mum taught allowed leave an uncomfortable situation.

Twitter Thread: The Power Of Setting Personal Boundaries

An awesome mom indeed.
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A collection of things that people get hypocritically irritated over.

Things People Get Hypocritically Irritated Over

We can all be hypocrites.
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A collection of people's most surprising "small world" moments.

People's Wildest Small World Moments

Life's always surprising us.
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