A collection of shameless reasons that people still find themselves single.

Twitter Thread: Shameless Reasons People Are Still Single

Could definitely be received the wrong way.
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legal things people are addicted to

Totally Legal Things People are Addicted To

Guilty as charged.
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People describe the movie plot holes that still bother them to this day.

Movie Plot Holes That Haunt People To This Day

Plot holes are the bane of our existence.
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People describe various adult problems that they definitely weren't ready for.

Adult Problems That People Definitely Weren't Ready For

Adulting can be quite the challenge.
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A powerful Twitter thread about a mom's parenting approach for setting personal boundaries | Erynn Brook @ErynnBrook want tell story about my mum taught allowed leave an uncomfortable situation.

Twitter Thread: The Power Of Setting Personal Boundaries

An awesome mom indeed.
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A collection of things that people get hypocritically irritated over.

Things People Get Hypocritically Irritated Over

We can all be hypocrites.
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A collection of people's most surprising "small world" moments.

People's Wildest Small World Moments

Life's always surprising us.
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funny unfair singling out | MEN WORKING EXCEPT JOHN GUY DOES NOTHING | small smart car on top of a pile of snow in an otherwise clear parking lot

Funny Times People and Things Got Singled Out Unfairly

Sometimes the universe just has it out for something.
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A Tumblr post about how relationships evolve over time

Tumblr Post: A Different Take On How Relationships Evolve Over Time

Love ain't all sunshine and rainbows.
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A collection of times that expectations didn't line up with reality.

Times Expectations Didn't Line Up With Reality

Better luck next time.
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A collection of basic skills that people are completely terrible at.

Basic Skills People Are Completely Terrible At

We all have our weak spots.
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A collection of the most common mistakes that people make during relationships.

Most Common Mistakes People Make In Relationships

Wise to avoid these.
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A collection of funny insights from various programmers. | Omonbude Emmanuel @BUDESCODE replace programmers with Robots, clients will have accurately describe they want safe.

Programmer Humor For The World's Tech Wizards

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A collection of weird sightings from people on subways | scary goat man with horns and red glowing eyes sitting on a subway | pigeon riding the subway

Strange And Cursed Moments On The Subway

That pigeon was enjoying the ride.
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funny and relatable work memes | My favorite part Star Wars Darth Vader lost his cool during staff meeting and started choking co-worker.

Work Memes for the Hustle as Well as the Bustle

Jobs can be a mixed bag.
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Americans describe their biggest culture shocks when visiting Europe. | Witness-Worldly 5h Trains glorious, glorious trains.

Americans' Biggest Culture Shocks When Visiting Europe

All those glorious trains.
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