A collection of highly entertaining parenting memes.

Parenting Memes For The World's Sleep-Deprived Parents

Parenting's quite the emotional rollercoaster.
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People describe the exaggerated warnings that they received when younger that seem terribly blown out of proportion.

Exaggerated Warnings People Got When They Were Younger

Poor guidance to say the least.
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Man goes on passionate Twitter rant about what his experience is like living with ADHD.

Twitter Thread: Man Details His Experience Living With ADHD

He didn't hold back.
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A funny Tumblr post about how people's brains get awfully silly around cute animals.

Tumblr Thread: People's Brains Go Nuts Around Pets

It's the strangest thing.
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Men describe the various ways that they simply refuse to grow up.

Men Describe The Ways That They Refuse To Grow Up

Growing up gets old after a while.
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Man shares meaningful Twitter thread about his struggle with getting windows fixed.

Man Shares Vulnerable Thread About Struggles With Mental Health

Spoken from the heart.
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An encouraging Tumblr thread on the importance of embracing the lazy lifestyle.

Inspirational Tumblr Thread On Embracing The Lazy Life

Actual inspiration to take it easy.
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People describe various red flags that folks are terrible with their money.

Red Flags That People Are Terrible With Their Money

Managing finances is harder for some than others.
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A collection of completely normal words that annoy people to no end.

Completely Normal Words That Annoy People To No End

Some words grind the gears like none other.
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A Tumblr post about a petty revenge being taken on a raging Karen.

Employee Takes Petty Revenge On Raging Karen

Karen really brought it on herself.
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funny memes about elder scrolls video games

Elder Scrolls Memes That Are As Tamriel As It Gets

Time for another kind of scrolling.
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A collection of mildly infuriating images that can grind people's gears like none other.

Mildly Infuriating Images That Grind All The Gears

Enough is enough, seriously.
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People describe major loopholes that they were able to exploit successfully.

Massive Loopholes People Managed To Exploit Successfully

Life has many helpful loopholes.
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People describe the gross food and drinks that don't get bashed enough.

Terrible Food And Drinks That People Don't Hate Enough

Cursed foods galore.
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People describe things that they pronounced incorrectly for years without ever realizing it.

People's Most Ridiculous Cases Of Incorrect Pronunciations

We've all been there.
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customer service relatable McDonald's ridiculous food fast food Video - 2578438

McDonald's Customer Asks For Fresh Fries, TikToker Shows How It's Handled

Maybe a microwave next time around.
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