A British millennial's rant about how much the economy has changed | MILLENNIAL RANT, BE WARNED 1982 average weekly wage 157 With average rent being £11.50 Rent vs income 7.32% Today, average weekly wage £504 With average rent being £868 Rent vs income 43% This being mostly down destruction social housing 1980s and ever increasing private housing sector. But 's not my gripe today (which its self is infuriating My issue is average price is standard 2 bed flat increases hugely if want another

A Millennial's Rant About State Of The World

Man, it's bleak.
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People describe the random things that they were paranoid about as children | ta_2_usd 18h My grandma told dragonflies would sew my mouth shut so yeah, dragonflies Reply 129

Random Things People Were Paranoid About As Kids

Yay, people can't in fact read your thoughts.
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A collection of things that got way harder as people got older reddit thread | Rockettokojiro monkey bars

Things That Got Way Harder With Age

Literal growing pains.
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A funny Tumblr thread on various recipes from around the world | french recipes: if not making this paris then 's point. fuck italian recipes: use left leg meat pig one three farms this specific area tuscany, or this day my grandmother will begin manifesting physically house thirdtimecharmed american recipes: buy these three cans stuff and put them pan congrats cooked

Tumblr Thread: Recipes From Around The World

Apparently, these are on point.
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People describe things that smell good, but taste terrible | duchy4112 5h Candles Reply 626

Things That Smell Good But Taste Bad

Don't eat the candle.
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A collection of funny tweets from Twitter's funniest dad | James Breakwell @XplodingUnicorn so out just asked my dog hand something be fair, he gave same blank stare my kids would have.

Comedy Gems From Twitter's Funniest Dad

Raising kids changes you.
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funny and relatable memes about work | clock at 9, work 7 hours then realize 's only 9:30 Michael Jackson crying in front of an office computer

Work Memes to Blow Off Some Work Steams

The customer is wrong and dumb.
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A powerful Twitter thread breaks down what it's like to live with ADHD | Jana O'Connor @sayitslp Thread NeurodiverseSquad no one has ever explained #ADHD or #executivedysfunction quite like Sarah Ward swardtherapy and need share awesome speech therapist with an 8yo son with ADHD background.

Twitter Thread: Living With ADHD

An enlightening thread, for sure.
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A shopping cart theory works to determine whether a person is good or bad | 4chan thread Anonymous Shopping Cart Theory shopping cart is ultimate litmus test whether person is capable self-governing return shopping cart is an easy, convenient task and one which all recognize as correct, appropriate thing do.

Shopping Cart Theory Determines State Of Person's Morals

It isn't wrong.
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A Twitter thread about the brain's reaction to long term stress situations | Alexis Rockley @alexisrockley Let be clear thread Those "all over place" feelings been having? They are symptoms stress, NOT personal failures yours.

Twitter Thread: The Brain's Response To Long Term Stress

These are tumultuous times.
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A collection of funny dad jokes from dads on Twitter | Zack @Mr_Kapowski [kid's party Can leave? These things take forever Wife harsh whisper* Shut mouth. Watch our daughter open her presents

Dad Jokes That Went Full Dad Joke

Dad jokes are true gems.
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People describe the laziest things that they've ever done | stickyWithWhiskey 18h 2 Awards once put instructions go right side house and deliver pizza first window (my bedroom didn't feel like walking front house get my pizza. Driver obliged, and got very nice tip.

People's Laziest Moments

We've all been there.
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A Twitter thread captures the mounting frustration of trying to email the landlord | CALEB HEARON @calebsaysthings first email landlord hey dave l'm sure busy and hate be bother but noticed third email landlord Mr. Whittington- trust familiar with all local, state, and federal ordinances regarding rights and expectations tenants pursuant

Twitter Thread: The Escalating Stress Of Emailing The Landlord

Ungodly levels of frustration.
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People describe the movies that they would delete from reality | wretchedholiday 4h 4 Awards live action avatar last air bender Reply 10.0k

AskReddit Thread: Movies People Would Delete From Reality

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Twitter user breaks down the grieving process | Lauren Herschel @LaurenHerschel So grief is like this: There's box with ball And pain button. And no am not known my art skills BALL AND BOX BALL PAIN BUTTON

Twitter Thread: Grief Explained

Completely nailed it.
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Twitter thread calls out people that don't move on after breakups | Rev Rell Follow @awkward_duck My homeboy, who love pieces, had great gf but he kept messing up. Like big time. Finally she called quits. He told her he gonna take time become better person she agreed they could reconcile later if he really worked on himself.

Twitter Thread: Man Gets Reality Check After Breakup

This guy's lesson can be applied to many folks.
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