Problems of skinny people

Unconventional Problems Skinny People Have

Wouldn't have thought of that one.
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A collection of funny, relatable, and downright painful moments from the world of working retail.

Retail Memes And Tweets That Portray The Struggle

Entitled customers are the worst.
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funny, relatable and sad work memes and jokes

Exhaustingly Relatable Memes and Jokes About Work

Just about sums it up.
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phrases that people can't stand

Phrases That People Absolutely Can't Stand

Get outta here with that nonsense.
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People describe their favorite ways to escape reality.

People's Favorite Ways To Escape Reality

These might come in handy at some point.
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A funny Tumblr post about the importance of leaning on professionals for home repairs.

Tumblr Thread: Millennials And Boomers Clash Over Home Repairs

Always wise to phone in the pros.
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A collection of funny and entertaining programmer memes.

Painfully Relatable Programmer Memes That Struck The Rage Key

They speak to the frustrated soul of a programmer.
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A funny Tumblr thread about how humans are actually terrible at reading flirty signals.

Humans Fail Miserably At Identifying Flirting

The struggle is real.
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Real jump scares that happen to people in everyday life.

Real Jump Scares That Happen In Everyday Life

Painfully relatable.
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People share their hot takes on various crimes against food.

People's Hot Takes On Crimes Against Food

So, so wrong.
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funny scary dog looks like it has seen everything Twitter thread

Twitter Thread: The Dog That Looks Like It Has Seen Nightmares

Good boy?
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A collection of nostalgic images from the 90s.

Sweet, Nostalgic Images Right Out Of The 90's

Throwin it back to the olden days.
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A Twitter thread where people describe their grievances with working their minimum wage jobs.

Nasty Managers That Drove Their Employees To Madness

A lousy manager can make a bad job that much worse.
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A collection of helpful guy tips that every dude should know.

Helpful Guy Tips Every Dude Should Know

These could come in handy.
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A funny and relatable Tumblr thread about how to adult effectively.

Tumblr Thread: Hacks On Adulting Effectively

Adulting is easier said than done.
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A collection of times that people encountered nightmarish landlords.

16 Times Landlords Were Maniacal, Greedy, Insensitive Tyrants

Some landlords really let themselves go.
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