funny service industry memes

Service Industry Memes To Get The Most Out Of Working For Ungrateful People

Is it really living?
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minor painful relatable injuries

Minor Injuries That Are Way More Painful Than They Deserve To Be

Work your magic, trailer hitch.
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things that feel illegal but are legal

Painfully Relatable Things That Feel Illegal To Do But Aren't

Just go ahead and do it.
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relatable memes

24 Things That We Can All Just Strangely Relate To

A indicator of shared consciousness.
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jokes relatable Awkward Memes lol silly introverts funny - 16101125

Introvert Memes That Are As Gratifying As Cancelled Plans

Introversion isn't necessarily a fear of or disdain for people. In fact most introverts like people. Specifically 3 to 4 people. And the rest of everyone? Yeah the rest aren't exactly so great. So here are some memes for the introverts to look at while they're nervously putting off having to respond to a very standard work email. It's good to know there's other introverts out there, so hopefully these give you the strength to order a pizza by phone.
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Americans describe their biggest culture shocks when visiting Europe. | Witness-Worldly 5h Trains glorious, glorious trains.

Americans' Biggest Culture Shocks When Visiting Europe

All those glorious trains.
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jokes relatable work Memes coffee funny - 15997957

Coffee Memes For People Who Barely Know What Day It Is

We don't like the idea of being “don't talk to me before I've had my coffee” people. Office-style coffee humor usually sucks. It's also depressing to admit that we need stimulants to have even a semblance of well-being on any given morning. So rather than a wink and a nod and a 20 dollar mug that has an inverse graph of happiness vs coffee drank or whatever, we'd just like to say: “this is not normal, we're sorry, and please don't talk to me until I've had my coffee." Now here are some work mem…
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opossum memes

Relatable Opossum Memes For The Garbage People Among Us

Feel the trash between your finger-like toes.
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funny memes about working retail jobs | ellesse @ellyellyelly_ *item won't scan* customer: guess 's free then ha ha ha my mind: GUesS iTz fr3E tH3N Ha!!hA! haAhH | Retail workers just trying survive Mariah Carey This isn't meme 's cry help "All Want Christmas is played every fifteen minutes

Retail Memes For The Customer-Weary

Retail is war.
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funny memes about having brothers and sisters

Sibling Memes For Those Who Never Got To Sit In The Good Chair

Sorry only children, these might not make sense.
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A collection of the dumbest things that people have ever said.

Dumbest Things People Have Ever Said

Must've been a stirring discussion.
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A collection of nostalgic foods and drinks for all the millennials out there.

Nostalgic Foods And Drinks For The Geriatric Millennials

Throwing it back to the olden and golden days.
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relatable memes about adulthood

Adulthood Memes For Those Who Have Laundry Waiting

What a time.
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funny work memes

Work Memes To Make Professional Life A Little More Tolerable

Only a little, though.
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A collection of relatable tweets and memes that can make people feel old.

Relatable Tweets And Memes About Getting Old

Time just keeps on moving along.
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Problems of skinny people

Unconventional Problems Skinny People Have

Wouldn't have thought of that one.
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