pettyrevenge petty revenge petty reddit thread Reddit funny parking - 17780997

Impatient Parker Honks at Spot-Leaver, Takes as Long as Possible to Leave

Busy “Honk at me? Ok, fool we dying here, how about that?” -docscifi808 "'I live here now.' 😂" - Catinthemirror “Right? I'm sitting here and ordering a pizza for delivery now.” -carrotkatie “And the ones that honk are the ones who won't park in the open slot that's three spaces further away, or won't pull to one side while they wait so others can get through." -Fedupintx “I think you met the guy.” -jlb183
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craigslist FAIL malicious compliance revenge petty dingus idiot funny facebook marketplace reddit thread Reddit - 17481989

Dingus Haggles For Discount On Motorcycle That's Less Than the Value of Included Replacement Parts, Has Immediate Regret

Selling something on Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, or any other free equivalent platform is incredibly easy… but dealing with people is incredibly hard.
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antiwork work coworkers workplace Horrible Bosses coworker rules boss manager petty Office quit quitting - 17476613

"No Snack" Rule Technicality Snafu Drives Worker to Quit Pedantic Boss

It was the snack that broke the camel's back.
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Karen Calls Cops on Woman for Eating a Burrito Bowl on a Floaty Outside on the Grass, New Level of Petty Unlocked

Karen Calls Cops on Woman for Eating a Burrito Bowl on a Floaty Outside in her Yard, New Level of Petty Unlocked

Legend has it you can still hear her flip-flops flopping
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aita revenge petty - 17207301

Cheating Cousin Plans to Marry New Boyfriend, Family Plans Vacation on Her Wedding Day Instead

Is this guy an A-Hole for planning a vacation during his hot mess of a cousin's wedding? Yeah, most definitely. But for once in these AITA threads, he's the A-Hole but we aren't mad about it. This is a brilliant way to take a stand against your family member's poor behavior. This is especially important when you consider the fact that the family was closer to the cousin's husband than they ever were to the cousin herself. This would be sad if the cousin was being excluded for some kind of belie…
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woman changes party theme to make half sister look stupid

Woman Changes Party to Costume Party So Try-Hard Sister Can't Stand Out

The old switcheroo
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woman tricks in-laws into trying her cake pops to prove them wrong

Woman Deploys Cake Subterfuge To Prove Her In-Laws Are All Liars

This isn't baking, this is war.
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petty reasons people stopped dating

30 People Share The Pettiest Reason They Stopped Dating Someone

It's like one big Seinfeld episode.
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petty things people did with no regret

Petty Things People Did With Zero Regrets

Probably safe at this point.
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Guy lets friends use camper, gets locked out, ditches them

Group Locks Dude Out Of His Own Camper For The Night, He Leaves With His Camper

It's pretty straight forward.
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Roommate ID card revenge

Entitled Thief Roommate Inspires Expensive ID Card Revenge

Choose your roommates wisely.
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petty revenge on diaper scammers

Dude Dupes Diaper Scammers, Leaves Them High And Dry

Worth it.
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husband calls for mother after surgery, wife takes it personally

Husband On Anesthesia Calls For His Mother, Wife Takes It Personally And Leaves

What a winner.
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people's funny petty work drama stories

People Share Their Current Work Drama That's Tearing The Workplace Apart

That's-a-spicy workplace.
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petty things people did

Wildly Petty Moments That Really Escalated Things

Yeah, that's petty.
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old lady steals bike, OP plants fish in her apartment

Old Lady Steals Bike, Pays For It With Smelly Apartment

Karma's a fish.
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