Roommate ID card revenge

Entitled Thief Roommate Inspires Expensive ID Card Revenge

Choose your roommates wisely.
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petty revenge on diaper scammers

Dude Dupes Diaper Scammers, Leaves Them High And Dry

Worth it.
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husband calls for mother after surgery, wife takes it personally

Husband On Anesthesia Calls For His Mother, Wife Takes It Personally And Leaves

What a winner.
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people's funny petty work drama stories

People Share Their Current Work Drama That's Tearing The Workplace Apart

That's-a-spicy workplace.
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petty things people did

Wildly Petty Moments That Really Escalated Things

Yeah, that's petty.
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old lady steals bike, OP plants fish in her apartment

Old Lady Steals Bike, Pays For It With Smelly Apartment

Karma's a fish.
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Girl gets moral revenge on her old High School teacher

Girl Gets Revenge On Teacher Who Told Her That She Would Never Succeed in the Best Way Possible

Girl gets moral revenge on her old High School teacher by being successful
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drama revenge coworkers nursing petty revenge petty - 16465669

Awful Coworker Ruins Nurse's Prospects, She Returns the Favor

An eye for an eye.
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neighbors revenge petty neighbor - 15200261

Dad Gets Nuclear Revenge On Neighbors After They Ruin His Son’s Birthday Party

Guy gets extremely petty revenge on neighbors after they pop his son's basketball
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12 reddit text images neighbor signed up to donate to satanic cult | thumbnail background grey "We had lived here about a year when I started getting lots of flat tires. I found nails sprinkled amongst the rocks of my driveway. Someone keyed my car and wrote a slur in the paint."

Neighborhood Family Targeted By Local Racist, Family Donates To Satanic Cult In His Name

Petty revenge served on a platter
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revenge petty revenge petty - 16275461

Seller Tries to Back Out of Deal After Wasting Guy's Time, Gets Outplayed Hard

The only way to deal with time-wasters.
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service decides to fine person for their lawn clippings, so they get revenge

Yard Waste Service Jerks Guy Around, He Develops Well-Measured Revenge

"Fine me, huh?"
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The smallest and stupidest things people get offended by | dowhatchafeel 16.3k points 23 hours ago Someone just doing their job No can't use coupon 's been expired since 1971 can't believe rude cashier walrus_kitten 4.1k points 20 hours ago 3 Worked clothing store would send $10 off $25 coupons occasionally obvious reasons can only use them once, so were told rip them up and throw them away after scanning them anger would fill old ladies' faces ripped coupon half and threw garbage after scanning

Dumbest Things People Get Upset Over

"How dare you not let me break the rules."
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ridiculous and petty reasons people stopped dating

Petty and Absurd Reasons People Refused to Date Someone

No reason is too small and weird.
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9 text reddit images woman's story ex husband cooking | thumbnail grey background "ex demanded i cook the dinner HE wanted, Things were a lot different back then for women. We had just gotten married the day before and the next morning my husband woke up and told me he wanted cabbage, sausage and potatoes for dinner. At this point I had never eaten sausage and was never going to it strangely enough and never had cabbage. "

Woman Recounts Purposefully Sabotoging Meal Ex Husband Selfishly Demanded

Take a seat jerk
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11 text reddit images cousin karen refuses to let man shower | thumbnail grey background "A Posted by u/-DukeFishron- 6 hours ago 605 Cheapskate cousin refuses to let me take shower, no problem, l'Il use more water in the sink.Tonight I was going to take a navy shower when my cousin, I'll call her Karen. Blocked the entrance to the bathroom and said, you either you a washcloth under your arms or no getting in here."

Cheapskate Karen Tells Cousin He Can't Shower To Save Money, He Uses Sink Instead

Well that's one way of handling things
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