Karen keeps stealing her coworkers lunches, so an explosive Coke revenge ensues.

Karen Steals Coworkers Lunches, Explosive Coke Revenge Ensues

Oh boy, her face must've been a thing of beauty.
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neighbors borrow and break chairs, internet weighs in on repayment

Neighbors Borrow Chairs Without Asking, Break Them

Good ol' neighbor drama.
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Student's roommate refuses to clean up around the place, so student child proofs kitchen cupboards.

Student's Roommate Refuses To Clean Up, Student Child Proofs Kitchen Cupboards

Seems like a fair enough move.
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People describe their petty yet effective power moves pulled off in the workplace | r/AskMen u/plagueisthedumb 5d Join is most petty but effective power move have done? Good Fucking Question new senior supervisor started at our workplace few months ago and would be working under him as particular zones supervisor 30 so l'm out ordinary supervisor age and looks etc normally its an old boy thats been industry forever see new dude car park and go introduce myself. He looks eye as he's walking

Petty Yet Effective Power Moves Employees Pulled Off

That's one way to go out.
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People describe the pettiest things that their neighbors ever did to them.

Pettiest Things People's Neighbors Did To Them

Neighbors can turn into real nightmares.
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Boss leaves leftovers in employee's truck, so the employee proceeds to take a stinky revenge.

Boss Leaves Leftovers In Employee's Truck, Rancid Petty Revenge Ensues

Fred's face must've been a stunning painting of disgust.
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Parking lot bully takes someone else's parking space, so a petty revenge ensues. | r/pettyrevenge Join u/Rathgalra 18h 2 S 3 4 Snipe my parking spot? Fine. TLDR: Snipe parking space? Okay Driver don't need go only my passenger does. Hope don't have anywhere be immediate future. This happened over decade ago running errands with my grandmother, and, due her declining health driving got post office strip-mall so she could get book stamps, and had been patiently waiting an end spot just about open

Parking Lot Bully Snipes Driver's Parking Space, Petty Revenge Ensues

A lesson was learned that day.
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Friend goes full unhinged petty revenge mode on a gossiping girlfriend.

Friend Goes Petty Revenge Mode On Gossiping Girlfriend

Oh, they didn't hold back.
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Petty revenge is taken on a coworker who complains about free pizza | r/pettyrevenge u/anon98199 225d Join Coworker complains about free pizza So told this belongs here as well. Please enjoy So one my coworkers is huge choosing beggar. Like aggressively choosy point he will bully people who are buying him free things get exactly he wants. This normally doesn't affect as have learned just tell him fuck off course he always complains and pretends like just attacked him out nowhere but 's not

Coworker Complains About Free Pizza, Petty Feast Ensues

Free pizza somehow isn't good enough for some people.
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Manager tries to embarrass an employee, and ends up self destructing | r/ProRevenge JOIN u/Darigone Total Humiliation told should post this here [TL:DR] Manager used my report meeting set an example Only manager be humiliated by same report work security and have been years common practice is complete report happened during time specifically work patrols. Basically go location location checking on each site

Manager Tries To Embarrass Employee, Proceeds To Self Destruct

See ya later.
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Funny Tumblr story of angry wife who took out seams in husband's clothes

Tumblr Thread: A Wife's Diabolical Seam Revenge

Get it? Thread?
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ridiculous and petty reasons people stopped dating

Petty and Absurd Reasons People Refused to Date Someone

No reason is too small and weird.
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Karen and her kid get upset over a free cookie, and then hilarity ensues | r/pettyrevenge u/MaxTitanium 1d Join Sharing is caring, and Karen ain't caring One day walking through City Market with my mom quiet buzzing lights only slightly annoying. All seemed well, and decided get one sample cookies back. Seems perfectly normal, right? So grab my cookie, which happened be last non-burnt one, as another family is coming into back aisle not particularly social person, so started walk away. This

Karen And Child Get Upset Over Cookie, Hilarity Ensues

Played like a pro.
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The smallest and stupidest things people get offended by | dowhatchafeel 16.3k points 23 hours ago Someone just doing their job No can't use coupon 's been expired since 1971 can't believe rude cashier walrus_kitten 4.1k points 20 hours ago 3 Worked clothing store would send $10 off $25 coupons occasionally obvious reasons can only use them once, so were told rip them up and throw them away after scanning them anger would fill old ladies' faces ripped coupon half and threw garbage after scanning

Dumbest Things People Get Upset Over

"How dare you not let me break the rules."
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Nasty neighbor doesn't like lawn mowing technique, so a petty revenge ensues | r/pettyrevenge Join u/carissa_24 2d 1 1 Neighbor didn't like did my own lawn moved into my house around same time as my next door neighbors (new construction neighborhood both do our own lawns-they bag their cuttings self-mulch/leave cuttings mulched on lawn and don't bag. One day mow lawn and leave some errands come home cuttings had left on lawn all raked up and thrown all over my front porch/ door with threatening

Karen Doesn't Like Neighbor's Lawn Mowing, Petty Revenge Ensues

They messed with the wrong lawn.
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Tumblr users argue over a picture of a bread knife using lawyer language | phoenix wright ace attorney whitebeltwriter: dual-destininies: derples: dual-destininies: tf2-fandomstuck: tiniestshorts: Bread knife french have grown more powerful. Hold ! photo of a hand holding bread and a red circle

Tumblr Has Lawyer-style Debate over Legitimacy of Bread Knife

Why should anything be simple?
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