An ex-boyfriend takes advantage of the lease, so he proceeds to get reported to the landlord.

Ex-Boyfriend Takes Advantage Of Lease, Proceeds To Get Reported To Landlord

Serves the dude right.
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An employee decides to offset their boss' micromanagement by shoving more on their plate.

Employee Bests Micromanaging Boss With Tactical Petty Revenge

A job well done.
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A jerk customer learns the value of not cutting other people in line.

Jerk Cuts In Line, Customer Tinkers With Jerk's Bike For Petty Revenge

Should've played nice from the start.
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A tech savvy employee ends up taking a petty revenge on their cookie-stealing coworker.

Tech Savvy Employee Takes Revenge On Cookie-Stealing Coworker

The real cookie monster.
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A neighbor complains about parking, so a petty parking war revenge ensues.

Neighbor Complains About Parking, Parking War Revenge Ensues

Simply glorious.
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A petty revenge story about a pumpkin war between neighbors.

Neighbor Starts Selling Same Pumpkins As Mom, Petty Pumpkin War Ensues

A good old petty pumpkin war.
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Karen customer chews out café manager over wi-fi being out, gets permanently barred from wi-fi access.

Karen Customer Rages Over Broken Wi-Fi, Café Manager Serves Karen Reality Check

If only Karen would've just played nice.
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Guy takes a jump scare revenge on his twin brother, sends him into total terror.

Guy Jump Scares Twin Brother, Sends Brother Into Terror Zone

Beautiful work there, mad lad.
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A taxi driver insists on being rude, so they end up getting locked out of their car.

Taxi Driver Insists On Being Rude, Righteous Lockout Ensues

Maybe he's still locked out to this day.
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IT manager makes employee's life miserable, so employee's coworker helps them take masterful petty revenge.

Manager Makes Employee's Life Miserable, Gets Auto-Insulted Hundreds Of Times A Day

A beautiful petty revenge.
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A customer gets mad over being given extra time, so they just end up getting less.

Customer Gets Mad Over Extra Time, So They End Up Getting Less

What a satisfying tale of petty revenge. We love seeing a story in the internet wilderness about a boss who is actually ready and willing to back their employee when they could really use a manager's back. In this case, Redditor u/LoiGrimm told r/PettyRevenge about their trucking job picking up parcels from customers along a specific route each day. No problem at all — except for one customer that picked up an annoying habit of preparing for their arrival too slowly, wasting everyone's time and…
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Karen ends up getting stuck in traffic, she road rages, and then a petty revenge ensues.

Karen Gets Caught In Traffic, Temper Tantrums, Petty Revenge Ensues

Karen's face must've been a work of haunting art.
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A Tumblr post about a petty revenge being taken on a raging Karen.

Employee Takes Petty Revenge On Raging Karen

Karen really brought it on herself.
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A scary biker dude tries to cut in line at the gas station, and ends up getting ego checked hard.

"Scary" Biker Dude Tries To Cut In Line At Gas Station, Gets Reality Checked

Not today, bud.
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A habitual cheater of an ex tries to land their partner with the phone bill, and it ends up completely backfiring.

Habitual Cheater Ex Tries To Land Partner With Phone Bill, Petty Revenge Ensues

Serves them right.
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Foreman insists on being a stickler about punctuality, so their employee quits and wastes an hour of their time.

Foreman's A Stickler About Punctuality, Employee Wastes An Hour Of Their Time

Oh, that must've shown them.
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