A Tumblr post about a petty revenge being taken on a raging Karen.

Employee Takes Petty Revenge On Raging Karen

Karen really brought it on herself.
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A scary biker dude tries to cut in line at the gas station, and ends up getting ego checked hard.

"Scary" Biker Dude Tries To Cut In Line At Gas Station, Gets Reality Checked

Not today, bud.
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A habitual cheater of an ex tries to land their partner with the phone bill, and it ends up completely backfiring.

Habitual Cheater Ex Tries To Land Partner With Phone Bill, Petty Revenge Ensues

Serves them right.
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Foreman insists on being a stickler about punctuality, so their employee quits and wastes an hour of their time.

Foreman's A Stickler About Punctuality, Employee Wastes An Hour Of Their Time

Oh, that must've shown them.
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petty revenge stories people got on bad naighbors

Petty Things People Did To Combat Nasty Neighbors

Loathe thy neighbor.
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Lawyers describe the pettiest reasons that they ever witnessed people get divorces.

Pettiest Reasons Lawyers Witnessed Divorces

The pettiness is off the charts.
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A monstrous manager ends up snapping on an employee, so the employee gives it right back to them.

Monstrous Manager Snaps On Employee, Employee Claps Back

Manager needed the wakeup call.
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A collection of petty revenge stories from people that went full petty mode.

Petty Revenges From The World's Pettiest Masterminds

Their pettiness knows no bounds.
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A rude customer refuses to move their car, so karmic justice ensues.

Rude Customer Won't Move Car, Karmic Justice Ensues

Tough luck, bud.
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Woman gets targeted by a clique of nasty coworkers, and then a petty revenge ensues.

Woman Gets Targeted By Clique Of Nasty Coworkers, Petty Revenge Ensues

Should've just played nice.
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Some petty nagging between coworkers ends up evolving into a genuine friendship.

Petty Nagging Between Coworkers Evolves Into Friendship

They were just joshing each other.
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A young, egotistical hotshot talks smack to his boss and then gets humbled quickly.

Egotistical Hotshot Unknowingly Talks Smack To Boss, Gets Humbled Quickly

Lesson absolutely was learned.
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A collection of people's pettiest pet peeves.

People's Pettiest Pet Peeves

Everyone has their thing.
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A Costco parking lot standoff ends up resulting in a glorious act of petty revenge.

Costco Parking Lot Drama Results In Petty Revenge

Got to love a well executed petty revenge.
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boss demands reports, employee makes them very specific | r/MaliciousCompliance Posted by u/FormerStuff 13 hours ago O 4 e 3 13 4 Want be extra specific on my time spent during workday can do oc M TL;DR at end work sales spend time my actual office and on road making cold calls small company work uses call-logging software plans my trips customers typical logged call would look like this: Called X customer time spent call> call notes.

Employee Battles Micromanaging Boss With Nano Reporting

"You said you wanted to know what I was doing."
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Karen keeps stealing her coworkers lunches, so an explosive Coke revenge ensues.

Karen Steals Coworkers Lunches, Explosive Coke Revenge Ensues

Oh boy, her face must've been a thing of beauty.
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