humor Music youtube awesome funny Video win - 107095809

YouTube Commenter Calls Guy Liar Over Musical Skills, Guy Proves Them Wrong

The challenge was accepted and dominated.
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impressive Music legend of zelda awesome instruments Video win - 107090689

Man Plays Legend Of Zelda With Multiple Instruments

Yeah, that was some sorcery.
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crazy Music awesome saxophone ridiculous Video - 106942209

Dude With Massive Saxophone Absolutely Crushes It

He has mad skills.
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impressive cool Music awesome talented Video win - 107023873

Talented Street Musician Hands Out Goosebumps For Free

The work of an actual genius.
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funny dumb musician puns and wordplay

Musician Puns So Bad That They Could End In Violins

Keep these off the record.
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supermarket Music Germany lol amazing dumb food funny stupid - 107035393

Marc Rebillet German Supermarket Ad Is About As Good As Supermarket Ads Get

Stores usually don't sell this much funk.
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guitar cool Music awesome Video win - 106994177

22-Year-Old Guitar Player Is A Legend In The Making

Christone "Kingfish" Ingram is going places.
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impressive cool Music awesome Video win - 106949121

Guy Plays "Gangsta's Paradise" On A Budget

So, he absolutely crushed it.
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Music birds awesome ridiculous Video win - 106941953

Bird Absolutely Crushes "Psycho Killer" Cover

That falsetto though.
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An entitled guitar Karen ends up getting a necessary reality check from her kid's music teacher.

Entitled Guitar Karen Gets Reality Check From Music Teacher

These people are the absolute worst.
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aww wholesome Music adorable birds cute Video - 106920449

Bird Sings Along With Perfect Pitch To Man Playing Guitar

One of the best things ever.
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humor Music marriage FAIL wedding ridiculous - 106897921

Terrible DJ Ruins Awkward Silence At Wedding

Oh boy, so much yikes.
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thunderstorm surprising Music choir awesome Video win - 106878977

Choir's Thunderstorm Impersonation Is On Point, Then They Sing

Now this is art.
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cool Music Recorder awesome Video win - 106878721

Man Transcends This Dimension During Recorder Performance

He left it all out there, and then some.
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Music neighbors FAIL annoying revenge ridiculous loud Video - 106824449

Guy's Neighbor Payback Prank Is Merciless

Maybe too far.
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Music birds guitars awesome Video - 106824193

A Ton Of Birds In Room Full Of Electric Guitars Is Ear Candy

These birds are ready to go on tour.
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