impressive Music song smart elton john Video win - 106519809

Elton John Challenged To Come Up With Song On Spot, Uses Oven Manual

Pure and radiant talent right there.
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impressive Beauty and the Beast Music singing awesome - 106473729

Dude Sings Entire Song From "Beauty And The Beast" By Himself

Alright, go off then.
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Music neighbors accordion awesome Video win - 106469377

Guy's Neighbor Serenades Neighborhood With Crazy Accordion Skills

Actually magical.
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Music Dave Grohl awesome nirvana Video win - 106447361

Dave Grohl's Daughter Covers Adele Song, She Crushes It

Maybe one of the coolest dads out there.
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musician plays a 14 string guitar

14-String Guitar Is 8 Better Than Normal Guitar

It's like watching someone play a hammock.
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funny video of birds with guitars playing metal music

Birds Playing Heavy Metal Is Everything

What a time to be alive.
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Music kids drumming awesome talented Video win children - 106362881

Kid Absolutely Crushes "Chick's Pain" Drum Cover

A magical combination of talent and hard work.
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one man band awesome performance

One Man Band Crushes "Pump Up The Jam"

My dude, you're a living legend.
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playing super mario bros. on musical instrument Marimba

Man Plays Super Mario Bros. On Marimba, Legendary Performance Ensues

He's genuinely enjoying himself too.
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band playing along with a car alarm

Band Plays Along With Car Alarm, Absolutely Crushes It

An actual traffic jam.
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awesome video of a violinist at a wedding

Violinist Goes Absolutely Ham At Wedding

He wasn't playing around at all.
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shy kid plays piano in a restaurant

Kid Nervous To Play Public Piano, Proceeds To Crush It

Mad talent.
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How Gorillaz "Clint Eastwood" would sound if the cartoons were actually playing.

Gorillaz But Instrumentally Accurate Is Blursed Gold

Kinda ruins the magic a bit.
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cab driver listens to his mother's song

Cab Driver Finds Mother's Song After 20 Years

This stuff warms the soul.
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Jurassic Park played on trumpet and chair

Jurassic Park Theme Played on Trumpet and Chair

Ah, so majestic.
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playing music on Tesla coils seven nation army

Tesla Coils Play "Seven Nation Army"

Performance of a lifetime.
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