thunderstorm surprising Music choir awesome Video win - 106878977

Choir's Thunderstorm Impersonation Is On Point, Then They Sing

Now this is art.
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cool Music Recorder awesome Video win - 106878721

Man Transcends This Dimension During Recorder Performance

He left it all out there, and then some.
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Music neighbors FAIL annoying revenge ridiculous loud Video - 106824449

Guy's Neighbor Payback Prank Is Merciless

Maybe too far.
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Music birds guitars awesome Video - 106824193

A Ton Of Birds In Room Full Of Electric Guitars Is Ear Candy

These birds are ready to go on tour.
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Music FAIL cringe concert trombone ridiculous Video - 106801665

Man Sneezes Into Trombone During Concert

He managed to sneeze in key.
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impressive cool Music awesome talented drums Video win - 106769665

Man's Performance On Tiny Drums Is A Spectacle To Behold

Talk about some mad skills.
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Stream completes guitar hero song Soulless 6 100%

Streamer Nails Song Intended To Be Impossible Joke

Dear lord.
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group at amusement park gets rollercoaster unstuck with synchronized head banging, set to "What is Love"

Stuck Group Restarts Roller Coaster With Headbanging

When gravity fails, teamwork picks up the slack.
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Music FAIL cringe trumpet ridiculous Video - 106742785

Guy Plays Trumpet, Absolutely Destroys Wedding March

Yikes on yikes.
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surprising Music harp reaction funny Video - 106727169

Woman Gets Stunned By Broken Harp String

It was so serene there for a second.
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Twitter Thread about Taylor Swift rerecording her music to cut out her old label.

Twitter Thread: How Taylor Swift Cut Out Her Predatory Label

The music industry is weird.
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Dad asks babysitter to replace the guitar that was destroyed by his kid.

Kid Destroys Guitar, Dad Asks Babysitter To Replace It

Um, okay dad.
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impressive Music kids awesome talented drums Video - 106607105

Sweet Child O' Mine Improvised Drums Is Epic

Absolutely love it.
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cool Music awesome amazing supercut Video - 106602241

Supercut Of Legendary Sax Battle In NYC In 2013 Is Epic

Um, so this is absolutely amazing.
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cool Music awesome instruments Video win - 106586113

Cliffs Of Dover Played On An Electric Bassoon

Um, this is just plain old awesome.
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Music piano chop suey awesome cover Video win - 106554369

Woman Creates Epic Piano Version Of CHOP SUEY!

Suffice to say, she nailed it.
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