humor Music FAIL ridiculous funny Video band - 107438337

Bassoon Player Experiences Hilarious Blunder

An unplanned remix.
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Band won't pay music producer, they get rightful comeuppance.

Band Won't Pay Music Producer, Band Gets Rightful Comeuppance

Best to pay those dues.
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Music trumpets awesome ridiculous Video win musicians - 107426817

Musician Defies Limits Of Human Body During Trumpet Solo

Honestly, crazy.
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cool Music awesome movies Video win - 107415041

Musician Puts Spin On Basic Training Cadence, Creates Absolute Hit

This is way too catchy.
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jesus Music Devo lol prank dumb funny stupid - 107375617

Devo's Mark Mothersbaugh Explains His Inclusion of "We Smell Sausage" In All His Work

When a problem comes along, you must put secret messages in your music.
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Music wtf Tom Waits lol amazing ridiculous funny stupid - 107352321

Tom Waits' Unhinged Press Conference Is Art At Its Finest

What a ride.
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surprising Music awesome Sam Cooke Video win - 107346945

Man Sings Sam Cooke's "A Change Is Gonna Come", Nails It

Get this guy on tour already.
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punk pop punk Music tonight lol supercut funny stupid - 107340033

Pop Punk Bands Just Saying "Tonight" For Over A Full Minute

Good old 2000s.
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device Music awesome electronics lol appliance funny - 107323649

Eurythmics "Sweet Dreams" Played On Appliances Is Pretty Much Spot On

Object-ively good.
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Music skills accordion Multitasking lol weird stupid - 107260673

Impressive Multitasker Yodels While Smoking Cigarette

But that's like two mouth things at the same time!
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Music FAIL cringe Awkward performance ridiculous Video - 107257089

Overconfident Saxophone Player Goes For It, Falls Short

Wow, man.
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surprising Music dr dre interesting eminem Video - 107217665

Rare Video Footage Shows When Dr. Dre First Discovered Eminem

A historic moment, for sure.
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humor Music Pokémon ridiculous funny jack black - 107144961

Guy Gradually Morphs Into Jack Black During Pokemon Theme Cover

Well done, sir.
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A funny Twitter account ends up documenting a series of ridiculous Spotify playlists.

13 Ridiculous, Funny, And Bizarre Spotify Playlists

Turns out Spotify's a comedy goldmine.
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Music bizarre trippy ridiculous weird Video - 107123457

Trippy Video Demonstrates "Hear What You Want" Phenomenon

It's a wonder that this is even possible in the first place.
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christmas Music jingle bells FAIL concert lol funny - 107111169

A Hilariously Bad Elementary School Rendition Of Jingle Bells

Santa exists and he is crying.
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