Music 20th century fox pepperoni dumb hotdogs funny Video stupid - 107802881

20th Century Fox Jingle Played On Hot Dogs And Pepperoni

Life is all about those little things that just work. Like when you learn how to play “Mary Had A Little Lamb” with a dial tone or figure out that a calculator can say “BOOBIES." And this is very much one of those moments. Ladies and Gentlemen, 20th Century Fox on forcemeat.
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tenacious d Music toy saxophone lol performance ridiculous funny stupid jack black - 107771393

Jack Black Unleashes A Dirty, Filthy Toy Saxophone Solo

Jack Black is one of those people who almost nobody dislikes. The guy could spit on little old ladies and people would get angry that those old bags didn't thank him for it. Jack Black is also known for playing a toy children's sax with Tenacious D, and honestly it sounds way better than it has any right to be.
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Music horrible wtf bad idea michael jackson dumb stupid autotune - 107741697

"Beat It" But Every Note Is In C Is A New Kind Of Fever Dream

Still better than most music.
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Music rapper's delight news rappers song clips rapper funny - 107737857

Rapper's Delight, Starring Brian Williams, Feat. Lester Holt

Just a reminder that this is a thing.
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guy at ravens game crushing Rush's "Tom Sayer" on air drums

Camera Finds Dude Nailing Rush's "Tom Sawyer" On Air Drums

It was a simpler time.
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Music lol amazing ridiculous bass funny win - 107693569

Bass Singer's Voice Is Lower Than A Toyotathon APR

Ken Turner, everyone
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dancing Music wtf timing michael jackson Perfect Timing lol funny - 107692289

Dude On Street Does Excellent Michael Jackson, Syncs Up Perfectly

It's uncanny.
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Music school awesome lol amazing ridiculous funny Video band - 107692033

School Band Is Delightfully Horrible

Still better than "All I Want For Christmas Is You" On Loop
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nature russia Music awesome Video win - 106347777

Russian Arctic Explorer Serenades Music-Loving Walruses With Accordion Concert

Seems like they loved it.
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guitar Music percussion song washing machine lol musical drums funny - 107667201

Dude Performs "On The Road Again" Duet With Washing Machine

That's a real clean sound.
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bad executive producer fails music project as sound engineer watches

Incompetent Executive Producer Demands The Impossible, Tanks Project

That's how it's done.
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cool Music drumming performance amazing win - 107523585

Drummer Nate Smith Gives Crowd Lesson In 7/4 Time

Alright that's awesome.
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Music email funk lol goofy scam funny weird - 107511041

Musician Turns Scam Email Into Funk Opera

Honestly it's the only acceptable way to respond.
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piano musical prodigy child makes up song on the spot

Child Prodigy Improvises Sonata In Under One Minute

It was based on four random notes.
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cat Music michael jackson moonwalk dumb Cats funny Video - 107473409

Cat Moonwalks With The Best Of Them

Hee Hee indeed.
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humor Music FAIL ridiculous funny Video band - 107438337

Bassoon Player Experiences Hilarious Blunder

An unplanned remix.
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