A wholesome Twitter thread about a sweet old man that makes the movie theatre job a bit more bearable.

Wholesome Twitter Thread On Movie Theatre's Favorite Customer

Crack on, Eddie.
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A collection of things that movies do that people absolutely hate.

Things Movies Do That People Absolutely Hate

Movies can easily drive one insane.
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A collection of unrealistic movie tropes that annoy people to no end.

Unrealistic Movie Tropes That Annoy People To No End

Seriously, enough with the superhuman typing skills.
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humor the lightouse movies robert pattinson ridiculous cinema funny Video - 106866945

Robert Pattinson's Fart Rants From "The Lighthouse" Is Pure Comedy Gold

Absolutely love it.
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A collection of film tropes that frustrate people like none other.

Film Tropes That Grind People's Gears Like None Other

Film tropes can be quite irritating.
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People describe the movie plot holes that still bother them to this day.

Movie Plot Holes That Haunt People To This Day

Plot holes are the bane of our existence.
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A Tumblr user ranks the various Marvel movies by if there are trains in them | tilt-shift-blur Marvel Movies ranked by if there are trains them Iron Man- 0/10. No trains Incredible Hulk- 1/10. No trains, but verbal reference subway

Marvel Movies Ranked By If There Are Trains In Them

The ranking that the world's Marvel movies deserve.
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humor movies ridiculous celeb cinema Video - 106695937

Video Celebrates Steven Seagal's Bizarre Running Style

Spaghetti arms.
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A funny Tumblr thread about the absurd experience that is Spy Kids.

Tumblr Post Addresses National Treasure That Is "Spy Kids"

There's a whole lot going on.
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movies that would have ended sooner if characters weren't stupid

Movies That Would Be Way Shorter If Characters Were Reasonable

It's like every movie has an eyeroll moment.
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annoying and unrealistic movie details that people hate

Unrealistic Movie Details That Won't Stop Being Annoying

They just never fix it.
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viral videos tik tok animation awesome movies ratatouille pixar Video - 2078214

Grumpy Dad Gets Makeover, Looks Exactly Like "Ratatouille" Food Critic

Definitely nailed it.
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humor cracked movies commentary hollywood cinema Video - 106363137

4 Dumb Ways Hollywood Misunderstands Teenagers

Sometimes Hollywood really misses the mark.
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Your Brain On Cracked movie couples that are gross Anakin and Padme Star Wars

4 Film Couples That Are Gross If You Think About It

Spot on.
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Cracked video about John Wick Keanu Reeves movie

John Wick: Great Assassin, Or Just Great Friend

A necessary study.
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Tumblr discusses the nine types of movie posters | catchymemes Seems like Disney is using same guy graphics department. ALADDIN DARK PHOENIX STAR WARS thegaysassyfrenchy deadass thought this 3 Star Wars movies. metalgirlysolid its called Color Theory and been knew Art is subjective" but there are certain "rules can follow make things more appealing subconscious/subliminal kind way

Tumblr Uncovers the Nine Types of Movie Posters

Gotta go with either sexy legs or blurry thriller cop.
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