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Waterworld: Or In Defense of Rich Actor’s Insane Self-Funded Passion Project

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tumblr user schooled on significance of Rocky Horror Picture Show

Tumblr User Schooled On Rocky Horror Being Problematic

Tim Curry wore lingerie for us all.
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humor sports golf movies Tiger Woods ridiculous funny Video - 107256833

Tiger Woods And Friends Attempt "Happy Gilmore" Swing, Years Later

Rory actually took a real crack at it.
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An entertaining Tumblr thread about how crazy Spy Kids 3 is.

Tumblr Thread Deconstructs Cinematic Masterpiece That Is Spy Kids 3

It was a trip.
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entertainment johnny knoxville movies ridiculous bad grandpa Bloopers Video - 107186689

Arguably The Best Outtake Of All Time From "Bad Grandpa"

George is a true gem.
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humor movies ridiculous celeb ryan reynolds funny win - 107180033

Ryan Reynolds Drops Comedy Gold For Upcoming Movie, "Free Guy"

Ryan Reynolds does it again.
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A quick and entertaining Tumblr post about the theatrical storytelling perspective.

Quick Tumblr Post On The Theatrical Storytelling Perspective

The world would be an especially dark place without movies.
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things movies make look fun but aren't

Activities That Look Fun In Movies But Are Actually Terrible

There are some leaps in logic.
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A Twitter thread where people reply and ruin movies with one word.

Twitter Thread: People Ruin Movies With One Word

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Ants has potential.
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aspen Dumb and Dumber wtf movies lol mini bike motorcycle bike funny road trip - 107033601

Dudes Take The "Dumb and Dumber" Mini Bike Aspen Road Trip

They made it.
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transformers cool peter cullen awesome movies interesting optimus prime celeb Video - 107017985

Peter Cullen Explains Creative Process Behind Optimus Prime Voice

Voice actors are terribly underrated.
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A wholesome Twitter thread about a sweet old man that makes the movie theatre job a bit more bearable.

Wholesome Twitter Thread On Movie Theatre's Favorite Customer

Crack on, Eddie.
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A collection of things that movies do that people absolutely hate.

Things Movies Do That People Absolutely Hate

Movies can easily drive one insane.
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A collection of unrealistic movie tropes that annoy people to no end.

Unrealistic Movie Tropes That Annoy People To No End

Seriously, enough with the superhuman typing skills.
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humor the lightouse movies robert pattinson ridiculous cinema funny Video - 106866945

Robert Pattinson's Fart Rants From "The Lighthouse" Is Pure Comedy Gold

Absolutely love it.
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A collection of film tropes that frustrate people like none other.

Film Tropes That Grind People's Gears Like None Other

Film tropes can be quite irritating.
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