funny Will Ferrel Eastbound And Down

Hilarious Will Ferrel Outtakes From "Eastbound And Down"

Pretty much impossible to not laugh at.
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cracked movies 90s femme fatales killed everybody with their thighs

90s Femme Fatales Killed Everybody With Their Legs

Seriously, so bizarre.
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Things people are fans of but are ashamed of | WreckNRepeat 13.6k points 1 day ago 1984 s probably my favorite book, but never met another person whose favorite book is 1984 who wasn't completely insufferable.

Things People are Ashamed to Be Fans Of

Liking something can get complicated.
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A quick and educational Tumblr thread on the hidden meaning of Ratatouille's Chef Boyardee scene | upontheshelfreviews There's hidden level brilliance this moment: Chef Boyardee is known today his cheap out can pasta, but his native Italy he renowned expert chef. He reduced face microwaveable eateries after his death. Sound like anyone else this movie?

Tumblr Thread: Significance Of Ratatouille's Chef Boyardee Scene

What a cinematic masterpiece.
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Your Brain On Cracked movie villains

3 Villains Whose Plans Needed A Second Draft

Those zombies in "I Am Legend" though.
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Your Brain On Cracked behind the scenes secrets

4 Behind-The-Scenes Facts That Ruin Your Favorite Movies

Ignorance is bliss.
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People describe the movies that they would delete from reality | wretchedholiday 4h 4 Awards live action avatar last air bender Reply 10.0k

AskReddit Thread: Movies People Would Delete From Reality

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Your Brain On Cracked Seinfeld The Big Bang

5 Ways Living In A Sitcom Would Be Hell

Hard pass on the sitcom life.
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Your Brain On Cracked Movies Test Audiences

5 Test Audiences That Dramatically Altered Movies

Things could be very different.
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A collection of tweets from the Last Blockbuster | Last Blockbuster @loneblockbuster People always ask us if Die Hard is Christmas movie and our answer is always same: Please just rent something.

Hilarious Tweets From The Last Blockbuster

This account drops gold left and right.
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A funny Tumblr thread about how Spy Kids 3 was a hilarious masterpiece of insanity | dilapidatedragamuffin Deactivated SPY KIDS 3 MOVIE Can talk about Spy Kids 3 second because 's just MOST BAFFLING CINEMATIC EXPERIENCE EVER First open LITTLE BABY SELENA GOMEZ

Tumblr Thread: Spy Kids 3 Was A Beautiful Mess

George Clooney as president was a real trip.
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Your Brain on Cracked movie lessons that don't make sense

4 Famous Movie Lessons (That Didn’t Make A Lick Of Sense)

Zero sense.
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A ridiculous Tumblr thread about Davy Jones' curse from Pirates of the Carribean | sndwave Folgen funniest thing entire pirates caribbean series is definitely one scene At World's End where they have parlay but davy jones is part and rather than have him stand shallows or something they get big bucket water and have stand on on shore who thought idea? who thought “put davy jones bucket water" and had guts suggest aloud? and then who went "hey sounds like great ideal" at some point someone told d

Tumblr Thread: The Logistics Of Davy Jones' Curse

Yay, overthinking to the max.
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Your Brain On Cracked video game movies

4 Video Games More Games Need To Rip Off

Yes, please.
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People describe the absolute worst movies that they ever sat through | Nofreeupvotes 2h don't remember name but an M Night Shyamalan movie about demon an elevator. Half way through my friend turns and says just realized watching movie about demon an elevator As walked out theater another friend said feel like just had disappointing sex experience so mundane and un-memorable will, ironically, always remember Reply 29

Absolute Worst Movies People Sat Through

We've all been there.
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TV and movie villains who people sympathized with | JackwhitesLiteBrite 12.2k points 15 hours ago Doc Ock not saying sooner rob bank than beg grant money, but get where he's coming .

Villains Who People Sympathized With

Imagine landing a sweet new security guard gig just as James Bond strolls into town.
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