People describe the biggest plot holes that they've ever come across. | IntroGeist 22h 1 Award Incredibles happened Supervillains after Superheroes became illegal? They just disappeared no reason, No one could stop them now so they would obviously do more crime. But they're gone

Biggest Plot Holes That Haunt People

Plot holes can drive one insane.
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your brain on cracked masculinity in movies

4 Dumb Ways Modern Movies Portray Masculinity

Hollywood does some silly stuff.
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your brain on cracked movie analysis

Movie Universes That Are Much Stranger Than We Realize

Whole lot of weirdness going on in those movie universes.
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Tumblr thread argues that Violet Beauregarde should've won Willy Wonka's Chocolate factory. | evayna Violet Beauregarde should've won Wonka's chocolate factory Have watched movie last decade or more? No. Do have iron clad evidence support my argument? Yes. She's most knowledgeable about candy. She's committed and knows her stuff Wonka holds up little yellow piece across room, she recognizes immediately. She able switch candy bars sake contest, so know she has personal discipline and is goal

Tumblr Thread: Violet Beauregarde Should've Won Willy Wonka's Factory

Poor Violet.
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low budget remaking the dune trailer cracked movies

Cracked Recreates "Dune" With $20, Hilarity Ensues

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Tumblr users go all in on a conversation about The Incredibles | silverhawk honestly tho scene incredibles where mr. incredible sees names all old super heroes used be his friends he knew Back Day and every one them has been killed by syndrome is such chilling scene so many reasons like one, everyone he knew is dead at this point and has been killed on same island he's at now and two, its heartbreaking bc means almost every hero wanted try out being hero again despite laws against and wanted try

Tumblr Users Analyze "The Incredibles" To Oblivion

Such a good movie.
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unexpected sociopaths evil characters in movies your brain on cracked santa clause elf x-men bruce almighty

4 Secret Sociopaths Hiding In Your Favorite Movies

Hiding in plain sight.
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A collection of annoyingly unrealistic movie logic moments | tahonng 3h 1 Award way gifts are wrapped. They're always boxes with actual lids (like shoe boxes, not ones with flaps) and lid is wrapped separately box so open present, they just lift lid. Also, if there's ribbon wrapped around ribbon's not taped on and slides right off. Has anyone ever done this real life

Annoyingly Unrealistic Movie Logic Moments

The phone call that goes right into an intense convo.
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A funny Tumblr thread about why Spy Kids is so great | breadlesbian Follow still do not understand possessed so many well-respected actors do spy kids movies like did they pay really well? did want these beautiful, terrible movies be blemish on career forever why antonio banderas did so many high-profile movies then spy kids he looked like this

Tumblr Thread: Spy Kids Is A National Treasure

Spy Kids was the best.
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movies with the characters genders reversed

5 Movies That Become Insane With Swapped Genders

Amazing how much of a difference it can make.
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cracked movie review worst thing about the matrix

The Worst Part Of Living In "The Matrix"

It'd be a bit of a bummer.
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The Hobbit Fury Road Trailer Mashup

Trailer Marries The Hobbit and Mad Max in Beautiful Union

All these cars are producing a lot of Smaug.
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parody movie trailer tenet low budget, cracked parody trailer

We Remade Tenet for $20

Naturally, it's gold.
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A Tumblr thread that appreciates the cinematic masterpiece that was "Night At The Museum." | goddessofidiocy okay but why don't more people talk about Night at Museum like poc characters and people being portrayed by poc people | this movie is so good

Tumblr Thread Appreciates Night At The Museum

Was definitely an entertaining movie.
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funny dub movie gladiator with surfer dude voice

Gladiator Being Voiced By Surfer Bros

Oh, this is gold.
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Uruk-hai dubbed with regular voices

Uruk-hai with Regular Guy Voices

"Hmm, it looks like there might be meat on the menu again."
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