aita marriage pregnancy announcement family pregnant - 16172549

Brother and His Wife Get Called Out By Dad For Scamming Gift Exchange With Trashy Pregnancy Announcement

They absolutely knew what they were doing.
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insane bride marriage bridesmaids entitled bridezilla - 16157957

Mechabridezilla Details Insane List of Demands For Wedding, Bridesmaid Drops Out

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aita marriage prenup relationships husband entitled dating - 16157701

Idiot Husband Demands a Prenup, Wants to Cancel it Now That His Wife Makes More Than Him and Bought a New Car

Keep dreaming dude.
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marriage relationships parenting cheating divorce - 16143621

Dad Finds Out Wife Cheated on Him For Years, Kids Might Not Be His, Threatens to Cut Them Off If They Don't Get a DNA Test

This must have been posted by one of Cerci Lannister's kids.
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marriage relationships parenting in laws parents - 15674117

Mother-In-Law Forcefully Grabs Grand-Baby From Its Mother, Then Demands Apology

Never grab a baby away from their parent.
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Groom gets married twice in one year, and then acts surprised that people aren't thrilled about a second cash wedding.

Groom Gets Married Twice In One Year, Surprised People Aren't Stoked About Second Cash Wedding

Just a bit clueless there, eh.
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aita marriage in laws mother in law - 15826181

Woman Takes Back Gift After Mother-In-Law Rudely Rejects It, Gets Told That She "Ruined the Party"

Nothing worse than an entitled gift receiver.
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Bride demands that her destination wedding is child-free. | AITA insisting my destination wedding be child-free? Not hole After years dating my bf proposed and set off planning wedding. Our families are spread out across United States and there is no singular location would be convenient majority. With this mind chose state no one lives is central all but family on west coast. This location by water and since everyone traveling chose make more 'adult evening, open bar, loud music, no kids.

Bride Demands Destination Wedding Is Child-Free

The kids probably wouldn't be bummed.
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marriage revenge petty revenge relationships cheating - 15988741

Spurned “Other Woman” Destroys Her Cheating-Lying Lover’s Life

"Heck" hath no fury like a woman scorned.
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9 text reddit images woman's story ex husband cooking | thumbnail grey background "ex demanded i cook the dinner HE wanted, Things were a lot different back then for women. We had just gotten married the day before and the next morning my husband woke up and told me he wanted cabbage, sausage and potatoes for dinner. At this point I had never eaten sausage and was never going to it strangely enough and never had cabbage. "

Woman Recounts Purposefully Sabotoging Meal Ex Husband Selfishly Demanded

Take a seat jerk
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11 reddit text imamges husband asks wife to wear contacts to event instead of glasses | thumbnail grey background "When my wife came downstairs ready to get in the car to go to the restaurant where the event was being held, she was wearing appropriate clothing for a fancy dinner, but she was wearing her glasses. I gently asked if she would mind putting on contact lenses just for the night, since this was a fancy event."

Insecure Husband Asks Wife To Wear Contacts Instead Of Glasses For Holiday Work Party

He did what now, oh no honey
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twitter marriage funny tweets funny - 16039173

Witty Tweets That Tell a Tantalizing Tale About Marriage

These clever tweets nail the essence of what it means to be married.
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aita marriage stealing relationships partner - 16015365

Deadbeat Husband Steals Wife's Prized Jewellery Set, Gives it Away as a Wedding Present

What an absolute piece of trash.
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aita marriage cooking - 15406597

Wife is So BAD at Cooking That Her Husband Has to Ask Her to Stop

Guy asks his wife to stop cooking because she's so bad at it.
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marriage aita in laws - 15200773

Sister-In-Law Claims She "Lost" $2K Camera At Beach, Refuses to Replace It

Husband's sister steals $2k Camera and "Loses" It
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aita marriage relationships in laws - 16002309

Entitled Wife Threatens to Show Up In Sweatpants to Thwart In-Laws Christmas Dress Code

This is all she has to worry about? Must be nice for some.
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