funny bad marriage advice

Hilariously Bad Marriage Advice To Not Follow

Good luck out there.
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A manipulative maid of honor ends up getting called out by the bride for all of her nasty antics.

Manipulative Maid Of Honor Gets Called Out For Her Antics By Bride

The reality check was most necessary.
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marriage satisfying revenge grandma cheating ridiculous Video tiktok - 2428934

Ruthless Grandma Learns Husband Cheated, Takes Revenge On Mistress

Way to go, Doris.
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Man describes 10 things that he learned from 20 years of marriage.

Man Shares 10 Things He Learned From 20 Years Of Marriage

Marriage can sure teach you a lot.
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A woman steals her sister's boyfriend, proceeds to marry him, sibling won't attend wedding, bride pitches fit.

Woman Steals Sister's Boyfriend, Marries Him, Sibling Won't Attend Wedding

As if it was going to turn out any other way.
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marriage FAIL cringe Awkward relationships ridiculous Video karen tiktok - 2404102

Karen Interrupts Marriage Proposal, Thinks Roses Are Fake, Learns Otherwise

Karen probably just wanted a rose.
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bride marriage groom FAIL cringe relationships ridiculous tiktok - 2382342

Groom Checks Phone As Bride Walks Down Aisle

Maybe it was the nerves.
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Woman wants to un-invite friend from engagement party over an engagement ring drama.

Woman Uninvites Friend From Engagement Party Over Engagement Ring Comment

Sounds like the friend was just a bit out of line.
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Husband has gaming rage issues, gets called out, and then pitches a fit.

Husband Has Gaming Issues, Gets Called Out, Pitches Fit

He needed the wakeup call.
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Man tells his wife that he'll open separate bank account due to her spending habits.

Man Tells Wife He'll Open Separate Bank Account Amidst Finance Drama

Just a little bit of trouble in paradise.
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Wife yells at her husband because he keeps eating her food.

Wife Yells At Husband For Eating Her Food

Some trouble in paradise.
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A maid of honor decides to quit the wedding because her husband wasn't invited.

Maid Of Honor Quits Wedding Because Husband Isn't Invited

So many red flags from that bride.
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People describe their wildest wedding objection stories.

People's Wedding Objection Stories

Weddings can get out of hand very quickly.
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humor Music marriage FAIL wedding ridiculous - 106897921

Terrible DJ Ruins Awkward Silence At Wedding

Oh boy, so much yikes.
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Man gets his fiancé a lab-grown diamond ring, they wanted natural stone, proceed to pitch fit.

Man Gets Fiancé Lab-Grown Diamond Ring, Fiancé Wants Natural Stone, Pitches Fit

Talk about a serious red flag.
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Woman wants to wear a white dress to a wedding, and her husband shuts her down.

Woman Wants To Wear White Dress To Wedding, Husband Shuts Her Down

She was definitely way out there.
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