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Sister Reveals Brother's Four Illegitimate Children to Fiancé, Ruins Engagement

How many "accidents" can you have?
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Husband Demands Fifty Percent of His Wife's Business After Not Supporting Her Idea

Wife has an idea for a startup business to earn some extra income and the husband wants in when it is successful
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Bride's father rips her dress during wedding ceremony - People share stories about the worst things they've ever witnessed at weddings

35 Horrendous Stories About the Worst Things People Ever Witnessed at Weddings

You're going to want to read every one of these.
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husband leaves wife in economy class to take business class seat

Dude Ditches Wife In Economy Class, Wonders Why She's Mad

It's a 12 hour flight.
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Insecure Husband Seething, Supermarket Employee Sacked, Wife's Wishes Rebuffed

"It's a bold strategy Cotton. Let's see if it pays off for 'em."
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Jerk Husband Allows Abusive Mother-In-Law to Secretly Visit Newborn Against Wife's Wishes

"I'll take 'Decisions that get progressively worse for 500' Alex"
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Husband Insists Wife Loses Weight, Lets His Friend Gives Unsolicited Advice, Tells Her She's the Jerk

The 'Husband of the Year Award' for 2022 has already been claimed by this guy.
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AITA for bringing my own food on a family dinner at my in laws house?

Hateful In-laws Refuse to Make Salad For Son’s Vegetarian Wife, Get Offended When She Brings Her Own

They're not traditional... They're hateful.
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Snooping Mother-In-Law Caught in the Act When She Triggers Hidden Glitter Bomb, Feigns Innocence, Plays Victim

You're literally covered in evidence lady. No one believes you.
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Out of Control Waitress Hits Aggressively on Woman's Husband, Gets Fired, Woman is Blamed

The waitress just needed to take a cold shower.
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Husband Won’t Let Wife's Mother Be There When She Gives Birth, Refuses to Return From Work Trip When She Goes Into Labor

This guy's not kidding around.
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Step-son steals deceased first wife's jewellery that was intended for her daughter.

Step-Dad Presses Charges After Step-Son Steals Deceased First Wife's Heirloom Jewellery

What an absolute piece of human garbage.
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Immature guy spends his wife's money on a PS5

Entitled Immature Husband Buys Himself A PlayStation 5 With Wife’s Emergency Fund, She Gives it to Her Nephew

What a baby.
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Guy sends mlm mommy rude message on facebook when she won't leave his wife alone.

Husband Puts “MLM Mommy” In Her Place When She Refuses to Stop Attempting to Recruit His Wife

We'd probably have done the same thing.
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Guy Accidentally Convinces Wife That "Jack Frost" is a Serial Killer... For 15 Years

Jack Frost nipping at your nose.
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10 reddit text images aita for eating cake hiding from wife and kids | thumbnail grey background, slice of cake bottom right, text "Let me introduce you to a marvelous concept: decoy chocolate. You get your super special treat, you buy a large amount of the cheapest chocolate the partner/kids eat. Throw it at them and while the vultures are distracted inhale your treat."

Tired Dad Caught Eating Slice Of Cake Alone In Car, Wife Fumes At Him For Being 'Dramatic'

Next time, destroy the evidence
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