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Husband Kicked Out of Delivery Room, Goes Home and Misses Birth of Son

When a birthing mother was taken into the delivery room, she asked that only her mother and sister be allowed to enter. This took her husband by surprise as they had never discussed anything of the sort. In a dejected confusion, he decided that he was going to go home if he wasn't needed. u/aitathawayiwenthome shared this story about his experience to Reddit's r/AmItheAsshole subreddit, where it earned 15.6k upvotes and 6.7k comments. It's hard to place just precisely what went wrong during wha…
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AITA for wanting to sue my husband's sister for losing my 2k camera at the beach?

Insane Sister-In-Law Steals $2k Camera, Family Takes Her Side, Woman Seeking to File Suit

A rebuked wife seeks compensation for her $2k camera after it went missing when her Sister-in-Law took it without her permission. This wife, u/Central-Bank-4467, had to endure the loss of her camera that she uses for work after her entitled sister-in-law took it after being repeatedly told that she couldn't take it. The capstone on the affair is that her husband allowed his sister to take the camera, despite knowing how irresponsible the sister was. He is suggesting to her that “[She] get a che…
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Deranged Husband Roasted After He Secretly Records His Wife and Her Friends at "Girls Night In"

This guy is a walking, talking red flag.
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AITA for confirming for my daughter why my ex and I divorced? (March 2nd, 2022)

Mother Leaks Her Polyamorous Lifestyle on Facebook Group, Mad at Ex-Husband For Discussing it With Their Children

Social media is never private.
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Internet Supports Husband Telling His Wife She Should Get a Nose Job

The most surprising outcome of the week.
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Breadwinner Wife Emasculates Husband's Arrogant Friend, Puts Him on Blast For His Poor Behavior

Woman tells husband's friend that she makes more money than him.
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Woman Refuses to Kiss Husband's Open Wound, He Thinks She's the Crazy One

This week, Reddit user u/NatalieFox309 has turned to the ever-popular r/AmItheA**hole subreddit in a cry for help from those with outward perspectives on her absurd situation. She explains that whenever her 9-year-old son hurts himself, she is quick to offer a kiss to the injured area in order to comfort him and ease his reaction to the pain. She is quick to clarify that she does not kiss the open wound directly. She just delivers a healing peck in the wound's general vicinity. Enter stage righ…
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Unemployed Husband Steals $6000 From Roof Repair Fund and Buys Himself a New Set of Golf Clubs

That's going to go over well...
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things people's partners don't know about

People Share The Things That Their Spouse Does Not Know About

Every relationship has its own things.
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Baby-Talking Husband Abandoned at Grocery Store, Exasperated Wife Has Had Enough

Sumwun is feewing a wittle gwumpy.
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Sister Reveals Brother's Four Illegitimate Children to Fiancé, Ruins Engagement

How many "accidents" can you have?
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Husband Demands Fifty Percent of His Wife's Business After Not Supporting Her Idea

Wife has an idea for a startup business to earn some extra income and the husband wants in when it is successful
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Bride's father rips her dress during wedding ceremony - People share stories about the worst things they've ever witnessed at weddings

35 Horrendous Stories About the Worst Things People Ever Witnessed at Weddings

You're going to want to read every one of these.
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husband leaves wife in economy class to take business class seat

Dude Ditches Wife In Economy Class, Wonders Why She's Mad

It's a 12 hour flight.
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Insecure Husband Seething, Supermarket Employee Sacked, Wife's Wishes Rebuffed

"It's a bold strategy Cotton. Let's see if it pays off for 'em."
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Jerk Husband Allows Abusive Mother-In-Law to Secretly Visit Newborn Against Wife's Wishes

"I'll take 'Decisions that get progressively worse for 500' Alex"
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