A collection of times that people witnessed doomed marriages at the actual weddings.

Times People Witnessed Future Divorces At The Actual Weddings

Sometimes the couples miss the glaring warning signs.
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fiancé wants to quit job and stay at home story

Fiancé Wants To Be Childless Stay-At-Home Wife, Disagreement Ensues

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aita marriage relationships wedding Reddit dramatic - 15078405

Woman Refuses To Cut Hair For Dad's Wedding, Family Drama Ensues

Oh boy, are weddings just endlessly ripe for all kinds of conflicts between family members. There's just something about the event that inspires people to get completely possessed by their unreasonable, inner perfectionist side. The thing about trying to make sure that something ends up being perfect, is that life by its very design is imperfect. There are fails and mishaps lurking around pretty much every corner. It's only a matter of time before one thing or another falls apart. In this case …
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marriage romance relationships ridiculous food funny Video tiktok - 2671878

TikToker's Husband Proposes With Blooming Onion

Living the dream, my dude.
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Bride's sister ends up in gnarly divorce, refuses to delay her wedding, gets called out by sister.

Bride's Sister Ends Up In Divorce, Refuses To Delay Wedding, Sister Pitches Fit

The wedding dramas will never end.
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Bridesmaid gets kicked out of wedding for cutting her hair, proceeds to sue bride.

Bridesmaid Gets Kicked Out Of Wedding For Cutting Hair, Sues Bride

Should've served that lawsuit up at the altar.
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Funny marriage tweets

30 Brilliant Marriage Tweets That We Can All Agree With

Funny marriage tweets that anyone in a long term relationship will resonate with.
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Husband fails to explain to wife about mystery dress.

Wife Finds Mystery Dress In The Wash, Husband Fails To Explain It To Her

Oh boy, that's most unfortunate.
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Brother gets kicked out of engagement party for inappropriate remarks.

Groom's Brother Calls Fiancée Gold Digger, Gets Kicked Out Of Party

Just a little bit of tough timing there, man.
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A bride calls the mother-in-law pathetic for wearing white on wedding day.

Bride Calls Mother-In-Law Pathetic For Wearing White On Wedding Day

Not cool at all.
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A husband ends up disregarding his wife's request for him to not touch a lasagna that was specially prepared for a birthday.

Husband Disregards Wife's Request For Him To Leave Lasagna Alone

Eh, that wasn't the move, my dude.
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Woman thinks her husband is watching TikTok for an hour on the toilet, and consults Reddit for advice.

Mom Thinks Husband's Watching TikTok For An Hour On Toilet, Seeks Advice

Oh boy, buddy.
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Husband cheaps out on a hotel room for him and his wife, she freaks out, and then learns the truth.

Husband Cheaps Out On Hotel Room, Doesn't Tell Wife, Drama Ensues

Bet the $40 seemed worth it in hindsight.
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People describe wedding moments that showed them that the marriages definitely weren't built to last.

Wedding Moments That Told Guests The Marriages Weren't Built To Last

Some folks just definitely aren't meant to be together.
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Guy breaks up with his fiancé after it's revealed she's mean to waitstaff

Fiancé Reveals She's A Total Karen, Dude Breaks It Off

Better late than never.
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Married people describe their non-traditional marriage stories.

Married People's Unexpected Proposal Stories

Some people get very into their proposals.
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