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Wife Shuts Down Husband's Arrogant Friend, Reminds Him She Makes More Than He Does

Woman tells husband's friend that she makes more money than him.
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Bride's brother gives her $5K, she asks for $20K instead.

Bride's Brother Offers Her $5K Wedding Gift, She Asks For $20K

A surreal level of entitlement with this one.
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Wife is So BAD at Cooking That Her Husband Has to Ask Her to Stop

Guy asks his wife to stop cooking because she's so bad at it.
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Woman's estranged brother decides to get married on her wedding day, and she refuses to change her wedding date.

Woman's Estranged Brother Decides To Get Married On Her Wedding Day, She Refuses To Move Wedding

The audacity though.
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Brother-in-law gets told to leave after handing out wedding invitations at groom's wedding.

Groom's Brother-In-Law Hands Out Wedding Invitations At His Wedding, Gets Told To Leave

Dude, seriously not cool at all.
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Groom gets married twice in one year, and then acts surprised that people aren't thrilled about a second cash wedding.

Groom Gets Married Twice In One Year, Surprised People Aren't Stoked About Second Cash Wedding

Just a bit clueless there, eh.
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Man fails to check smoothie ingredients, and gets blindsided by all the creatine.

Man Fails To Check Smoothie Ingredients, Gets Blindsided By All The Creatine

So much ouch in one smoothie.
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Ex-wife demands 75% of a man's pay during a nasty divorce, he quits his job, and a petty revenge ensues.

Ex-Wife Demands 75% of Husband's Pay In Divorce, Nuclear Revenge Ensues

Fair to say he got the last laugh.
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Man Meets Future Wife In Drive-Thru Line At Dunkin Donuts, Shares Video

Love is still alive.
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Bride and groom don't pay balance due, proceed to show up to wedding venue.

Bride And Groom Don't Pay Balance Due, Show Up To Venue For Rehearsal

Bold move there.
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Sister-In-Law Claims She "Lost" $2K Camera At Beach, Refuses to Replace It

Husband's sister steals $2k Camera and "Loses" It
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Man's wife loses two rings, breaks third, and then melts down after she's confronted.

Man's Fiancée Loses Two Rings, Breaks Third, Freaks Out When Confronted

Next-level shady behavior.
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Husband says that it's embarrassing for his wife to bring cookies to the bus driver.

Wife Brings Cookies For Bus Driver, Husband Says It's Embarrassing

Dude, no.
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People that witnessed objections at weddings reveal the juicy details.

People's Wedding Objection Stories

The cringe goes through the roof during a wedding objection.
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Woman's sister marries her ex, she refuses to attend her wedding, and then her sister pitches a fit.

Woman's Sister Marries Her Ex, She Refuses To Attend Wedding, Sister Pitches Fit

Almost too ridiculous to be real life.
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Husband Demands Fifty Percent of His Wife's Business After Not Supporting Her Idea

Wife has an idea for a startup business to earn some extra income and the husband wants in when it is successful
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