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Wife Roasted For Telling Husband to Deal With Her Mother's Backhanded Comments

This wife took to the internet to see if she was in the wrong for telling her husband to deal with her mother's comments towards him and “hash things out” with her. The wife notes that her mother “is the one who usually starts” but that her husband “also escalates (sic) and refuses to let it go." Essentially, her mother is bullying her husband while he is vulnerable and trying to maintain peace at family events, and this wife is doing nothing to stand up for him. Reddit users on Reddit's r/AITA…
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Insecure Friend Tells Married Adult Friends That They Aren't Ready For Children, Shocked They're Mad

This insecure friend tried to tell their financially-secure newlywed friends that they weren't ready to have children. The internet has rebuked their comments and pointed out that they are merely projecting their own difficult situation to the tune of shades of jealousy and remorse. This thread was posted to Reddit's r/AITA (Am I the A-Hole) subreddit by the insecure friend, Redditor u/throwra_atlanna, who created a throwaway account to share this story in order to preserve their anonymity and…
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Husband Refers to His Wife's Cooking as Pig Slop, She Refuses to Cook For Him

This wife has decided that she is done cooking for her husband after she overheard him telling her father-in-law that her cooking “can only be fed to pigs not humans." Her feelings are extremely hurt but the husband claims that he had been “trying to protect her feelings” and that she “hurt him”
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Woman Disregards GF's Gift Request, Buys Her a Kitchen Appliance Instead

Peak romance.
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funny marriage tweets

Marriage Tweets To Amuse Married People And Scare Single People

It's a commitment.
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Husband Insists His Mother is Present For the Birth of Child, Wife Doesn't Want Her There

This husband told his wife that he wanted his mother to be present for the birth of their child. When their first child was born her mother was present as support for her daughter. Now the husband thinks that since she “got to choose” who was present last time he should get to choose this time. His wife told him he was crazy and now he's upset, who is in the wrong here? This thread was posted on Reddit's r/AITA subreddit by the wife, u/GoldSun777, who is appealing to the readers to see who is b…
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times people knew their relationship was done

The Instant People Knew Their Relationship Was Over

There's a hint.
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Husband Cries When Wife Plans Pregnancy Surprise

When this wife discovered she was pregnant, she devised a plot to surprise her husband (who was yet unaware) with the news. Little did she know… Her husband had discovered the hidden pregnancy test by accident and assumed the worst, aided by some deep-seated trauma. It takes a lot to bring a man to tears in a public restroom… It's something we tend to try to avoid, so hats off to this wife for achieving something quite extraordinary anyways. It seems that, more often than not, these types of su…
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Husband Tells Wife She Needs Boob Job, She Tells Him He Needs A Job, He Plays Victim

The instigator and aggressor is not the victim.
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Bride Gets Roasted When She Tries to Justify Telling Her Fiancé He Can't Honor His Dead Son at Their Wedding

Maybe it's time to call this wedding off.
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Husband Tired of Waiting, Ditches Wife at Mall

Everyone with a "chronically late" partner has wanted to do this.
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Internet Roasts Husband Who Demanded His Wife Pack Lunches For His Coworkers

The internet is astounded that this husband could be so immature as to ask his wife to pack lunches for his coworkers. Even though his wife loves cooking and packing her husband's lunches, her affection does not extend to these complete strangers. The wife, Reddit user u/ThrowAITApackedlunch, posted the topic to Reddit's r/AmIthea**hole subreddit this week following the confrontation with her husband. She has appealed to commenters to see whether or not she is in the wrong for refusing to pack…
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Internet Applauds Woman When She Gives Birth to Child Without Telling Husband

A woman gave birth to her third child without even notifying her husband that she was going into labor. This puzzling situation arose after the couple had a falling out over the Mother-in-Law's insistence that the couple name the child “Francine” after her grandmother. This thread was posted by the wife, Redditor u/Significant_Tip_59 (OP), to the r/AmItheA**hole subreddit following the conflict, birth of her child, and subsequent disputes. He husband was determined to take his mother's side and…
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AITA for evicting my sister and her daughters after the hid my wife's wig and embarrassed her?

Husband's Sister and Niece Evicted After They Hide Cancer Patient Wife's Wig in Cruel "Prank"

A humiliated wife locked herself, crying, in the bathroom following a cruel “prank” that was played on her by her niece and sister-in-law. When her husband arrived home he was swift in his retribution and sent his sister and her daughter packing.
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husband gains 10 pounds and wife is not tolerating it

Wife Complains To Internet That She Can No Longer See Her Husband's Abs

Oh boy.
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things people hate about their partner

Things People Hate The Most About Their Significant Other

Relationships are about compromise.
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