AITA for leaving my family in "squalor" and going to a "resort". | So let's begin with this. I make decent money but I am in no way rich. I like to take my family on vacation and have been stymied for the last couple of years.

"I got sick of it.': Guy ditches entitled in-laws after endless complaints about a holiday HE paid for

When you finance a vacation for your wife's entire family, you might expect to receive at least one or two words of thanks and gratitude. Well, sometimes the expectation doesn't quite align with reality, and sometimes it really doesn't align. This is how it was when u/Murky_Ad_193 decided to bankroll the entirety of a Disney getaway for their in-laws. They paid for everything , right down to a “McMansion” for the family to stay in, groceries, and a rental truck for them to get around in. But, a…
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'He kept complaining about how the cat was annoying him': Husband secretly sells wife's cat and gets kicked out

When you adopt a pet, you sign a moral agreement to love it unconditionally and take care of it to the very best of your capability and ability. It's no small thing, taking on responsibility for another living thing. That's why it's something that is best not done lightly, lest you find yourself unprepared and incapable of taking care of the said living thing. It sometimes happens despite careful research and preparation, circumstances change, and we find ourselves needing desperately to re-hom…
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AITA for refusing to delete a recording I have of my brother-in-law's wife telling me my husband was only tolerating me now because I was pregnant?

Woman Records Brother-in-Law's Wife Being Nasty, Threatens to Expose Her So She Leaves Her Alone

Nothing like recording your evil in-laws and threatening to expose them to your partner for who they really are!
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Desperate Woman Bombards Her Boyfriend Working at Target, Demanding Marriage Immediately

This has some serious Walmart energy
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AITA for ripping up a check in front of my husband?

'I pulled the check out and ripped it up': Pregnant wife learns husband used her parents' baby money to buy a PlayStation

This pregnant woman learned that her husband, who only works part-time, purchased a Playstation with one of the checks her parents gave them for expenses related to the baby. Perhaps he thought that money applied to him since he was acting like an infant himself!
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AITA for not wanting my mom's husband at my wedding after what he said about our proposal video?

Guy Defends Fiancé by Not Inviting Stepfather to Their Wedding, Causes Family to Implode

One must wonder if stepfather Richard goes by his nickname because it suits him!
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AITA for telling my niece that she had potential and everything could've worked out for her too?

Horrible Aunt Tells Niece She Has the Potential To Be Just Like Her Daughter

This woman told her very successful niece she has the potential to be just like her daughter and is completely oblivious as to why that was rude.
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Wife Tricks Man-Child Husband Into Thinking Her Cooking is His Mother's, Tantrum Ensues

We've seen a lot of picky eaters, man-children, and food deception in AITA posts, but this one has managed to combine all three. This absolute penultimate dingus has somehow managed to convince himself that the only food he can possibly eat is his mother's to the extent that she hand delivers meals to him every SINGLE night of the week except for the night that they go to her house. Don't get me wrong, I love my mother's cooking (hi Mom), and I would love to have this arrangement… but none of t…
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AITAH for being upset my SIL cut my 11 month old son's hair for the first time and hanging up on her apology?

Mother Picks up Her 11-Month-Old From Her Sister-in-law, Only To Find That She Gave Him a Disgusting Haircut

If I were this mother, I'd refuse to accept her apology too.
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Foreign Bride Gets Prolonged Revenge on Scamming Army-Serviceman Ex-Husband

When this US Army enlisted married a German bride, he insisted that they settle in his home country. He agreed to help with handling her immigration papers to the US, and after an arduous and drawn-out moving process, the two began their journey. Except the husband hadn't done any of the immigration documents, he had promised he would. “Little did I know, my ex-husband did not do a single bit of research or even did his part for my immigration process, and I wasn't able to set foot on the plane…
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AITA for not going outside to see my husband's family when they show up unannounced

Woman's In-laws Keep Showing Up to Her Home Unannounced

Sometimes, in-laws have zero understanding of personal space.
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Woman Sneaks Out of Restaurant When Fiancé Tells Her to Pay For Him and His Friends

This thread was posted to Reddit's r/AITA (Am I the A-Hole) subreddit by Reddit user u/Throwaway795571 who shared her story to the popular subreddit with the title “AITA for sneaking out of the restaurant after my fiance told me to pay for his and his friends meal?”
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Woman Calls Police When Boyfriend's Ex Abandons Her Child With Them

This mother failed to show up to collect her child after leaving This couple agreed to watch the boyfriend's ex's kid on the grounds that she pick him up by 9am the next morning. “NTA," voted user Temporary Badger. "I’m very glad you called because this woman very much needs CPS to be keeping an eye on the health and safety of her child.” “I can’t even tell you the amount of times we were given him early in the morning and you could tell his diaper hadn’t been changed since he’d gone to sleep t…
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Update: Meat-Loving Groom Secretly Cancels Vegan Meals, Bride Cancels Wedding and Leaves Him

This bride discovered that her fiancé had gone behind her back and canceled the vegan meals that she had ordered. This put the couple in a dicey situation and ultimately would lead to the bride calling the marriage off completely.
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Wife Serves Fake Meat to Meat-Loving Husband and Son, They Freak Out, Sparks Voracious Online Debate

This wife and her daughters decided to play a trick on the male members of the household, who held a ridiculous disdain for any meat alternatives. (They clearly have been taking one too many pages out of Ron Swanson's book.)
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Bridal Shower Bikini Brings Bristling Tensions to Family Affair

Reddit might have been wrong on this one.
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