news wtf english interesting language lol accent funny - 107347969

Irish Shepherd's Accent Is Absolutely Immense

Yeah, what he said.
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Music email funk lol goofy scam funny weird - 107511041

Musician Turns Scam Email Into Funk Opera

Honestly it's the only acceptable way to respond.
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employees maliciously comply with CEO's wishes in funny stories

Employees Get The Best Of Unhinged CEO In Saga of Malicious Compliance

Masterfully crafted.
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fashion jokes ironic t shirts lol shirt silly dumb funny - 15487749

Ironic, Misplaced and Absurd Shirts

Wear it on your sleeve.
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funny memes for millennials

Millennial Memes For The Aching Backbone of The Economy

Get back to looking at memes.
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funny DIY fixes

Funny Low Budget Fixes and DIY Solutions

Some are genius. Some.
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funny tumblr posts

Random Tumblr Gems That Glint In The Moonlight

There's always something new to learn or complain about.
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things young people won't have to do because technology has changed

Things Kids These Days Will Never Experience

We're all shaped by inconvenience.
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funny literally accurate moments

Literally Accurate Moments So Funny They Figuratively Hurt

That's right, sort of.
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wtf screaming seal seal scream tom hanks yelling seal scream six lol funny weird Video animals - 107508481

Seal Screams Like Tom Hanks

Now if only they could get it to say "Wilson."
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mass effect editing movies lol austin powers video games funny - 107508225

Austin Powers In Mass Effect Is The Mashup We Didn't Know We Needed

Everybody may like their own brand, but these two together are magic.
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funny weird history moments

Wild Historical Moments That Are Too Bizarre To Seem Real

History. It's a lot.
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people who didn't understand jokes

Misguided Individuals Who Aggressively Didn't Get Jokes

Yeah, they're the dumb one.
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musician choosing beggar reverse on horse person

Musician Pulls Ultimate Reverse Uno On Entitled Horse Person

Absolutely flawless.
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funny unlicensed halloween costumes

Funny Unlicensed Costumes To Make A So-So Impression This Halloween

"Come with me, and you'll see, a world of copyright evasion"
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dumb and funny things kids did

Funny Signs Kids Are Dumb As Heck

Who knows, maybe they'll turn out okay.
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