funny tweets and tumblr gems

Funny Tweets and Tumblr Gems To Kick Things Up A Few Notches

Ah, the unstoppable river of people's thoughts.
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scooby doo wtf wheel of fortune impression lol weird - 107506433

Pat Sajak's Scooby Doo Impression Is Violently Off-Putting

Like, wow.
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woman with double mastectomy told to wear bra in pool, she wears it on head

Woman With Double Mastectomy Told To Wear Bra In Pool, Malicious Compliance Ensues

Beautiful work.
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weird compliments

The Strangest Compliments People Received

"Uh, thanks?"
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stupid funny pro tips

Stupid Life Pro Tips To Really Jack Up Your Life

Please don't.
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funny lazy not my job moments

"Not My Job" Moments of Professional Entropy

All things slide.
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small things that made people drunk on power

The Smallest Amounts Of Power People Got Drunk On

"Respect my authority over the copier."
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Internet service provider proven wrong when they try to access a rural customer

Internet Company Refuses To Cancel Service, Rural Customer Proves Them Wrong

Good old internet service providers. What won't they try?
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japanese mascots getting stuck in things

Japanese Mascots Getting Stuck In Things

Is there a mascot for "getting stuck in things?"
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funny security guard tumblr

Tumblr Thread: Security Guard Hilariously Explains Why Heist Movies Don't Make Sense

It's impossible to plan around tactless incompetence.
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Twitter thread story of dad's abandoned plane in India

Twitter Thread: Dude Tells The Tale of The Abandoned Plane At An Indian Airport

What a wild ride.
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wtf lol 90s weird stupid dinosaurs t rex - 107496193

The Trailer For The Forgotten Woopi Goldberg Dinosaur Buddy Cop Movie

Wow, it's kinda like Bright.
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low baller wants guitar neck changed but doesn't want to pay for it

Low Baller Wants Guitar Built, Doesn't Understand Why That Should Cost Money

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line cutters at border get instant karma

Line Cutters At Border Get Instant Customs Karma

Well, isn't it the consequences of my actions.
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FAIL shopping cart lol truck Target stupid - 107494657

A Classic And Beautiful Shopping Cart Mishap

Absolutely flawless.
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funny memes about food

Food Memes To Satiate Our Deep Hunger For Laughter

And also fries.
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