Chad and his minions are rude so a poetic revenge is had on them by server | Sweet poetic karma 4 whiny pre-teens who didn't like their table ATTA Long Edit: Yes pre-teens title is major leap don't know their age second. They could even be Benjamin Button. STOP ASKING. Edit 2: This story is now on YouTube! Go give Hellfreezer like and subscribe! About year ago remember restaurant used work notable sports bar playing VERY important football match. Arguably most important season.

Chad And Minions Are Rude To Server, Poetic Justice Ensues

Chad learned his lesson.
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Awful customers get fired over their nasty behavior.

Awful Customers Get Fired For Their Behavior

Sweet justice.
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Landlord tries to rip tenant off, so they end up paying over six grand | r/ProRevenge u/SnooOwls1775 6d Join 1 1 Landlord tries rip off 400, ends up having pay over £6.5k Last year moved out house had rented 5 years with no problems always had good relationship with landlord. There are 2 relevant bits background this story: 1 UK, where live standard practice renting house is sign tenancy agreement year. At end year, if want stay house and landlord is happy with can just do nothing and tenancy wi

Landlord Tries To Rip Tenant Off, Ends Up Paying Over $6.5K

Serves that landlord right.
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Some noisy neighbors get properly silenced.

Noisy Neighbors Get Silenced

Serves them right.
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A greedy company man tries to screw over a union and it backfires terribly.

Greedy Company Man Tries To Screw Over Union, It Backfires

Not this time, Willard.
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A woman calls out some café owners for shady business practices.

Woman Calls Out Café Owners For Shady Practices

Those owners asked for it.
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Nasty neighbors won't be considerate of neighbor over a heater situation, so a pro revenge takes place. | r/ProRevenge Join u/VloekenenVentileren 2h 1 2 1 e2 S 1 1 Don't wanna turn down heating unit make sure start day freezing cold. So this story takes place only few weeks ago live on first floor cornerbuilding and ground floor this building is general commercial unit had been vacant about year changed december 2020. At point national post service rented out building as temporary place where me

Neighbors Won't Turn Down Heating Unit, They Pay The Price

Should've just played nice.
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Landlord won't replace mailbox key, so tenant takes petty revenge. | r/pettyrevenge Join u/gladimanonymous 3d 1 2 7 e1 3 8 Landlord didn't want replace mailbox key (Not my story, but my boyfriend's) My boyfriend rented room apartment with 3 other guys he didn't know beforehand sucky landlord landlord did many sucky things, and he so deserved this and more story guys already lived there my bf moved and somehow they broke key mailbox before my bf moved with them. They had mailed landlord asking

Landlord Won't Replace Mailbox Key, Tenant Takes Revenge

Lazy landlords are the worst.
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chess master Levy Rozman awesome video

Chess International Master Levy Rozman Destroys Blatant Cheater

Don't play games with the master.
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Karen rages at a grocery store employee, so another customer has their back. | r/pettyrevenge Join u/SkyBlueCorgi17 3d No black eyed peas Karens So live South (Texas specifically and down here there's tradition every good southern home makes and eats black eyed peas New Years s supposed bring good luck coming year not crazy superstitious but not taking any chances with 2021. Well being organized human am left this until last minute and only remembered

Karen Rages At Innocent Grocery Store Employee, Other Customer Takes Petty Revenge

Karen learned her lesson.
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Boss wants employee to take breaks at certain times, so a malicious compliance ensues. | r/MaliciousCompliance Join u/Vizslaman Only Take Breaks Tell Sure, No Problem M used work at call center where would get flooded with calls constantly. This is story busy body boss thought they understood everything since they were charge. At work were given two 15 minute breaks and one 45 minute lunch break breaks were scheduled into our day so could see they would be, but this would

Boss Demands Employee To Take Breaks When Told To, Malicious Compliance Ensues

The boss got what they asked for.
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A terrible, toxic, micromanager owner gets outed by an ex-employee and has to end up paying $50,000 | r/ProRevenge posted by melindee Revenge tune 50000+ on owner who wrongfully fired This is lengthy story happened around 6 years ago applied job as bar manager at new restobar opened up my area Ontario, Canada

Toxic Bar Owner Gets Outed By Employee To The Tune Of $50,000

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Girl's ex buys himself a gift, gives it to her, and then petty revenge ensues. | r/pettyrevenge Join u/ImOnAnAllCarbDiet 5d 5 1 S 7 8 3 Ex bought himself gift as gift So did same This happened couple Christmases ago but someone told post this story here so Here am. About 4 months before Christmas 2018, my boyfriend at time accidentally spilt drink on his laptop and wrecked thing. He couldn't afford new one and his main source entertainment, so said he could borrow mine since didn't use often.

Ex Buys Himself Gift As Gift To Girlfriend, Petty Revenge Ensues

Dude brought this on himself.
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An entitled neighbor threatens a family and their dogs, and ends up getting evicted | r/ProRevenge post by Pikatira Entitled Neighbor threaten dogs and break. Years ago, my mother and had just moved new dog friendly apartment complex had 2 dogs, one bichon shih tzu and other is terrier poodle mix. Because them were excited community dog park right next our building. Also note, our who building filled with dog owners, each with dogs ranging small huge. Our apartment on first floor back building

Entitled Neighbor Threatens Family's Dogs, Gets Evicted

Serves this entitled nightmare right!
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A rude customer can't handle rejection, asks for manager, gets surprised. | r/MaliciousCompliance Join u/luridfox At closing time am still manager M So 19 at time and shift supervisor at local sub shop (Planet Sub This my first supervisory/ managerial position and shy and generally insecure at time am amazed had gall do this be fair had been LONG day, and had second job would give more hours if wanted.

Entitled Customer Expects Restaurant To Stay Open Late, Can't Handle Rejection

Sounds like a real valuable customer.
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revenge on package mail thief with glitter bomb on porch

Package Thieves And Porch Pirates Get Defeated By Glitter Bomb

Back at it again.
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