Guy tries to skip out on full payment to a freelancer, and it ends up not working out for him at all.

Cheap Client Messes With The Wrong Freelancer

Serves that dude right.
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Man tries to stiff IT employee on payment and ends up being served a mechanics lien.

Man Tries To Stiff IT Employee On Payment, Gets Served Mechanics Lien

Serves Tony right.
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Half brothers threaten to sue woman over $16K, it costs them $158K and possibly their parents' marriage.

Half Brothers Threaten To Sue Woman Over $16K, Costs Them $158K

Oh boy, they got their comeuppance.
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Neighbor tells a grandpa to mind his own business, and it almost ends up costing him part of his yard and a car.

Neighbor Tells Gramps To Mind His Own Business, Costs Him Most Of His Yard And Car

Neighbor got exactly what he asked for.
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A slumlord won't let a company out of a five year lease, so the building proceeds to get condemned.

Slumlord Won't Let Company Out Of 5 Year Lease, Gets Just Deserts

Always nice to see a shady slumlord get their rightful comeuppance.
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A belligerent neighbor damages a family's car, refuses to own up, and then it backfires terribly.

Belligerent Neighbor Damages Family's Car, Refuses To Own Up, Backfires Terribly

Get a load of this guy.
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A teen calls her aunt out at dinner for having a favorite child.

Teen Calls Aunt Out At Dinner For Having Favorite Kid

Uh oh, drama at the dinner table.
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quit your bullshit satisfying FAIL ridiculous funny Video karma flying - 107248385

Exasperated 747 Pilot Calls Out All The Liars On TikTok

He's had enough.
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Wife gets fired from her job, company won't make good on her last paycheck, so a scary letter ensues.

Wife Gets Canned, Company Won't Make Good On Last Paycheck, Scary Letter Ensues

Hopefully they learned their lesson.
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Engineering students successfully truck-proof a vulnerable mailbox.

Truck Vandalizes Mailbox, Engineering Students Craft Superhero Mailbox

Get that mailbox a cape.
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A manager insists on screwing an employee over, and then they get their promotion taken away.

Manager Screws Employee Over, Gets Promotion Taken Away

Shouldn't have played that game, man.
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A greedy landlord raises the rent so that his tenants don't renew their lease, and then he gets what he deserves.

Greedy Landlord Raises Rent So Tenants Don't Renew Lease, Gets What He Deserves

Yeah, that one didn't play out too well there, bud.
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A collection of petty revenge stories from people that went full petty mode.

Petty Revenges From The World's Pettiest Masterminds

Their pettiness knows no bounds.
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An enraged customer vastly underestimates who they're talking to during an altercation over a computer.

Belligerent Customer Claims To Know Owner, Customer Gets Exposed

Yeah, nice try.
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Landlord attempts to backtrack on a deal, doesn't return security deposit, and then karma comes around to collect.

Landlord Tries To Backtrack On Deal, Doesn't Return Deposit, Karma Comes To Collect

Karma always comes back around.
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Man kicks his sister-in-law out of the party for bringing a fake service dog with her.

Man Kicks SIL Out Of Party For Bringing Fake Service Dog

She wasn't technically alone for the ride home.
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