A spicy customer demands that a restaurant cut their burrito in half, and the restaurant does just that.

Customer Asks Restaurant To Cut Burrito In Half, Restaurant Maliciously Complies

Serves that dude right.
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Landlord attempts to backtrack on a deal, doesn't return security deposit, and then karma comes around to collect.

Landlord Tries To Backtrack On Deal, Doesn't Return Deposit, Karma Comes To Collect

Karma always comes back around.
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Man kicks his sister-in-law out of the party for bringing a fake service dog with her.

Man Kicks SIL Out Of Party For Bringing Fake Service Dog

She wasn't technically alone for the ride home.
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Former landlord has the audacity to tell lies to keep a tenant's security deposit, and then ends up getting reported to the IRS.

Former Landlord Tells Lies To Keep Deposit, Gets Reported To IRS For Tax Fraud

Shady landlords are relentless.
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A rude customer refuses to move their car, so karmic justice ensues.

Rude Customer Won't Move Car, Karmic Justice Ensues

Tough luck, bud.
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Woman gets targeted by a clique of nasty coworkers, and then a petty revenge ensues.

Woman Gets Targeted By Clique Of Nasty Coworkers, Petty Revenge Ensues

Should've just played nice.
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Scammer pretends to be dude's neighbor, so dude wastes scammer's time. t

Scammer Pretends To Be Man's Neighbor, Man Wastes Scammer's Time

Gave them a righteous taste of their own medicine.
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Landlord refuses to return a tenant's deposit, gets taken to court, appeals, and then loses everything.

Landlord Refuses To Return Deposit, Gets Taken To Court, Appeals, Loses Everything

Landlord absolutely brought it on himself.
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A belligerent customer gets rightful comeuppance from auto salvage yard employee.

Rude Customer Gets Comeuppance From Auto Salvage Yard Employee

The Dad card always wins.
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A young, egotistical hotshot talks smack to his boss and then gets humbled quickly.

Egotistical Hotshot Unknowingly Talks Smack To Boss, Gets Humbled Quickly

Lesson absolutely was learned.
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A mean step dad tricks his kid out of a computer, so the kid tricks him out of a car | r/ProRevenge Join u/thekungfupanda 6h 1 1 1 1 4 1 Trick out my laptop give car. 13 years ago my late teens, living on my own and really struggling live financially. One few possessions had an old laptop. My laptop had stopped working properly and while fairly proficient using computer had no idea about fixing them did bit searching on internet but couldn't get working so ask my step dad take look. He has quick

Mean Step Dad Tricks Kid Out Of Laptop, Kid Takes His Car

Oh, he owned him.
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Server reports their coworker for contaminating a customer's food.

Server Reports Coworker For Contaminating Customer's Food

What an absolute mess.
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Brother learns his lesson in the value of not antagonizing the chef. | marisatomay my brother has been criticizing all day and he told if wasn't happy could go somewhere else so wouldn't ruin everyone else's dinner so took massive bowl pasta special sauce spent last 2 hours making scratch whole family and left marisatomay really is incredibly bold mercilessly criticize person who is not only making dinner but also holding knife

Tumblr Post: Brother Learns Lesson In Not Irritating The Chef

Power move.
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A shady slumlord refuses to give a tenant back their security deposit, so the tenant puts the slumlord out of business.

Slumlord Refuses To Give Tenant Security Deposit, Tenant Puts Slumlord Out Of Business

That slumlord didn't know who they were playing with.
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Man's almost mother in law unrightfully fires him, so he takes a nuclear revenge.

Man Gets Unrightfully Fired By Almost Mother-In-Law, Nuclear Revenge Ensues

Oh boy, she got her comeuppance.
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A doctor friend judges a guy for being an engineer, and then gets rightfully called out.

Doctor Judges Guy For Being An Engineer, Gets Called Out

Seems like a fair call out.
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