revenge on package mail thief with glitter bomb on porch

Package Thieves And Porch Pirates Get Defeated By Glitter Bomb

Back at it again.
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Guy flakes on a car sale, so a couple coders decide to take a pro revenge. | recruited an unwitting army annoy an asshole. Back early 90's, my friend call him "Lou because 's his name selling his RX-7 via an ad old print Auto Trader came out every Thursday, so first weekend critical sales very first guy came see on Saturday said he wanted buy after driving course, he had finance, so they couldn't finish sale during weekend. Lou worried about losing all bites new ad, so he asked deposit 500 guy

Guy Flakes On Car Sale, Coders Take Wicked Pro Revenge

Up to 240 calls an hour.
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A temp tries to get an employee fired behind their back, and ends up failing miserably | r/ProRevenge Join u/ManElegant 3y temp barely knew actively trying get fired behind my back. Jeeprs this blew up haven't time today but will make my business reply all questions next few days. This happened while ago but decided post today as she rang member office and used threat unfair dismissal claim if she wasn't given good reference. Not sure if belongs here or not. TL:DR An office temp l'd spoken

Temp Tries To Get Employee Fired Behind Their Back, Fails Miserably

See ya later.
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Entitled landlord refuses to pay for electricity during winter | Take away our heat and electricity during winter? Enjoy losing job and paying thousands Repost) NOTE:This post is owned by u/lillesdaddy TL;DR at bottom regretfully got an apartment with is my opinion worst landlord ever. This man will call entitled dick or ED, has audacity call himself good person court. Let fill got an apartment shortly after being released prison. Happy someone gonna give chance improve my life. This clearly not

Landlord Won't Pay For Electricity During Winter, Nuclear Revenge Ensues

Worst landlord ever.
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A wallet thief ends up getting busted by a clever glitter trap | r/pettyrevenge Join u/Scarlet-absol13 17h 1 1 3 7 3 8 Steal My Wallet? Enjoy getting caught literally red-handed and losing job work at supermarket and while few years back, stuff would get stolen out people's bags break room mostly cash, phone chargers, headphones, little things like did have little lockers break room but they're maybe 30 cm by 30 cm (1 ft by 1 ft) and too small hold anything larger than medium sized purse so if

Wallet Thief Gets Busted By Glitter Trap

The nerve on this one.
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Bank manager won't be reasonable, so older siblings get involved | r/pettyrevenge Join u/Nefirzum 21h 1 3 3 Don't mess with my family lul did not do revenge but made New at this and not English so sorry spelling. TLDR at bottom. Background grew up almost exactly between two small villages and C. Since our house belonged same postal route as village did all our postal and banking village. Even went school village CI still did banking etc eventually got job and apartment CI went do my banking

Bank Manager Insists On Being Unreasonable, Older Siblings Get Involved

Unreasonable banks are the worst.
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Man decides to flip the script on his nasty neighbors | r/ProRevenge u/ChickenFashionShow 15h Join 6 3 14 did my neighbor they did others start bought house with intention doing flip moved self appointed "block aptain" let know who they were first day. Sadly, they were my next door neighbors tried be friendly but listening them realized horrible they were and tried keep still be civil. My significant other kept saying "just wait be our turn."

Man Flips The Script On Nightmare Neighbors

Oh boy, they had it coming.
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Family bands together for pro revenge | r/ProRevenge Join u/BrigadoonRoseFall Farm Folk vs City Crew Hello all! My nieces and nephews have decided as cool auntie, must master this thing called reddit with stories my youth hope all enjoy seeing story written out as much as they've enjoyed hearing over years.

Women Try To Take Advantage Of Campground Fare, It Backfires

Man, you just love to see a family come together.
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Landlord unsuccessfully tries to keep the security deposit, and it backfires on them | r/pettyrevenge Join u/Anotherminion1 Landlord "Always" Keeps Security Deposits? Game On! Please be gentle s my first story. Many moons ago, after my divorce saved up enough money move my apartment building with 12 units) and buy house really excited and told my favorite neighbor. He told not even bother trying get my security deposit back because landlord never returned security deposits

Landlord Tries To Keep Security Deposit, Petty Revenge Ensues

All landlords just need to play by the rules.
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Department lead throws employee under bus, gets their comeuppance | r/ProRevenge u/Limecherrry Join Department Lead threw under bus and got suspended. Background work with Client services center and do Project Planning and Over-site have privileges and security clearances which not even low- management have but no authority delegate tasks or make requests. This is important because low level manager can order pull client-restricted data they normally don't have access too. While they have go

Department Lead Throws Employee Under Bus, Gets Their Comeuppance

Serves Tammy right.
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A shady landlord gets defeated by a moral enforcer | r/ProRevenge u/lilliesdaddy wont give up til are no longer landlord Special thanks reditter who helped learn proper formatting. u/Rhamona_Q. Warning! This is long read but comments indicate may be worth time read regretfully got an apartment with is my opinion worst landlord ever. This man will call entitled dick or ED, has audacity call himself good person court. Let fill got an apartment shortly after being released prison. Happy

Shady Landlord Defeated By Moral Enforcer

Never give up.
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Kid keeps vandalizing dad's mailbox, so dad and his neighbors hatch plan to build indestructible mailbox | r/ProRevenge Join u/burner_john_doe ly 30 yrs later and they are still standing TL:DR At end grew up on country road with 4 houses. Our mailboxes were on main road. Someone kept vandalizing four mailboxes by driving through them breaking posts recall replacing mailboxes few times on weekends. After 4-5 times, my dad and neighbors hatched plan. My dad told go bed early have lot work do

Kid Keeps Vandalizing Mailbox, Dad Builds Indestructible Mailbox

Indestructible mailboxes always get the job done.
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Students end up getting their just deserts for messing with a teacher's plants | r/ProRevenge Join u/Zeldaspellfactory 1y Just Desserts Destroying Teachers' Plants This happened my father, not find rather funny and definitely ProRevenge. My father teacher. He taught several subjects during his career, and spent last fifteen years teaching science. He spent most his career teaching more difficult students. One year teachers were all upset because students kept killing their plants by ripping off

Students Mess With Teacher's Plants, Teacher Takes Pro Revenge

Don't mess with the plants, kids.
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A supervisor belittles a dishwasher, and ends up suffering for it as a result | r/ProRevenge u/TheOnlySez 17h JOIN 5 3 5 Supervisor belittles make him suffer Strap This is long one! Note: All names have been changed privacy reasons those who don't know about my old job my don't work here" story got job back

Supervisor Talks Down To Dishwasher, Ends Up Suffering

Chad was playing with fire.
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A fairly aggressive girlfriend steals from a guy's bank account, so her academic career takes a nosedive | r/ProRevenge u/justwaititgetsbetter 2d Join 8 N 7 e 3 "Fairly aggressive" girlfriend stole my bank account, so sent her academic career into nosedive senior at large state university. This happened first semester my freshman year selected an honors-type program placed co-ed dorm building with every other student program. As dumb freshman rushed into

Aggressive Girlfriend Steals From Bank Account, Pro Revenge Ensues

Yikes on yikes.
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People share stories of folks that they saw face karmic justice in the end | mikesername 8y Kind short story. Kid met sixth grade became kind is friend but is really secretly bully" type with knew he going fail sixth grade first grade my school system could really actually "fail" and get held back so he did saw him couple times hall after but haven't really heard him since. He used talk about he wouldn't mind being jail at all, because get lots cole slaw there and he likes cole slaw. Hopefully h

People That Faced Karmic Justice Years Later

Sweet karmic justice.
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