A young, egotistical hotshot talks smack to his boss and then gets humbled quickly.

Egotistical Hotshot Unknowingly Talks Smack To Boss, Gets Humbled Quickly

Lesson absolutely was learned.
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A mean step dad tricks his kid out of a computer, so the kid tricks him out of a car | r/ProRevenge Join u/thekungfupanda 6h 1 1 1 1 4 1 Trick out my laptop give car. 13 years ago my late teens, living on my own and really struggling live financially. One few possessions had an old laptop. My laptop had stopped working properly and while fairly proficient using computer had no idea about fixing them did bit searching on internet but couldn't get working so ask my step dad take look. He has quick

Mean Step Dad Tricks Kid Out Of Laptop, Kid Takes His Car

Oh, he owned him.
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Server reports their coworker for contaminating a customer's food.

Server Reports Coworker For Contaminating Customer's Food

What an absolute mess.
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Brother learns his lesson in the value of not antagonizing the chef. | marisatomay my brother has been criticizing all day and he told if wasn't happy could go somewhere else so wouldn't ruin everyone else's dinner so took massive bowl pasta special sauce spent last 2 hours making scratch whole family and left marisatomay really is incredibly bold mercilessly criticize person who is not only making dinner but also holding knife

Tumblr Post: Brother Learns Lesson In Not Irritating The Chef

Power move.
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A shady slumlord refuses to give a tenant back their security deposit, so the tenant puts the slumlord out of business.

Slumlord Refuses To Give Tenant Security Deposit, Tenant Puts Slumlord Out Of Business

That slumlord didn't know who they were playing with.
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Man's almost mother in law unrightfully fires him, so he takes a nuclear revenge.

Man Gets Unrightfully Fired By Almost Mother-In-Law, Nuclear Revenge Ensues

Oh boy, she got her comeuppance.
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A doctor friend judges a guy for being an engineer, and then gets rightfully called out.

Doctor Judges Guy For Being An Engineer, Gets Called Out

Seems like a fair call out.
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Parking lot bully takes someone else's parking space, so a petty revenge ensues. | r/pettyrevenge Join u/Rathgalra 18h 2 S 3 4 Snipe my parking spot? Fine. TLDR: Snipe parking space? Okay Driver don't need go only my passenger does. Hope don't have anywhere be immediate future. This happened over decade ago running errands with my grandmother, and, due her declining health driving got post office strip-mall so she could get book stamps, and had been patiently waiting an end spot just about open

Parking Lot Bully Snipes Driver's Parking Space, Petty Revenge Ensues

A lesson was learned that day.
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A lazy manager lies to get out of work, gets caught sleeping, employee gets promoted.

Lazy Manager Gets Caught Lying, Employee Gets Promoted

Serves that manager right.
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A scoundrel keeps running down a family's mailbox, so they create an invincible mailbox | r/ProRevenge u/Punch_Drunk_AA 4y Join New mailbox, 20 bucks. New car 10k. Finally place post this story. My best friend and are both sons police officers. His dad Highway Patrolman and mine Deputy Sheriff and detective. They are both retired now and living comfortably. This story happened shortly after both graduated high school about 15 years ago. My buddy and grew up rural area and most part very quiet

Scoundrel Runs Down Family's Mailbox, Family Creates Invincible Mailbox

The steel mailbox always wins.
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Karen ends up shredding employee's leave requests, bites her in the butt.

Karen Shreds Employee's Leave Requests

Karen had it coming.
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Loud neighbors insist on depriving family of good restful sleep, so kids take revenge | r/pettyrevenge u/wolfmutt want deprive our whole culdesac sleep years with loud music middle night? Let us be alarm clock morning bad at titles, excuse Since were but smol babs, our neighbors, their kids and their friends have had this lovely habit either driving into or straight tearing into neighborhood with no regard safety and well-being themselves or rest us and blasting pop and rap music their

Loud Neighbors Deprive Family Of Sleep, Kids Take Revenge

Loud neighbors are the worst.
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An impatient Karen tries to order pizza, and proceeds to get caught in an infinity loop.

Impatient Karen Tries To Order Pizza, Gets Caught In Infinity Loop

Karen's blood pressure must've been through the roof.
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TV gets damaged in transit, so company proceeds to lose millions | r/ProRevenge Join u/Champion5 3y Damage my TV transit and deny claim? No more shipments Not sure if this is "Pro" quality but some have asked post this here since they think is. 10 years ago moved my job had forgot about one my TV's back home and asked my dad ship on my companies account since they paid my move couple days later delivery driver Shipping Company drops off box heavily damaged so didn't sign He waited while

TV Gets Damaged In Transit, Company Loses Millions

Should've just coughed up that money.
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Chad doesn't want to waste his time on cheap customers, and ends up regretting it.

Chad Doesn't Want To Waste Time On "Cheap" Customers, Learns His Lesson

Chad should've just played nice.
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Naive young business owners fire guy with the patents, so the guy sells design to competitors | r/ProRevenge Join u/kibufox 9h Don't fire guy who holds patents. This is not my story present sure, but did not see all personally. Rather, this is my father's story. So, some context. My father had degree mechanical engineering. Either masters, or doctorate had taken him years get, and he very proud Thanks his training, he had found his way working many well known companies; working primarily with

Naive Owners Fire Man With The Patents, Man Sells Design To Competitors

Don't can the dude with the patents.
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