Royal Navy junior officer takes revenge on guy with parking job | r/ProRevenge u/Big_JR80 4h Join 's space is Many years ago serving Royal Navy as junior officer. My ship alongside HMNB (Her Majesty's Naval Base) Devonport (Plymouth, England) and through bit luck and quick thinking possession coveted mobile car pass. These were rarely issued and were highly sought after as allowed park almost any parking space on base and so useful getting all gopher" jobs got as very junior Sub Lieutenant pass

Royal Navy Junior Officer Takes Parking Job Revenge

Dan should've just played nice.
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satisfying karma video parking bully gets owned

Parking Enforcement Bully Gets Her Car Clamped For Targeting Disabled Man

Well done.
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An apartment complex tries to pull a fast one on a tenant, so a tenant commandeers their income | r/ProRevenge Join u/OnlySlightlyEvil 2y Apartment complex pulled fast one on commandeered some their income. This happened quite few years ago decided move Texas midwest April be closer my father who had prostate cancer previous October came up visit and go apartment hunting, and found complex liked decent location. They wouldn't let reserve an apartment six months advance, so had wait four months

Apartment Complex Tries To Pull Fast One On Tenant

A definite victory for the tenant.
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Student takes down a business over a grade | r/ProRevenge Join u/AbortRetrylmplode 3y Nuked business orbit because got D- This revenge story is two years making and is long, so my apologies. Two years ago started distance PhD program. My very first full semester program consisted an intro course which is basically "Welcome back school. Here's do research. Here's do APA citations LOT focused on proper APA writing and one first assignments just doing simple abstract. Okay can do pull out my trusty

Student Nukes Business From Orbit Over A D-

Business had it coming.
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Girlfriend cheats on boyfriend, so he leaves her in massive debt | r/ProRevenge Join u/Deadlock1989 18h Good luck paying car So this isn't my story happened friend friend so exact details are difficult get but this is told ease story and hide identities names will use are jack and jill. Bit back story. Jack and jill had been going out nearly 5 years by point this story year prior jill lost her job due company she worked being liquidated. Money got tight jill so jack offered help by covering her

Girlfriend Cheats On Boyfriend, Boyfriend Leaves Her In Massive Debt

Job well done by the boyfriend.
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Bridezilla decides to announce her engagement at a friend's wedding | r/ProRevenge JOIN u/yazdon 3d 4 3 6 Don't announce engagement at someone else's wedding, or this might just happen Originally posted this r/pettyrevenge, but think belongs here Last summer at cousin's wedding. His bride and her family had been close with ours since before born, and couple had known each other since they were toddlers, so particularly exciting event both sides family.

Bridezilla Announces Engagement At Friend's Wedding

She got one-upped years later.
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A nasty mother-in-law bribe backfires terribly | r/pettyrevenge u/trollthemormons Join 2y mother--law bribe backfired This is not my story. This told by woman knew work several years ago; she's very sweet nurse. Nurse graduated nursing school and decided with her friend move one cities listed as having most eligible bachelors some publication. She moves and starts dating her future husband.

Nasty Mother-In-Law's Bribe Backfires

Well played.
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Guy tells a pro revenge story about getting deposit back from terrible landlord | r/ProRevenge JOIN u/cyberchief 14h 2 1 W1 S 2 trying get deposit back landlord is like drawing blood stone TL;DR Landlord makes living conditions shitty so he offers an opportunity move out convince two others move out as well. He ghosts ask my deposit so take him court win $650 so he appeals court's decision appeal, my award is tripled 1800. He refuses pay up so get Los Angeles Sheriff's Department go his bank, fr

Landlord Refuses To Give Tenant Deposit, Court Revenge Follows

Some people are just the worst.
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A collection of the world's pettiest revenge cases | r/pettyrevenge JOIN u/grapeicecreamfloat 53d 1 3 6 Faked proof had flat tire so lazy people my group project would have do presentation themselves therefore likely will fail class where group research project/ presentation is huge chunk overall points. Everyone knows group projects always have one slacker who doesn't do anything have compensate However got stuck with possibly worst 3 people be project with class.

Pettiest Revenges The World's Seen

It's a lost art.
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A terrible roommate gets a taste of their own medicine | r/ProRevenge JOIN u/talesofakat 3y My revenge on Loony Lucy, contender World's Worst Roommate Bring popcorn, because this is long one. Loony Lucy is slovenly, food-stealing, clothing- destroying waste carbon dealt with by keeping my space clean and ignoring her areas, storing my food at work or my boyfriend's place, and installing lock on my bedroom door so she couldn't "borrow" outfits looked like she could fit into she had 30 pounds on .

Entitled Roommate Tastes Their Own Medicine

A beautifully orchestrated revenge.
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Employee quits job, works at rival company, ex-boss fails to get hired at company as well | Is there anything more satisfying than seeing an ex-boss fail trial shift? Some years ago worked company specialized Sushi and basic japanese food good job but difficult one made so by fact all chefs, managers, and most servers were pretty terrible at their job; but they had all known each other years and kept making excuses cover one another.

Employee Watches Ex-Boss Fail Trial Shift

It all came full circle for this employee.
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Employee gets fired, so they go after the boss's money, hotel, and marriage | got fired and went after boss's money, his hotel and his marriage. Back still university used work hotel make ends meet started hotel very urgently needed new personnel. So l cut deal with old owner about getting choose and pick shifts, so could visit my courses and exams. Speaking some extra foreign languages also got little bonus each month on top old owner great guy. He owned multiple hotels so rarely saw him. But

Employee Gets Fired, Goes After Boss's Money, Hotel, And Marriage

They went after all of it.
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A collection of funny petty revenge cases | reddit r/pettyrevenge JOIN u/the803project 2d 1 3 2 Screwed out my holiday pay because don't have set schedules 3 months later use exact same phrase my boss asked why didn't come wasn't on schedule

Supreme Cases Of Devilishly Petty Revenge

Some people's pettiness has no limits.
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Spin class bullies lose their careers after a pro revenge is taken | Two Fitness Bullies my Spin Class throw shade at studio and on social media get both banned studio; one gets fired her job other's illegal hustle gets wrecked TL;DR: two fitness bullies shamed spin class and later on social media use social media against them get them banned studio and fired their careers.

Spin Class Fitness Bullies Get Revenged Out Of Their Careers

Nobody likes a bully.
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Rude tailgater gets his comeuppance with a speed trap | r/ProRevenge posted byrayrayrex hole tailgates already speeding so set them up speed trap driving home get together, and going 65-67km/h (41mph 60 (37mph) zone. Where police almost never pull over if going 10 or less over, but will definitely pull over anything over .

Rude Tailgater Gets His Comeuppance With Speed Trap

Not all heroes wear capes.
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Tutor tries to maliciously target students and ends up getting taken down in a pro revenge | r/ProRevenge posted by theraria Tutor maliciously targeted students, so collected an army, and took him down not one revenge personally but this is something happened College (UK college) and 's something and friends love reminisce over time time.

Tutor Maliciously Targets Students, Ends Up Getting Taken Down

This terrible tutor had it coming!
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